Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 Compliments A Day So Follow Me!

That's what my son's rolling ball says. It's a ball. It rolls. He crawls after it.

"Follow me!" (Not the compliment part, we'll get to that later. That would be weird if a ball rolled about saying "two compliments a day!")

I digress. As it is, what I'm trying to say is: I'm following my own blog. I didn't know you could do that. But look! I am. As a child I always thought it was strange that politicians voted for themselves. It seemed so, well, conceited. But as an adult I realized: should anyone else vote for someone who wouldn't vote for herself?

That would be foolish. If we aren't even our own fans, why should anyone else be?

So I have decided to be my own fan. Yes. Right now right here I have decided. I will follow me. I will be my fan. I think I need the encouragement. Because some days I feel downright discouraged. There are just so many critics out there, so many people trying to bring other people down, ME down. Do I really need another one?

Because I have been that other one. Yes me, my own worst critic. As the saying goes, aren't we all? Well, I think it's stupid. Yes S T U P I D. So I'm done.

And I think one thing I will do to be done (because saying something is rarely enough to make it so) is do the opposite. I will critisize no longer. Instead I will praise ME.

Each day. I will. Once a day I will give myself a gigantic compliment. And you know what? I am feeling a little down right now so I am going to start immediatly. Here goes:

Kimberellie, I think you are a very good friend.

shiver. That was difficult. It really was. As I wrote it all sorts of thoughts went through my head. Critical thoughts, thoughts telling me NOT to praise myself, not to "blow my own horn", thoughts telling me to leave the compliments to others, thoughts telling me "pride comes before the fall", thoughts telling me "at least not that specific compliment, if nothing else, leave that to someone else to say".

But it has been said. And it is the first thing I thought of. And it is true. And it is what I needed reminding of. So I'm sticking to it. I mean, if I don't think that I'm a good friend, why should anyone else?

So there. Once a day. I will do this. I will write out a compliment to ME. And well I am at it I will give one to someone else (maybe you). Sometimes I will post it on here. Sometimes not.

Well, I'm still thinking about it: do you know who else is a good friend? S. Johnston. Yes. Yes she is. (and there are my 2 compliments today).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve-ING

I'm enjoying my Christmas Eve-ING so far. Clean-ing, eat-ing, unwrapp-ing, and some sing-ing have been accomplished thus far. I am looking forward to church-ing, bak-ing, and sleep-ing.

Yes. That is my Christmas Eve in a nutshell (a very festive nutshell perhaps). I don't know why perhaps, maybe just because? Come on Kimberellie, commit to a statement, okay? Sure...

Why is it that "sure" never sounds very definite? Whenever I ask someone something and his response is "sure" I am not always certain he IS sure.

Anyway, because all of the above is mostly rambling, I have had a BRILLIANT idea. This is it:


But not in the morning. It is not in the morning that I most need caffeine. It is afternoon. Yes, about two pm I start to get all wibbly wobbly like my son's penguin toy: "wibble wobble penguin, watch me wobble!"

So the past two days I have had a cup of coffee in the afternoon. And I must say, it really smooths over the 2pm to 5pm sleepies. Smooths over? Yes. SMOOTHS OVER the sleepiness with a caffeinated layer of awakeness. I am so hyped up that I don't even notice I'm sleepy (cause I'm not, I'm hyped up).

Which is sort of like cough syrup. I HATE cough medicine commercials. Because cough medicine does not make one better. It simply covers one's cough symptoms. Which is a good thing if one is going to rest, or if one HAS to work and cannot be sniffling into customers' coffee (or all over their tax return-pick your occupation).

But, wait, you didn't say you hated cough medicine. You said you hate the commercials.

Thank you Kimberly for getting me back on track (Kimberly is my sane* alter ego).

But yes, stupid commercials. Example:

Joe is sick. Joe's wife says: "Here Joe, take this and go shovel the driveway." Flash to Joe shoveling the driveway while Joe's not sick wife looks on smiling.

Good for Joe's wife, yes, but here we have Joe exerting himself when he should be resting. Because that cough medicine he took isn't making him any better; it is just making him FEEL better. And he is probably going to stay sick longer now that he isn't resting.

Okay. I have to go. My snow globe is staring at me.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

At Night Time

At night time after our baby is asleep in his crib this is what happens:

We walk around the living room doing stuff. You know, walking around stuff. And every night one of us ends up accidentally kicking (stepping on) one of his toys. Suddenly: "You'll see lots of animals when you're at the zoo". Every night. At least one toy.

"Come on board the animal train."

"One two three let's rock!"

"I'm the elephant. Stomp. Stomp!"

Yes, we have too many noisy toys. Yes, they are all over the living room floor.

Yes, we are buying him more for Christmas.

And then there were three

I read that book. Where all the people kept dying. Ten little Indians I think it was first called. And then a different title: And Then There Were None.

But there are more than none. There are some. I deleted a bunch of posts, you see.

I have decided that this blog will contain less fashion and more nonsense. I like the nonsense. I haven't time for the fashion. Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion blogs, I really don't have the time to take pictures of my outfits everyday.

See, the baby is the problem. He takes really blurry photos.