Thursday, July 29, 2010

a parcel packed with special

I am very excited about this outfit. It is almost entirely made up of wonderful wonderful items from a very surprising and lovely birthday gift.

I recently received some parcels in the mail from a new and very generous friend. And I have to say: it was like Christmas. Even my son helped with the unwrapping! I cannot even express how delighted, surprised and lovely this made me feel. And oh, how I am enjoying wearing the clothing and accessories! I just feel so...special in them. Yes, that is the exact right word for it: special. So thank you L. You are special yourself (thus your ability to make others feel special).

Now, I adore this crochet top. It has already become a favorite. And for some reason it just begged for the superfluous belt. I generally don't feel "right" about sticking a belt on that has absolutely no purpose (actually, most of my belts have no real 'purpose' as all my clothes fit). But I mean, I don't usually wear belts except with dresses and at the tops of skirts and pants. But for some reason I just had to wear it like this.

These pics are from yesterday (I usually do not post outfit photos the day of...I have no idea how people manage to do this). And I am actually wearing more of the parcel clothes today, together, most likely in a combination the original wearers never dreamed of (you will see them tomorrow).

Which makes me think: wouldn't it be fun to switch closets with someone else for a week and see what that person came up with? I have long been wanting to do a blogger clothes swap...I even began organizing one...but I am afraid I am a lazy lazy person (at least that is a convenient excuse). Though I don't think many people would accept "lazy" as an excuse. I could blame my baby...but I think that that excuse might be getting fifteen months old. ;-) Nonetheless, I have not got around to it; but I will, eventually, probably, HOPEFULLY: in the Fall.

Note: the Chanel (!) sunnies. These were including in the bday parcel. They are officially my new obsession. I feel very "Audrey" in them. BTW: have you seen Two For the Road? You simply must see it if you haven't yet. It is my favorite Audrey film and showcases her talents beautifully.

Now I must go and continue feeling lovely and ladylike and special in my bday clothes (not to be confused with my bday suit...though I feel pretty special in that too).

outfit details:

vintage crochet top, from Amsterdam: from a friend
linen skirt: from a friend of a friend
belt, thrifted: $1
ring, from hornby island: $6
bracelet, tiffany & co.: from husband
heart pendant, tiffany & co.: from a friend
sunnies, chanel: from a friend
shoes, thrifted: $12
good friends: priceless



  1. I love it! Special surprise gifts, esp. those that come in the mail, are the BEST! I'm inspired..thank you for sharing..and this person must know you well because these pieces are PERFECT on you :D

  2. oh, and if your pixie girl pendant happens to get any airbubbles under the seal, just press down hard on that area with your finger (thumb, whatever works) (random, I know, but random is fun..and I wanted you to know..) ;)

  3. How exciting! I love a surprise parcel. That crochet top is beautiful on you and the belt sets it off a treat.
    Hope your birthday was wonderful! xxx

  4. I love it! You look lovely! That sweater is beautiful. Happy Bday Kimberellie! Hope it's the best <3

  5. I love this top. As a crocheter, WHOA! I once read that crochet can't be replicated by machine. Not sure if that is true though because a google search shows crochet machines for sale. However, being a vintage top, it is quite likely it is handmade.

  6. Just absolutely gorgeous. All of it. It reminds me of golden, beautiful, simpler times. And to think they were all gifts! Gosh that person really nailed it huh?

    The secret of my posting each day is that I write the blog during the day and then take pictures when I get home - voila! However things often go a little askew on Fridays being that sometimes I don't get home until Saturday. Woooo party animal!!!! Hehe, ah, if only it were true.

  7. What a gem of a top!! LOVE it!! What a wonderful gracious friend. And I just adore the accessories! It is always awesome to hear good things happening to great people :)

  8. Happy birthday my dear !!!
    Yesterday it was my birthday too !

    This top is fabulous !

  9. Yes, this is a great outfit! Love the shoes and the crochet top is lovely. I'm intrigued by this Audrey movie and think I will have to look for it!

  10. I absolutely adore that crochet top. Its gorgeous. thanks so much for your lovely comment.:)SarahD

  11. Hey, happy birthday!! Loving the crochet. I'm also intrigued by the whole world of blogger clothing exchanges. Sounds challenging but fun!

  12. happy birthday!! love how you accessorized this look x

  13. Happy birthday! You look lovely. I really adore your outfit, especially those fabulous sunnies and those incredibly awesome shoes! xo

  14. Happy Birthday! You look so summery in this outfit - love it!

  15. I love packages....especially surprise packages!! :D

    I love the lace top on you and the yellow skirt is great!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  16. This top is so so pretty, love it! x

  17. Belated Happy Birthday! :D

    Btw, your snail ring is sooo awesome! I've never seen anything like it! So cool! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  18. friends are truly priceless :)

    i adore this top. it is one of those things that you will wear with everything countless ways :)



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