Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Evening Poetry

I love this quote:

"The type of person you become is more important than your successes and failures in the world." Doug Britton

And I adore this poem. It give me chills:

Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard

Carl Sandburg

STUFF of the moon
Runs on the lapping sand
Out to the longest shadows.
Under the curving willows,
And round the creep of the wave line, 5
Fluxions of yellow and dusk on the waters
Make a wide dreaming pansy of an old pond in the night.

And now a few poems by ME:

I found these poems lurking on my hard drive, for some reason on photographs...maybe they snuck and stuck there when I was reformatting or something; or maybe I photo-shopped them in. Who knows? Poetry is sneaky and apt to stick to photographs if you leave it long enough on your computer. Everybody knows that.

Heart: Kimberellie

Thursday, July 29, 2010

a parcel packed with special

I am very excited about this outfit. It is almost entirely made up of wonderful wonderful items from a very surprising and lovely birthday gift.

I recently received some parcels in the mail from a new and very generous friend. And I have to say: it was like Christmas. Even my son helped with the unwrapping! I cannot even express how delighted, surprised and lovely this made me feel. And oh, how I am enjoying wearing the clothing and accessories! I just feel so...special in them. Yes, that is the exact right word for it: special. So thank you L. You are special yourself (thus your ability to make others feel special).

Now, I adore this crochet top. It has already become a favorite. And for some reason it just begged for the superfluous belt. I generally don't feel "right" about sticking a belt on that has absolutely no purpose (actually, most of my belts have no real 'purpose' as all my clothes fit). But I mean, I don't usually wear belts except with dresses and at the tops of skirts and pants. But for some reason I just had to wear it like this.

These pics are from yesterday (I usually do not post outfit photos the day of...I have no idea how people manage to do this). And I am actually wearing more of the parcel clothes today, together, most likely in a combination the original wearers never dreamed of (you will see them tomorrow).

Which makes me think: wouldn't it be fun to switch closets with someone else for a week and see what that person came up with? I have long been wanting to do a blogger clothes swap...I even began organizing one...but I am afraid I am a lazy lazy person (at least that is a convenient excuse). Though I don't think many people would accept "lazy" as an excuse. I could blame my baby...but I think that that excuse might be getting fifteen months old. ;-) Nonetheless, I have not got around to it; but I will, eventually, probably, HOPEFULLY: in the Fall.

Note: the Chanel (!) sunnies. These were including in the bday parcel. They are officially my new obsession. I feel very "Audrey" in them. BTW: have you seen Two For the Road? You simply must see it if you haven't yet. It is my favorite Audrey film and showcases her talents beautifully.

Now I must go and continue feeling lovely and ladylike and special in my bday clothes (not to be confused with my bday suit...though I feel pretty special in that too).

outfit details:

vintage crochet top, from Amsterdam: from a friend
linen skirt: from a friend of a friend
belt, thrifted: $1
ring, from hornby island: $6
bracelet, tiffany & co.: from husband
heart pendant, tiffany & co.: from a friend
sunnies, chanel: from a friend
shoes, thrifted: $12
good friends: priceless


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

still falling for pattern mixing

the opal ring is from my sister-in-law, the bracelet is thrifted, the shell ring is from Hornby Island
these rings are from my husband (of course) I'm always wearing them (of course) but I don't think I've ever shown them off! The man has good taste, hey?
oh, what a cute moo!
oh what a cute son!
this is my son's "clinging" trick. I'm doing the "look no hands" pose.
I realized later I didn't have a picture without the cardigan on. So here I am in my window!

I keep thinking about Fall, and how I'm going to dress. I know. It's terrible. It's the middle of summer and I am already planning my Fall outfits. I'm afraid I'm like this every year. And it has nothing to do with the fact that magazines start showcasing Fall trends in July (well, maybe a little). Mostly, I just really like Fall clothes.

I mean, summer dressing is fun because: "HEY it's summer!" But, really, there are very few layering possibilities. Really, you just can't wear that much. It's too darn hot. But Fall? Oh, Fall, how I love thee. Because also I just love Fall. I love Fall weather; I love the way Fall tastes, sounds, smells. Oh, yes. If I were a poet I would write poems about Fall. Actually, I am a poet. Though I don't think I have written any poems about Fall. Maybe this year.

