Thursday, July 15, 2010

blogging cutbacks

I wore this outfit again. I had to. I was having "a day". And when I am having a day, I find that the best thing to do is to wear an outfit that is already a favourite. So I wore this. And even though I look smashing cute, I only felt moderately cute (due to having a day). So really, who knows? Had I worn a not favourite outfit today I may have felt sub par cute. And that, ladies and gentleman, would just not do. Also, sorry about the fuzzy pics. I'm afraid that's just the way I roll tonight.

In other news: when should I blog? You ask: Pray tell whatever do you mean Kimberellie? I mean this: I have decided to cut back to three posts a week. That way I will be able to do more blog reading in my off days. I also intend on writing more fiction (yes, by golly, I write fiction!).

So I was thinking: mon, weds, fri. But really, it could be any combination of days. I just picked these three because they are the standard three. So I am wondering, what do you all think? Are there better days? I figure Monday is a must; because Monday is Monday and needs SOMETHING to perk it up. And what better to perk up your Mondays than a little Kimberellie? I dare say, there are few things better than Kimberellie on a Monday morning.

outfit details:

shirt, gap: 12
skirt, gap: 10
shoes, thrifted: $1
socks, dollar store: $1.25
baby: sleeping like a baby

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. Sad your cutting back..but I totally get it...I often find that Friday isn't a good day to blog...because people seem to have better things to do on Fridays than read blogs...usually by Saturday afternoon they're back to reading blogs tho...I don't know...maybe it's just my "readers"...but I find that I get very little comments on Fridays in comparison to the other weekdays.

  2. One thing I notice is (as Natasha mentions) that you get fewer comments if you blog on/near the weekend. Which is when I have time to blog... so if it's all the same, I'd try, maybe, Monday, Tues, and Thurs, or something like that.

  3. I wish you didn't have to cut back. I like your blog. I like to read it every day. But I understand. We all have to learn to let go of things...

    As an aside you totally just made an outfit of yours that I loved even better with those socks. Woman, you are a genius!

  4. I'm sad that you're cutting back but totally sympathise. Blogging kind of takes over your life and as a mum and aspiring writer you need to juggle all three.
    The outfit is totally fab especially the adorable socks.

  5. Hi There... It is just one of those odd days where I actually found the time read some of my fave blogs. I totally encourage you writing. You have an amazing talent and you should put it to further use than blogs. I say blog whenever you have a newsworthy outfit on. I do like your idea because I can never find the time to read other blogs anymore. Might follow the lead. :)

  6. Meant to add I love the outfit. Especially the socks and open toed shoes look. You cut your hair? Looks cute.

  7. love these socks with this outfit too! cute!

    i wear the same outfits for days in a row, sometimes changing one thing or just the accessories. when i like something, i like something.

    i think three times a week is more than enough, but really it's all about what you want to do cuz well... it's your blog, haha!

    but yes, kimberellie monday mornings is a very very good thing :D

  8. Write whenever you want, I love reading your posts! Also your outfit is so nice, sorry to hear you were having a day!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  9. Honestly it doesn't make a difference to me. I read things as they pop up in my reader.

    But I will say that honestly if you post on Monday I will probably be less likely to comment. I usually don't read blogs over the weekend so then come Monday I have zillions of things in my reader and after I comment 50 times I get worn out and just start reading.

    Not that you live for my comments but just saying, other people might be the same.

    P.S. I hope you have a better day. Mac & cheese usually helps me ;-)

  10. I say just go with the flow Miss K. Blog when you feel like it, but please do it a few times a week so I don't feel so out of the loop. And as for the outfit... if it ain't broke don't fix it!
    Also, yes please linen pants.
    And, will you let me read your fiction some day?

  11. It all depends on what works for you. Maybe make a numerical goal, say 3 times a week? I find that mommyhood doesn't work on a fixed schedule very well, lol, especially in the summer.
    Adorable print mixing! But of course, you are the Queen of that! I humbly bow :o)

  12. i. love. your. socks. and for $1.25, too!

    what kind of fiction are you writing? i love to hear that other bloggers out there are aspiring writers!

  13. I don't like the idea of only getting Kimberellie three times a week! Where will I get my giggles and interesting thoughts on all the other days?

  14. love your outfit, I can see why you would want to wear it again!


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