Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Evening Poetry

I love this quote:

"The type of person you become is more important than your successes and failures in the world." Doug Britton

And I adore this poem. It give me chills:

Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard

Carl Sandburg

STUFF of the moon
Runs on the lapping sand
Out to the longest shadows.
Under the curving willows,
And round the creep of the wave line, 5
Fluxions of yellow and dusk on the waters
Make a wide dreaming pansy of an old pond in the night.

And now a few poems by ME:

I found these poems lurking on my hard drive, for some reason on photographs...maybe they snuck and stuck there when I was reformatting or something; or maybe I photo-shopped them in. Who knows? Poetry is sneaky and apt to stick to photographs if you leave it long enough on your computer. Everybody knows that.

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. love the poems. the way that you have them on the photos is quite nice.

  2. Lady, you are all kinds of talented! I love your poems, they're beautiful.

  3. That last one is hauntingly delicious!!! You are so talented girl, blows me away..


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