Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Distressed Fashion Rant

I read recently that the "disheveled/distressed look" is out. When I read this I thought: "No fair! I haven't tried that yet!". Well, I decided I wouldn't let the magazine gods tell me what to do. So here I am: disheveled and distressed.

Because you know what? I am distressed! I HATE those in/out columns. They seriously tick me off. I mean, so what? Because it is always so back and forth. One month: cowboy boots are in. The next month: cowboy boots are out. And then in again. And out. And so forth. And really? When are cowboy boots NOT in? IN my opinion cowboy boots are a classic wardrobe staple and are ALWAYS "in". So there fashion police.

You know what else really gets my goat? -That so often a magazine will, in one section, emphatically state that something is "out", while in a different section, of the SAME magazines there will be a model styling this exact "out" item!

I see this ALL the time. It makes me wonder: does nobody look over the magazine once it is finished? Or are they just hoping that we won't notice the article of clothing so blatantly promoted in one section is the same article of clothing lambasted in another section?

We are not that dumb. At least I'm not. And when this happens I always take note, fold the page over, and say to myself: "Who are you to say what is 'out' anyway? You can't even stay consistent about your verdict in the same issue! And if I want to wear pointy toed stilettos, distressed tees, and shirts with Mickey Mouse on them until the cows come home I will, gosh darn you."

What I really would love to do is find one of those "in/out" sections and proceed to wear EVERYTHING on the out list. That would please me. That would suit my rebellious nature just fine.

For now though, I will stick to being distressed and disheveled.

outfit details:

diy cut offs: $10
diy shredded tee: $3
oxfords, thrifted: $12
scarf, thrifted: $3
bangles, bc ferries: $2.50 each
light blue shirt (worn under tee) mex: $2

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. You're back!!!
    I'm so with you on those stupid magazines. Whenever they say something's out I make a concious effort to dig the offending item out of my wardrobe and wear it with pride. No silly fashion editor can impose their fickle taste on my life.
    Loving the distressed teeshirt and lady, your legs are superb. Envy!

  2. Oh yeah, sock it to the magazines. ^_^ You look cute!

  3. I'm thinking you need to post DIY instructions on distressing a t-shirt...I wouldn't know how to get it so perfectly shredded!
    I hate in/out sections as well...because I think it's more important to dress for your body type than to dress for the trends!

  4. I don't even look at fashion mags..I just look at y'all out here in blogland! lol You should wear what you want to wear and what makes you feel good, who cares what the mag people say--I say always do the opposite of what they tell ya (I have that rebellious streak in me too, lol)
    You look rockin' in your distressed look--goes perfectly with your hair :D

  5. I love this outfit on you! the distressed vest is very nicely done :)
    I agree with you about the cowboy boots.. I wear them all the time whether they are in or out!!

  6. I love the shredded tee and the oxfords. Since I don't read fashion mags, I never know what in or out. :) I just go with what's influencing me at the moment. I tend to stand out in my crowd regardless of what trend or non-trend I'm wearing.

  7. Uh DIY tee tutorial please!!

    And you're right, who decides those things anyway?? I remember reading one and having 2 things that were on the list on. Felt quite smug. :)

    x x

  8. hahaha! that would be the coolest... everything in the out column!


    you look great grrl, love the t :)

  9. Love your thoughts, and yes funny to look back on those columns and see how things stack up to what is going on... Cowboy boots are definitely always in!!!

  10. Hi Kimberly! I couldn't find any other way to contact you! Saw that you were the creator of this facebook group, but I couldn't facebook you!

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    Anywho, here is the stanza:

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    Thank you for taking the time to read this! I just wanted to help my fellow humans!

    With Hope,

  11. Eekk, Sorry!
    I totally just read "Kimberly" so that's what I typed.

  12. You look so gangster in that last picture. Totally fitting in with the disheveled/distressed look!

    As far as the magazine issue: I've stopped taking any of the content in fashion magazines seriously, because as you said they are constantly contradicting themselves. Not only with the "in and out" issues but as well as insulting "knock offs" to go around and feature "the look for less" where you see pictures...oh, knock offs! They've done really well for themselves, though, apparently a lot of people DON'T recognize these discrepancies. What ridiculousness.

    Plus us fabulous people just wear what we want, regardless.

  13. I don't even bother with things like that anymore. Don't get me wrong, a spread styled by Grace Coddington will make me swoon any day, and I always love reading about up and coming designers in Nylon, but I never really follow the whole "in / out" thing.
    Plus distressed can never go out of style. It's one of those timeless things like A-line dresses and floppy sun hats.


  14. Magazines are sooo annoying like that!

    I remember reading one a few years back that had dedicated that particular issue to being ethical and conscious. They published an article about how terrible sweat shops are and then THE VERY NEXT PAGE was a double spread for Converse which are widely known to use sweat shop labour. The very next page! Come on guys! Is advertising that important that you will compromise your beliefs for it?
    I never bought that magazine again.

    Also, it may just be my dumb-sick brain but I have noticed that you don't wear your glasses so often since you've had your hair cut. Any particular reason?

  15. Oh !!! I adore !!! that's just perfect !

  16. i am so with you on this one!! by the way, i love the shredded shirt. plus, i love your hair, look so prefect on your style and beautiful face :)

  17. I completely agree with you!! It's too hard to keep track of what "they" say is in or out all the time, and plus I don't care. I just wear what I like! Also, I'm loving how your scarf picks up the pink in your hair--fantastic!!

  18. I truly love your hair cut, and color, its so chic, but with a twist.

    And the outfit, did you make the shirt? I mean either way its something different.


  19. I agree on that observation! I just do not like the saying that's "in". It just makes anyone mainstream fashion followers with no mind of their own. We have brains, and we can come up with whatever looks good... even a piece of clothing from another decade!

    Gorgeous looks you have here, by the way!! Totally digging them.


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