Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby Blog

Hmmm...I'm outside.  Look, stuff on the ground.

I'm going to pick that up.

What have I got here?

Look!  It's a leaf!

I'm just going to eat that.

It's good!

Hi.  My mommy says it's never too early to start blogging.  And considering that she hasn't blogged for awhile, I thought I'd take over.  That's right!  This is now MY blog.  Yep, my baby fashion blog.  And if you don't think I'm really into this you should see me make my mommy put on all my different shoes at night (especially the pink sparkle ones, I luuuuuuv them...mommy says they're too small...but what does she know?  They're my feet!).

What I like best about this outfit is the really cool leggings that my mom made out of an old Gap sweater.  You can do this diy yourself...if you want.  I'm not going to post instructions because I'm only one; and my mommy says people can probably figure it out themselves (just think sweater into leggings...easy peasy).  You don't even need any elasitic if the sweater is already stretchy, just cut a rectangle out and stitch up the side (you can even use the sleeves!).

Um...yeah, that's all I got for now.

Peace out yo.


Baby V

Outfit details:

Cardigan, Mex
Brown doggie onsie Gap
TCP skirt
Ugg Booties
bow: Emma-Bug Bowtique
 Leggings: made by mommy
Leaf: delicious