Friday, July 9, 2010

promises promises (it's too hot to keep them)

my sister-in-law. she looked too cool not to take a picture of

I know promised an epic uber cool post. But, uh, yeah, it's not going to happen. At least not today. I have the first season of Sex and the City and the new Elle Canada. Suffice to say, nap time is booked.

Also, the baby was a monster this morning; I am afraid I've just got nothing left to give. And on top of that, the temperature in my home is ATROCIOUS. AC we haven't. Those are my excuses. And I'm sticking with them.

The necklace was a bday gift from my sister-in-law. The scarf/shirt is from Hornby Island (the most beautiful place on earth, and I will be doing a post on it soon). The ring is also from Hornby. So you may have guessed we went away to Hornby Island for a week. I have some totally fab pics of our trip. --This is the superiffic post I keep referring to. Which will happen when I have re-congealed into a solid mass. Currently I am a puddle.

Frick it's hot. I can't even think.

outfit details:

scarf: $15 from Hornby Island
ring: $6 from Hornby Island
shorts, cut offs: $10 when they were pants
sandals: $10
sunnies. juicy couture: $150
hat, ardene: $5
bathing suit, winners: $20
necklace: gift from sister-in-law
shell necklace, thrifted: $1


Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy. ~Charlie McCarthy


  1. love Hornby Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feels like you're so far away from everything even though you're not. I love that feeling! Also love the scar/wrap type dealy... so cute! and the necklace... AMAZING!

  2. And you are hot... I can't get over your hair. It really looks great on you. And those legs... wow!!!

    Love your necklace... perfect for summer. Have a great day K. xoxo

  3. you're back! i lovelovelove the scarf! scarfs are one of my favorite accessory... and i was looking at seashell rings on etsy just yesterday! can't wait to see the photos from your trip....

    ps this is totally an uber cool post! haha!

    pss like your sis-in-laws top :)


  4. I think this post IS fabulous! I also think that you look a lot like Snow White..well, now you look like a pixie girl, but you still have that Snow White-esque quality about you :) Love that we enjoy the same fairy tales! and what is that last darling doo dad that says 'Shop' ? Love that!

    It is nasty hot up here--hitting the 100s (Fahrenheit) quite frequently. I've been doing a lot swimming :)

    These pix look like an awesome time!

  5. Argh! That "Shop" necklace(?) is mocking me!

    Thank you for your encouragement. I'm feeling pretty confident. Mind you, it is only day 3 ;)

    I think a good clean out every now and then is so important. I tried to do a big clean out the other day when I was feeling overwhelmed. I only ended up parting with 3 pieces. Someone wasn't being completely honest...

  6. shut up lady!! you look amazing! so amazingly chic. love you suit and the print of the scarf. you look great with the white sunnies and short sassy hair. really. such a great look. probs my favorite. this and your lacy dress. completely at opposite ends of the spectrum but equally amazing. you rock!

  7. No AC?? You poor thing!!! Good think you look so hot in limited clothing :) Very cool look, I just love how you mix patterns and colors like no one's business!! And I'm so in love with your hair, seriously, it is so very cool..

  8. love the swimsuit, love the tied scarf! :D

  9. I have always had this feeling I would like Hornby, but can never convince the parents to go. Someday we will make it out there.
    I love your bathing suit, it's sassy like you.


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