Tuesday, July 27, 2010

still falling for pattern mixing

the opal ring is from my sister-in-law, the bracelet is thrifted, the shell ring is from Hornby Island
these rings are from my husband (of course) I'm always wearing them (of course) but I don't think I've ever shown them off! The man has good taste, hey?
oh, what a cute moo!
oh what a cute son!
this is my son's "clinging" trick. I'm doing the "look no hands" pose.
I realized later I didn't have a picture without the cardigan on. So here I am in my window!

I keep thinking about Fall, and how I'm going to dress. I know. It's terrible. It's the middle of summer and I am already planning my Fall outfits. I'm afraid I'm like this every year. And it has nothing to do with the fact that magazines start showcasing Fall trends in July (well, maybe a little). Mostly, I just really like Fall clothes.

I mean, summer dressing is fun because: "HEY it's summer!" But, really, there are very few layering possibilities. Really, you just can't wear that much. It's too darn hot. But Fall? Oh, Fall, how I love thee. Because also I just love Fall. I love Fall weather; I love the way Fall tastes, sounds, smells. Oh, yes. If I were a poet I would write poems about Fall. Actually, I am a poet. Though I don't think I have written any poems about Fall. Maybe this year.

Also, I'm very excited that pattern mixing continues to be big for Fall. I mean, I would have continued to mix my patterns had it suddenly been "so last Spring" (I enjoy it so much); but I think it's a fun trend. So I'm glad it's sticking around. I think because it's a very artistic trend it appeals to the abstract artist in me. At one point I'm sure it will be very out; and I will still be mixing patterns. And my teenage daughter will not go out in public with me.

outfit details:

skirt, smart set: $15
shirt, thrifted Gap: $5
shoes, thrifted: $12
purse, thrifted: $10
cardigan, gap, from menswear: $22

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. you are so cute! and I am so with you..waiting for Fall even before summer officially begins! (yes, it's that bad) I love Fall clothes too..well, the stuff you can wear when the air around here finally does get the crisp Fall feel to it (often not until late October). I miss my layers and yummy cozy sweaters!

  2. i can't even remember what it was like when it was cold! i do love your cardigan. and i'm still loving your short hair. for real, such a fun sassy look!

  3. Great pictures. Love the skirt. Your son is so cute!!:)sarahD

  4. Lovely skirt and I love how you mix patterns. You are awesome. xoxo

  5. Teenage daughter huh? Is that some sort of clue? ;)

    You know what? Autumn is totally my favourite too. The colours and the layering and the feeling. *Sigh* It's just the best. Plus my birthday is in Autumn so it's got that going for it.

    There is a teeny weeny part of me that is looking forward to the warm but mostly it's the "idea" of it because I know Queensland and I know that it gets HOT, not really warm. And I'm not a fan of minimal clothing. I like layers and mixing and it's not so easily done in Summer. Well, I guess it's a challenge, right?

  6. I too am anxious for fall and the possibilities of layering! Colored tights, jackets, scarves...this 100 degree weather is unnecessary and ruining my desire to even get dressed.

  7. My daughter does the clinging trick too. :)

    I think summer is easy for getting dressed. You just throw on a dress or something equally as simple. However, fall provides more opportunity for fun sartorial choices. Layers allow for more play with pattern, texture and other contrasty things.

  8. Well of course you husband has good taste or he wouldn't have chosen you! You look adorable as always!
    I love clashing colours and patterns, too, but dread the autumn as it's the end of sitting outside pub beer gardens, car boot sales and camping trips. xxx

  9. I LOVE the window pic, like right outta the 50's, it's perfect! Lol, I do the same thing when it comes to fall and it still being summer..I ramble on and on to my poor husband, who has no choice but to be forced into knowing every fashion trend that season, and how I'll be wearing them..he's a champ.
    I'm glad you will be mixing patterns forever. You're very good at it, it's inspiring!

  10. i love the mix of florals, great post!


  11. I love how your pattern mixing really spiced up those shades of gray! I can't help but start thinking about Fall too. How can we help it? Fall clothes are everywhere!

  12. Lovely, looks like you had a fun day out!

  13. Cows! Oh I love 'em - they're so funny! And I love the pastoral look you're rocking in this location!

  14. Love your rings. I know what you mean about fall and layering, its just so fun! I've already bought a couple long cardigans that I'll be layering over summer dresses and mixing up some fun Annie Hall inspired looks....

  15. the cows in back of you totally work with the mix prints :)

    great photos... love the ducklings.

    and i love your opal ring, very bohemian :)


  16. wonderful pictures, I love it when you pattern mix..you have such a knack!


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