Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What A Cute Moo

Ach! It's late! I don't know how this happened. I should be in bed ladies and gentlefolk. Alright. To bed I go. But wait a minute! I haven't said anything pithy! Well, let me think. Hmmm... How about this: we went to a petting farm today. Well, more of a 4h barnyard experiance, but you know, there were bunnies. And anyway, there were two fabulous moos! And by "moos" I mean calves. Oh boy oh boy were they CUTE!

So anyway, I feed the one calf all the while saying to my son: "Look at the cute moo! What cute moos!" Later I realized that they were not moos, are not moos, have never been moos, probably sometimes they do moo, but that makes them in no way "moos". They are cows, specifically calves. Yet I could not help calling them moos. Alas, I also call water: "wa wa" despite the fact that my son can indeed say water. I don't know what's wrong with me.

That's it. I've going to have a sleepy, my ba ba is waiting for me; but first I'll have some wa wa, right after I go potty, that is.*

outfit details:

dress: from a friend from her mother-in-law
scarf: gift from my mother
shoes, naturalizer: $30
glasses, vera wang, via clearlycontacts.ca
cuteness: also from my mother

Heart: Kimberellie

* You're all hoping I started talking like this AFTER I had a child. I'm sorry to say that isn't true. moo.

True story: while I was tying this scarf as a bow at the store the sales girl asked me: "Are you some sort of fashion person or something?" To which I replied lamely: "Umm, I have a fashion blog." She then proceeded to make me show her how to do it. Which I did. It was easy. It's just a bow after all.

Okay, I need my ba ba.


  1. That's such a funny little story, I love how you've tied that bow! And your shoes are amazing!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Love the pink stripe in your hair. So cute.

  3. Yes you are some sort of "Fashion Person"...funny quiestion..I'm hoping she was younger..haha
    Love the moo moos...

  4. I love the way you are doing your pics Kim! and you look fabulous, as you always do! :)

    I can certainly see why someone would ask you if you are a 'fashion person'..you ARE a fashion person and you have that fashion person look for sure!

  5. They aren't moos, silly, they are moo-cows! Bit like baa-lambs only less curly. I've got no offspring, I was just born silly.
    Fabulous outfit and did I mention your hair recently? Amazing, gorgeous and delightful. xxx

  6. You know I tied a scarf in a bow the other day and thought "this is for Kimberellie". I even took a picture to give you props in my post but it didn't turn out very well.

    Oh my gosh, yes! You can most definitely feature me as your blog obsession of the moment. I am so humbled and honoured and flattered and excited and sleepy (but that part has nothing to do with your offer).

    I love that saying. I was actually trying to remember it the other day and was going to search back through your posts for it.

  7. Kimberelliieee...I"m pretty sure I have a blog, girl, and family crush on you. Oh, and life crush too. Everything about you is so interesting and I truly love reading every word you write!! :) And I love what you always have to tell me in your comments, they are the best and brighten my days. Not kidding.

    You're a doll.

    And thank you for telling your secrets. They SERIOUSLY made me laugh out loud!! You are a kick in the pants. I think comedy is in your stars.


  8. Hmm... the talking is like your own version of pig latin or something! Very funny! I do like the bow also, its an interesting touch to the outfit.

  9. Adorable dress!


  10. I love your hair- the pink stripe is so cute!


  11. Your reply wasn't lame, the way she worded her question was kind of lame :) You made the world a better place by showing her how IT'S DONE!! Great colors and pattern mixing!!


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