Also, I'm very excited that pattern mixing continues to be big for Fall. I mean, I would have continued to mix my patterns had it suddenly been "so last Spring" (I enjoy it so much); but I think it's a fun trend. So I'm glad it's sticking around. I think because it's a very artistic trend it appeals to the abstract artist in me. At one point I'm sure it will be very out; and I will still be mixing patterns. And my teenage daughter will not go out in public with me.

outfit details:

skirt, smart set: $15
shirt, thrifted Gap: $5
shoes, thrifted: $12
purse, thrifted: $10
cardigan, gap, from menswear: $22

Heart: Kimberellie

Sunday, July 25, 2010


My new goal is to buy NOTHING. Yes. That is my goal. Can I keep it? I don't know. But I am going to try. I am going to start with August. Let's see how I do, okay? And by "nothing", I mean nothing that isn't essential. So, uh, Starbucks isn't included in nothing. Because Starbucks is essential (obviously). But everything else: nail polish, socks, clothing, books, Lego, houseplants, jewelry...EVERYTHING! er, I mean, nothing.

The reason is: I have SO MUCH: Lego, houseplants, jewelry, Lego, books (I haven't read), clothing (oh dear do I ever), jewelry, toys, chewing gum, clothing, shoes. I mean, what if, what if instead of simply having what I have, I appreciate what I have? I want to appreciate what I already have before getting more.

I stumbled across this today:

I mean, I've always known I'm rich (relatively speaking). But this really put it into perspective for me.

So this month: I will hem, organize, paint, transform, sew, make, build (with Lego). Let's see what I can do with what I already have. It should be fun. Though there is one exception: Winners Final Clearance is at the end of August. That I must go to. There is no other option. Like Starbucks, it's essential.

outfit details:

purse: gift from my husband
shoes, naturalizer: $33
dress, zara: from a friend
white top worn under dress, garage: $10
pink and white bracelet, thrifted: $1
gold bangle: high school graduation present
tiffany & co. bracelet: gift from husband
necklace, catch of the day: $90

on my son:

shoes: robbies
romper: gap

Heart: Kimberellie

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." Theodore Roosevelt

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Remix of Sorts

I wear this dress a lot. And for some reason I never post pics of it. So here they are! The first set is from when we went camping on Hornby Island. The other two times are just random days, I suppose. Tell me: which way do you like it best?

Also note: in the first set of pics, the daisy chain my husband made. Put that man in a field of daises and he compulsively makes daisy chains! And he's much better at it then I am! Maybe I shouldn't be sharing this information?

Also, the meshing of photos in the first pic is a beach on Hornby and some flowers also from Hornby. Ah, how I want to go back!!

outfit 1:

dress, kensie: from a friend
glasses, vera wang via
cowboy boots, brahma: $300
cardigan, winners: $5
daisy chain necklace: made by my husband

outfit 2:

sweater, gap, from them men's side: $22
flip flops, kenneth cole, thrifted: $10
bracelet, thrifted: $1
necklace: $90

outfit 3:

leather vest, danier: anniversary gift from husband
wooden bangle: $3
shoes, thrifted vintage naturalizer: $10

Heart: Kimberellie

Is it just me or does there seem to be a definite summer time slump in the blogging world? I know I'm feeling it.

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." ~Sam Keen

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What A Cute Moo

Ach! It's late! I don't know how this happened. I should be in bed ladies and gentlefolk. Alright. To bed I go. But wait a minute! I haven't said anything pithy! Well, let me think. Hmmm... How about this: we went to a petting farm today. Well, more of a 4h barnyard experiance, but you know, there were bunnies. And anyway, there were two fabulous moos! And by "moos" I mean calves. Oh boy oh boy were they CUTE!

So anyway, I feed the one calf all the while saying to my son: "Look at the cute moo! What cute moos!" Later I realized that they were not moos, are not moos, have never been moos, probably sometimes they do moo, but that makes them in no way "moos". They are cows, specifically calves. Yet I could not help calling them moos. Alas, I also call water: "wa wa" despite the fact that my son can indeed say water. I don't know what's wrong with me.

That's it. I've going to have a sleepy, my ba ba is waiting for me; but first I'll have some wa wa, right after I go potty, that is.*

outfit details:

dress: from a friend from her mother-in-law
scarf: gift from my mother
shoes, naturalizer: $30
glasses, vera wang, via
cuteness: also from my mother

Heart: Kimberellie

* You're all hoping I started talking like this AFTER I had a child. I'm sorry to say that isn't true. moo.

True story: while I was tying this scarf as a bow at the store the sales girl asked me: "Are you some sort of fashion person or something?" To which I replied lamely: "Umm, I have a fashion blog." She then proceeded to make me show her how to do it. Which I did. It was easy. It's just a bow after all.

Okay, I need my ba ba.

Monday, July 19, 2010

From the Lost Files of Miss Furnellie (or how to regrow your hair in minutes!)

For whatever reason I don't always post all my outfit photos. Well, actually I know the reason: he is small and cute and in bed. As it is, I have decided that every so often I will dig them up and post them.

