Thursday, July 1, 2010

it's romptastic!

My son and I both decided to wear rompers to the park the other day. It was romptastic! Seriously, we were the cutest kids at the park. My friend Jenae, who is awesome times ten, took these photographs. You can check her blog out here.

I have to tell you, I am SO EXCITED about this jumpsuit (because it is a jumpsuit really, not a romper, I just like to say "romptastic"). I am "SO EXCITED" because I got this romptastic jumpsuit at V.V. for SEVEN dollars. Oh how delightfully happy does this make me! Because I was so ready to bite the the jumpsuit bullet and purchase one of these lovelies from Saks online:

Under.Ligne by Doo.Ri
Jersey Jumpsuit
Sale $110.05

Ella Moss
Ginger Drop Print Jumpsuit
Sale $91.80

The only problem was, I couldn't decide which one! So now my decision has been made for me! Because hey, 7 dollars is a pretty penny less than one hundred dollars! Also, I seriously like my jumpsuit better than any of these except perhaps the two Ali Ro one's (they're romptastic times ten).

And I still may get the Ella Moss one; because it IS actually a romper, and it is definitely romptastic! But it sure is nice to get something so "on trend" for a decent price; because it may not be on trend for much longer! That said, I love this look and will probably end up wearing it far after the trend has passed. Because really, who cares?

Also, it's CANADA DAY so I have to go now and get my celebration on!

outfit details:

jumpsuit, value village: $7
shoes, naturalizer: $30
my son's romper, baby gap: $17 (note: my son's romper cost more than mine!)
glasses, vera wang via
catch of the day, gold fill necklace: $80

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. The romper is so gorgeous! and your hair still looks so amazing! Love it. xx

  2. Your jumpsuit is absolutely amazing, you look lovely!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Wow, its so sophisticated! I love how the jumper looks with your new hair. And your son is adorable as always.

  4. extremely romptastic!!!!!!! wow love it. Especially with your hair all short and chic like that! I think I'm a little too hippy to wear a romper... I would look like the pear that I am... haha! precious photos of the boy!

  5. Your son is so cute! I really like that jumper.

  6. Love your rompers! and your son is so adorable!

  7. that is one very sophisticated romper. very romptastic :) you look great!

  8. Wow... You look AMAZING in that romper! I'm jealous you pull it off so well. It's 'cause you have a hot bod.

    Love your new hair!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  9. I like your bargain find better than all the others you posted, actually. The black/white belt is the perfect interesting detail!

  10. amazing jumpsuit and it looks sooooo good on you! you should definitely rock more black because it looks amazing with your new hair color :) lucky you waited cuz now you can get the ella moss one which is totally different from the others :) don't you just love a deal? i've been scoring at the thrift stores the last couple weeks... to the point that i think i may need to give myself a budget with thrifting! haha!

    have a great canada day!


  11. OMG WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!! I love love love your hair! So glad you went for the super short look (I voted for that look!) and the pink is so hot and awesome! Amazingly romptastic jumper too!!

  12. I sure you both are the cutest kids in the park... look at you K, you are so adorable in your romper. I can't do romper but you sure can do... go buy more. Have a great evening! xoxo

  13. Your little one melts my heart. You should sign him up for some gap kids commercials!! He is seriously one of the cutest babies I have EVER seen.

    And you look fabbity fab fab in that romper! You look just like the models- only better because you are a REAL person with a REAL personality behind the beauty:)

  14. You both are soo cute in your rompers! love it! happy Canada day to you:)

  15. Your romper is so sophisticated. I think when people think "romper" they think whimsical or child-like, but yours is lovely and you wear it so well. And your son is just the most adorable little thing!

  16. You look so darn cute in that jumpsuit! I'm also loving the Milly jumpsuit, it looks great with the belt. If only I could pull those off. Also, I'm a little weirded out about going to the restroom in a hurry in one of those, lol.

  17. Your son is gorgeous! Looks lots like you I think.

    Good work on the jumpsuit! I have two now, and aren't they great to wear! You look ultra sophis in yours.

    X x

  18. Happy Canada Day, you gorgeous woman!
    I love a jumpsuit and I think yours is even better than those posh numbers. Great result.
    Oh yeah, and can I mention again how fantastic your new hair is?

  19. Wow Kim, do you ever look CHIC in this! You should be strutting down the runways! Really really cool, and your tall slender figure is the perfect fit for this type of outfit ;)
    Hugs and thanks for you always sweet comments to me--always so very much appreciated my classy pixie friend :-D

  20. aaahhh, I love all of these pictures! Your friend has a great eye.
    You look so friggin' sophisticated in a jumpsuit. It is crazy. I think I would look like a little kid.
    Oh, and little man is adorable as always. Give him some nibbles from his Auntie.

  21. it's so much more gratifying when you find the exact thing you're looking for and it's waaay less than the big labels. you both look adorable. and both your smiles match :-)


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