Sunday, July 25, 2010


My new goal is to buy NOTHING. Yes. That is my goal. Can I keep it? I don't know. But I am going to try. I am going to start with August. Let's see how I do, okay? And by "nothing", I mean nothing that isn't essential. So, uh, Starbucks isn't included in nothing. Because Starbucks is essential (obviously). But everything else: nail polish, socks, clothing, books, Lego, houseplants, jewelry...EVERYTHING! er, I mean, nothing.

The reason is: I have SO MUCH: Lego, houseplants, jewelry, Lego, books (I haven't read), clothing (oh dear do I ever), jewelry, toys, chewing gum, clothing, shoes. I mean, what if, what if instead of simply having what I have, I appreciate what I have? I want to appreciate what I already have before getting more.

I stumbled across this today:

I mean, I've always known I'm rich (relatively speaking). But this really put it into perspective for me.

So this month: I will hem, organize, paint, transform, sew, make, build (with Lego). Let's see what I can do with what I already have. It should be fun. Though there is one exception: Winners Final Clearance is at the end of August. That I must go to. There is no other option. Like Starbucks, it's essential.

outfit details:

purse: gift from my husband
shoes, naturalizer: $33
dress, zara: from a friend
white top worn under dress, garage: $10
pink and white bracelet, thrifted: $1
gold bangle: high school graduation present
tiffany & co. bracelet: gift from husband
necklace, catch of the day: $90

on my son:

shoes: robbies
romper: gap

Heart: Kimberellie

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." Theodore Roosevelt


  1. You go girl! It's amazing how liberating it is not to buy things. I feel like I've learnt so much about myself and why I shop in the last couple of weeks.

    I have faith! You're gonna do great! Don't forget to keep us all posted on how you're doing.

  2. My gosh that poster puts everything in perspective. Thanks.... no spending here for a while.

  3. Brilliant poster but I'm far too lacking in discipline to even attempt such a noble act. My friends went shopping with me earlier and complain that I encourage them buy stuff.
    Love the frock, just fabulous on you. xxx

  4. brilliant poster - put everzthing into new perspective, however, it's so tough to resist buying!

  5. Wow, that poster is so impacting! It really makes you think...

    On a side note, your dress is so beautiful and your son is getting more and more adorable!


  6. yes, i really like that poster....

    i'm trying to be creative with what i have too :) although i cannot stop my goodwill/salvation army habit... it just makes me happy, haha! but i am surely trying :)

    and yes, i totally agree... it's how you see things... i guess i have been in a bit of a rut lately... but for the most part am an extremely happy person... i guess i'm talking more big picture. i'm "concerned" with where the world is and i'm just trying to do as much as possible :) but i totally agree with everything you said and am going to check out that site you recommended later today :)

    you look lovely in that print! perfect for summer :)

    have a good day!

  7. Good luck with that challenge! I can make it for 30 days, but no longer than that I'm sure! I'm glad you didn't start this vow before you bought that dress because it's gorgeous!

  8. Well that is bizarre, I was just saying to someone the other day that I would like to try and go a month without buying anything that was unnecessary...
    maybe I will join in on your buy nothing month! Then we could support each other's non-spending habits.
    Yes indeedy, I like it a lot, count me in!
    I also really like that dress.

  9. Cute dress! You have the coolest hair!


  10. First of all you look amazing! Secondly, I have saved that image of the lucky poster and will be printing it off as a reminder to myself. Thanks for the refresher, as a college student I have a lot to be thankful for!!!

  11. love that infographic, totally eye-opening. and love your dress - totally adorable! :D

  12. What a great poster! Buying nothing is an awesome way to challenge your creativity, too. I have total faith in your goal, as you are totally creative=) And totally cute!! That dress is sooooo pretty!

  13. Darling dress, and looks just perfect on you! So fresh looking..

    Love that does put things in perspective. and good on you for no buying! (unless you wanna check out my ebay auction ending today, haha :) )

    Hugs Miss Furnellie!

  14. Hello!

    I wanted to say two things:

    1) I just stumbled across your blog and I not only love your ideas, but I also love your cute, short hair!

    2) The banner you posted hit me hard... being appreciative is something I've been struggling with lately, and this really put it into perspective for me. I even stole it for my own blog... hope you don't mind!

    Have a lovely day!


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