About the outfit: I really like this bow tie. It is so much fun. I bought it thinking that I could wear it with everything. And then I realized: with many things it looked sort of, how do I put this? -playboy bunny-ish? Yeah. Not exactly the feeling I want to evoke with my sartorial expression. Which brings up a wonder I have always had: why do some women actually wear "official" playboy bunny clothes? I mean, really? Come on.

Anyway, I think this outfit has no such connotations.

In other news: the baby walks. Well, sort of. He "sneak walks". That is: he walks when he thinks no one is really paying attention (or at least when no one is encouraging him to do so). We tried encouraging him (you know, walk from mommy to daddy); but he just laid face down on the floor and said: "no" (his version of a tantrum). So today: five steps. We saw them. He can do it (we knew he could do it). He just mostly refuses. It's pretty darn cute.

outfit details:

shirt dress, gap: $22
bow tie, thrifted: $3
tights, thrifted (new in their pack mind you!): $1
shoes, naturalizer: $30


ps. I'm thinking of always doing my pics this way. What do you think?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fictitious Friday

Today I dub: "Fictitious Friday". I have decided that every Friday I will post a wee snippet of fiction and ask you find ladies (and perhaps the occasional gentleman) what you think.

So here it is:

Close your eyes. Imagine me fair and charming and wearing nothing but socks. Watch as my long blond hair is caught in the wind, whipping around my face, sticking to my lips. I brush it away with my hand; long fingers, bright yellow nail polish.

I am sitting on a cliff surrounded by ferns and evergreens, overlooking a river, deep in the forest. My legs are bent up to my chest; and I rest my chin on my knees.

I look down at the rushing water; my eyes are a pale blue etched with a ring of green around the irises. So I close them. Because they are startling; and people look twice. And I don’t want them to. I don’t want them to see me at all. But you, I want you to see me.

See me: I don’t wear any make up. See my lashes are gold fans resting on pink cheeks. See my lips parted, my hands clasped around my knees. Do you find me beautiful? I hope so. I hope you notice how long my limbs are, how full my lips are, and how the freckles on my right arm form the shape of a star. I hope you notice that my skin is luminous and my socks are plain white tube socks.

Now, what do you think?

Also, feel free to tell me I am cuter than cute. Better yet, feel free to tell me my baby is cuter than cutest cute. Because I would be okay with that.

outfit details:

skirt, rw & co. thrifted: $3
shirt, joe fresh style: $12
scarf, thrifted: $4
shoes, thrifted: $4
glasses, vera wang via

Heart: Kimberellie

Thursday, July 15, 2010

blogging cutbacks

I wore this outfit again. I had to. I was having "a day". And when I am having a day, I find that the best thing to do is to wear an outfit that is already a favourite. So I wore this. And even though I look smashing cute, I only felt moderately cute (due to having a day). So really, who knows? Had I worn a not favourite outfit today I may have felt sub par cute. And that, ladies and gentleman, would just not do. Also, sorry about the fuzzy pics. I'm afraid that's just the way I roll tonight.

In other news: when should I blog? You ask: Pray tell whatever do you mean Kimberellie? I mean this: I have decided to cut back to three posts a week. That way I will be able to do more blog reading in my off days. I also intend on writing more fiction (yes, by golly, I write fiction!).

So I was thinking: mon, weds, fri. But really, it could be any combination of days. I just picked these three because they are the standard three. So I am wondering, what do you all think? Are there better days? I figure Monday is a must; because Monday is Monday and needs SOMETHING to perk it up. And what better to perk up your Mondays than a little Kimberellie? I dare say, there are few things better than Kimberellie on a Monday morning.

outfit details:

shirt, gap: 12
skirt, gap: 10
shoes, thrifted: $1
socks, dollar store: $1.25
baby: sleeping like a baby

Heart: Kimberellie

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

motherhood is boring?

I just read this article about a woman who states her children "bore her to death".

And I get what she is saying. But, she has one crucial point TOTALLY wrong. Because even though mothering children can be, and often is, boring, the children themselves are most certainly not!

There is a crucial difference between the work of mothering (making sandwiches, dressing, bathing, diapering) and being a mother. Though the work is certainly often a lot more tedious than many mothers would admit, the children themselves are not!

Our children are delightful to us because we bother to delight in them. Often, though not always, this delighting walks hand in hand with hard work and tedium. It is dressed up in everydayness, hidden in hard work. This delighting erupts spontaneously in the mundane tasks of motherhood: blowing raspberries on our babies tummies while we dress them. The fit of giggles that follows. The look of love in our little one's eyes as we take care of them, doing for them what the simply cannot do for themselves. And isn’t that in itself, a great honour? Caring for someone utterly dependent?

