Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Meandering around on Chictopia makes me want to get dressed.  I would LOVE to be more creative in the way I dress.  Hello, that site is inspiring.  I just adore the clothes and the photos and well, I LOVE it.  Yes, I love clothes.  I love pictures of clothes.  I love wearing clothes.  One day, I think, when all my children are teenagers I will go back to school and get a degree in Fashion Design.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  Oh, yes it would.

You know, I think I'd like to work for a fashion magazine best.  I'd like to write about clothes.  I'd like to test drive clothes.  Mmmm...I am salivating just thinking about it!  That said, I probably won't.  More likely I will write a novel or paint a series of dramatic semi-abstract forest paintings.  Yes.  I want to do THAT.  I want to do a series of tree paintings.  I love to paint trees.  On water colour canvas, with collage, pen and ink, gel pens, sparkle!.  Mmmmm....I am salivating just thinking about it!

Apparently it has been some time since I have done anything more creative than dress myself.  But it is hard to be creative when you're only free time is mostly consumed by sleeping.  Yesterday for an hour of my son's two hour nap, I napped too.  Last night I went to bed when my son did.  So yeah.  There hasn't been much time.  Well, at least I haven't been awake for it.

But cry not nonmother types who aspire yet to be so!  It isn't like this all the time.  And one day it will let up (when I am not pregnant and have children instead of toddlers..right?).  And for the time being, by golly, I think it's worth it.  After all, what's more creative than raising children?  You know that feeling when you look at something that you have written/painted/styled/photographed/crafted/sewn, that feeling of: "Wow, I did that?  AMAZING."  Well, with your child it isn't like that at all.  That example is a poor shadow of the beauty, astonishment, pride, and deep joy that comes from even simply staring at your child's perfect profile.

Sometimes I would paint a picture and I would look at after and think: "There is no way I made this.  I am just not that talented/able."  I very often felt this way, actually, as if there was a true magic behind the art.  When I look at my son I glimpse that magic even further.  When the sun falls on his eyelashes, just so, I see very clearly the magic of the world beyond seeing, and the brilliance of a God beyond knowing.  For me there is no denying that life is infinitely meaningful and ultimately beautiful when I look at my little boy.  So I can wait to paint pictures and design clothing.  In the meantime, I intend to enjoy being inspired.

outfit total: $40.25

quilted suede boots, winners: $25
leggings, winners: $8
dress, winners: $3
shirt worn under dress: clothes swap
scarf tied as a hair bow, thrifted: 25 cents
silver necklace, thrifted: $4
brooch, gift from husband, tilly bloom
tiffany's bracelet, gift from husband
silver ring, gift from husband

Heart: Kimberellie  


  1. Enjoy the sleep while you can. I am so jealous. I need some sleep! And I'd love to be at your tree painting exhibition. And I want to work for you when you get free clothes to test out. :)

  2. You look so beautiful pregnant and you are awesome, full stop. xxx

  3. I love the bow in your hair and your cardigan is gorgeous! x

  4. oooh.. clothing reviewer. Maybe holiday testing too? I sure wouldn't mind doing either :)

    Sweet post :) Have a great week!

  5. you are an absolutely beautiful mother. like gorgeous :) and i love that you have dreams and get inspired to do big things, but you also know that right now you want to enjoy being a mom. motherhood isn't the same for every woman, so i'm glad you're showing what being a mommy means to you. i love these little glimpses!

  6. I loved hearing about your aspirations and inspirations!
    I think I'd like to get myself a career in clothing test wearing

  7. Enjoy you sleep! they are much easier to look after while they're in there! I hope you do write a novel one day. I will read it, for sure!

  8. I have no doubt you'll do all of that Kimberellie! My dream list is miles long too, and I hope one day I'll do everything on it! Anyway, you're looking gorgeous as ever, and I love the bow in your hair :)

  9. you looks so adorable pregnant- the way I always wish I would look when I was pregnant!

  10. This is my favourite blog to date ... you will have more time when they are older and enjoy the moment and creativity and wonder just like you are now ... lovely! <3
    Smart Healthy YOU

  11. You are positively glowing in these photos. It must be all that sleep. :-) Hope you find time to do the creative things you love.

  12. how cute are you? i love these leggings and the entire outfit!

  13. I want to be pregnant. You are so beautiful Kim!!


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