Monday, July 19, 2010

From the Lost Files of Miss Furnellie (or how to regrow your hair in minutes!)

For whatever reason I don't always post all my outfit photos. Well, actually I know the reason: he is small and cute and in bed. As it is, I have decided that every so often I will dig them up and post them.

About the outfit: I really like this bow tie. It is so much fun. I bought it thinking that I could wear it with everything. And then I realized: with many things it looked sort of, how do I put this? -playboy bunny-ish? Yeah. Not exactly the feeling I want to evoke with my sartorial expression. Which brings up a wonder I have always had: why do some women actually wear "official" playboy bunny clothes? I mean, really? Come on.

Anyway, I think this outfit has no such connotations.

In other news: the baby walks. Well, sort of. He "sneak walks". That is: he walks when he thinks no one is really paying attention (or at least when no one is encouraging him to do so). We tried encouraging him (you know, walk from mommy to daddy); but he just laid face down on the floor and said: "no" (his version of a tantrum). So today: five steps. We saw them. He can do it (we knew he could do it). He just mostly refuses. It's pretty darn cute.

outfit details:

shirt dress, gap: $22
bow tie, thrifted: $3
tights, thrifted (new in their pack mind you!): $1
shoes, naturalizer: $30


ps. I'm thinking of always doing my pics this way. What do you think?


  1. Love, love, love the tights! The dress is cute!

    I like the pictures this way, except they get cut off on the right side on my computer screen. I can see them perfectly fine in my Google Reader.

    My daughter *just* learned "no" and she walks around all day saying, "no,, no..." Hehe.

  2. I love them but I can't see the last in each row. Gorgeous dress and tights. Playboy wear is so popular here and always worn by the girls least likely to become Playboy bunnies, don't think it's ironic either! xxx

  3. Love those tights, and that bow tie. Great way to wear it.
    The girls who wear the 'official' playboy stuff look tragic. I remember a girl at school who loved the stuff, had the make up AND the car decked out in it. Looked....interesting.

    X x

  4. hahaha very cute hair re-growth:) Congrats to the mobile boy!! And good luck to MOM lol, cuz once they're mobile..whew..

  5. Wonderful outfit, love your non-play bou bunny bowtie! And yes, why do people wear that official clothing.... I don't get it either....

  6. oh I like this!!
    I love how you did your pictures too!
    And no..I don't get why people actually wear the official clothing...when I was still in highschool we had some friends in Korea who, as part of my birthday gift, sent me a playboy bunny was actually quite cute aside from the fact that it had a patch saying Playboy Bunny (The Korean friends didn't realize what the brand stood for, they just knew it was popular over here) I just ended up stitch ripping the name tag off of it and I was good to go!

  7. i like the photos this way. and i like them the other way too, maybe switch back and forth... depending what works with the photos you have?

    i love these tights and the shoes... a very grrly combination that i love :)

  8. love the tights!!!!!!! i love the seam up the back.. it's hot!

  9. i love that you added a bow tie to this outfit. looks so cute!

  10. I like the pictures like this, it looks cool.
    I like your bow-tie, it is un-playboy bunny-esque.
    I like the fiction snippet you posted on Friday, it is intriguing.
    I like that baby is sneak-walking, I knew he would do it soon.
    I don't like that you weren't here for Stampede.

  11. pictures? i like!

  12. the bow goes oh so well with the rest of the ensemble and the last photo is gorgeous. the colors look unreal.

  13. haha!! I thought you looked familiar :) Tres cute outfit!!! I like that is simple but lots going on, with the bow tie, patterned tights, and drop waist dress. I also really like the collages, I would say go for it! I never have that many pics that I like but I love when other bloggers do it!!


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