So far, raising a child is indeed the most difficult and arduous thing I have ever done. But like every other difficult thing I have done I understand this about it: if there's no effort, there's no reward. A lot of things would be “boring” if we didn’t put any time or effort in.

I think if we “work hard” at parenting, we realize this: all the work, all the tedium, all the 'boring parenting' is more than worth it. Because if we take the time and make the effort to delight in our children, we will find them delightful. But if we don't, we won't.

outfit details (what is this, a fashion blog? ;-)

shirt, thrifted: $3
shorts, thrifted: $1
belt, from a skirt
shoes, thrifted: $1
scarf, from Hornby Island: $15
glasses, vera wang, via

Heart: Kimberellie

“We always get bored with those whom we bore.” Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gap Ad

Warning: don't read the following unless you are interested in grammar or (the) Gap.

The shirt and the skirt are from Gap. Or is it The Gap? I can never figure out whether I am supposed to use the definite article when referring to Gap or not. Because really, if anything, I should use the indirect article, as in: "I went to a Gap". Because the Gap in my town is certainly not THE only Gap. It is one of many Gaps.

I suppose I could say: "I went to the Gap in my town."

I could also say: "The other day, I went to one of many Gap stores in the world."

I certainly couldn't say: "The other day, I went to one of many The Gap stores in the world." That would be ridiculous.

So I think maybe I shouldn't say the the. It does, after all, only say "Gap" on the sign.

I really have never known what to call the damn store. Baby Gap is so much easier. I can just say: Baby Gap. No one ever says: "I went to THE Baby Gap." Which, actually, is another reason to simply call it Gap.

Alright! Alright! I digress!

Now I talk about clothes.

So, I went to (the) Gap the other day; and they were having a sale: FORTY PERCENT off all sale merchandise. Oh, and on top of that, another 15% off FOR ME because I am special and get their emails. So, suffice to say: good deals abounded.

And note: I was not breaking my shopping rules as my mommy had given me cash for my bday (yes, it was my bday, you may all say HAPPY BDAY).

I got this skirt and this shirt and another shirt and a cardigan from the guy's section. The cardigan (which is grey and white stripped). I intend to wear with this outfit in the fall. So that would REALLY make me a Gap ad. Anyway. That's all.

Hope you enjoyed your grammar lesson/confusion. Oh, and if anyone ACTUALLY knows whether it is "The Gap" or "Gap" and why, feel free to share!

outfit details:

shirt, (the) gap: 12
skirt, (the) gap: 10
shoes, thrifted: 12

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. I really love the puffiness of this skirt. PUFFY. What a weird word that is. puffy. poofy? wait, that's NOT a word. Pouffy? Poof? Poofy? Poofiness? Ach.

If this post makes you never want to read anything that I write ever again, I totally understand.

"Boredom is the root of all evil—the despairing refusal to be oneself." Søren Kierkegaard

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Distressed Fashion Rant

I read recently that the "disheveled/distressed look" is out. When I read this I thought: "No fair! I haven't tried that yet!". Well, I decided I wouldn't let the magazine gods tell me what to do. So here I am: disheveled and distressed.

Because you know what? I am distressed! I HATE those in/out columns. They seriously tick me off. I mean, so what? Because it is always so back and forth. One month: cowboy boots are in. The next month: cowboy boots are out. And then in again. And out. And so forth. And really? When are cowboy boots NOT in? IN my opinion cowboy boots are a classic wardrobe staple and are ALWAYS "in". So there fashion police.

You know what else really gets my goat? -That so often a magazine will, in one section, emphatically state that something is "out", while in a different section, of the SAME magazines there will be a model styling this exact "out" item!

I see this ALL the time. It makes me wonder: does nobody look over the magazine once it is finished? Or are they just hoping that we won't notice the article of clothing so blatantly promoted in one section is the same article of clothing lambasted in another section?

We are not that dumb. At least I'm not. And when this happens I always take note, fold the page over, and say to myself: "Who are you to say what is 'out' anyway? You can't even stay consistent about your verdict in the same issue! And if I want to wear pointy toed stilettos, distressed tees, and shirts with Mickey Mouse on them until the cows come home I will, gosh darn you."

What I really would love to do is find one of those "in/out" sections and proceed to wear EVERYTHING on the out list. That would please me. That would suit my rebellious nature just fine.

For now though, I will stick to being distressed and disheveled.

outfit details:

diy cut offs: $10
diy shredded tee: $3
oxfords, thrifted: $12
scarf, thrifted: $3
bangles, bc ferries: $2.50 each
light blue shirt (worn under tee) mex: $2

Heart: Kimberellie