Friday, November 11, 2011

I am going to try to blog once a week

Isn't she adorable?  I think so.  Fashionable, adorable, MINE.  Yep, mine.  And she'd better not forget that when I attempt to arrange her marriage.  

Not only is she adorable, but she apparently has no qualms showing off her bloomers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pregnancy Review & I still like you but I just can't talk right now

There are just TONS of photos I didn't post while I was pregnant.  But they were taken; which should actually be quite apparent to you as you had to scroll through them all to get to this sentence.  But yeah...I pretty much rocked pregnancy.  I'm not too particular about the blue dress with the leggings...well, I like the clothes, but I'm not too particular about the pictures.  I just wanted to show you how gigantic I got.  Also, I like how in the very last pic it really looks like I'm holding a ball!

And yes, I KNOW I promised you my postpartum style.  And I will.  Soon.  Maybe.  But FIRST--a disclaimer, namely: I can't comment.  I can't.  I can't comment back if people ask a question.  I just don't have the time for it.  I barely have time to blog!

So I have been thinking about this, and I thought: well, I could just disable comments on my blog so people don't think I'm some "too good to comment back more stylish than thou" blogger.  But then I thought: "But no, that won't do.  Don't I hate it when I can't comment on other people's blogs?"  And of course I do.  Because when I don't have a baby in my arms I can't help but add my two cents.

But you see, I almost always have a baby in my arms.  Or laundry.  Or spit up all over me (how that stops me from commenting on other people's blogs is beyond me...I just figured you were interested).  So here's the deal kittens: I don't talk back.  I heart you.  But I haven't the time.  So if this bothers you and makes you feel like you are talking into space (is this an expression?  is this the expression I'm looking for?), or if it makes you feel like I'm a big snob, then you can just commence to ignore me--close your eyes and click your merry way somewhere else in the blog world.  I don't mind.  I promise.  I won't be offended.  I won't cry.

It's not that I don't visit you though (as you may notice by my ever so infrequent two word comments, no capital letters, no punctuation).  They are one handed visits.  Most often my right hand.  The other hand is holding onto a baby.  I guess it isn't really my hand that is visiting you (like Thing in that show...or is it "It"?).  I digress (am I using this expression correctly?).

This post is degenerating into nonsense.  Let's sum up:

1. I post.
2. I don't comment back because I am busy with kidlets...not because I'm a b----- (just guess).
3. I like you.
4. I want chocolate.
5. Umm...that's it.  Wish I could be a better blog friend.  I do!  I do!  But I can't.
6. Maybe I'll eat some chocolate chips.

Heart: K (See?  I don't even have enough time to write my full name...wait a minute...umm...don't think too hard about this last little bit).

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mommy's Little Dress-up Doll

This is my daughter's first dress.  OH!  How I love those words: "my daughter".  I think every girl imagines having a daughter one day (or well, most girls).  Certainly I imagined it.  And so when I had my son first it was surprising to me that I could no longer imagine loving a daughter.  I was just so (and still am) enamored with him.

"Why would anyone want a daughter when they could have a son?"  I wondered.

But now that I have a daughter as well, all my former mother-daughter imaginings have come to full bloom; and my mind and heart are full of anticipated joys: prom, french braids, barrettes, mother daughter spa days, doing our nails, shopping (if she doesn't like shopping I may cry), little dresses, her wedding!.  Oh yes, I'm EXCITED.  I guess because I am a daughter myself I can imagine so much more than I can with my son.  I've never been a son.  My heart for his future is full of joy, yes; but it so harder to imagine his perspective.  So it is exciting to be a mother to a daughter.

A friend recently asked me who I loved more.  And the question startled me.  I hadn't thought of that.  She pointed out that I had known Soren longer, and I knew more about him, so shouldn't I love him more?  And in some ways you would think that would be true.  I remember falling in love with Soren (and still I do) every couple of months all over again as he grew older and became more (and there was more of him to love).  Yet as logical as it would be, I don't love him more than her.

You see, I love Soren more now that Violet is born.  And I love Violet more because of the love I already have for Soren.  In fact, I love everyone more.  I love you more.  I love perfect strangers more.  I love my husband more.  I love God more.  I just love more.  My heart has widened beyond what I knew possible.  It's like when I fell in love with my husband: it opened my heart up to everyone and everything. And now that I have THREE (!) very favourite people, my heart is even wider.

I think true love is like this.  It isn't exclusive.  It never comes at the cost of another love.  Any real love will cause every other love you have (of anything at all, be it painting or people) to expand.  So there is never any comparison.

I love each child more because I love the other.  And it's wonderful.
dress: carters, gift from marilynn
cardigan: please mum, gift from auntie crystal
tights, gap: 2.99
booties: were my husband's when he was a baby
quilt: made by nana (husband's mom)
Heart: Kimberellie

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

8lbs 9oz of CUTE!

Violet Louise Furnell 8lbs 9oz July 15th dark brown hair--BEAUTIFUL

Well, this will have to be a short post considering I have a baby on my chest.

Violet Louise Furnell(ie) arrived in the world at 2:36 am after 1.5 hours of active labour and 45 minutes of pushing (because you want to know this right?).  Well, I am telling you anyway.  Because I am darn proud of myself!  She came out sunny side up (they are not supposed to come out this way!).  And yes, apparently I did an awesome job because sunny side up babies usually end up in emergency c-sections.  At one point I remember someone saying something about "assistance" (ie. vacuum or forceps) to which I said: "No f___ing way!"  At the time I didn't know she was sunny side up so I had no idea why they would even be suggesting this.  And yes, I had the epidural.  And it was WONDERFUL (all you ladies who have had "natural labours" props to you...but I couldn't bear was unbearable...even though it was my goal...still my accomplishment is not diminished!  So all you ladies who have yet to have babies--don't think your accomplishment is any less no matter how you do it: c-section, assistance, epidural, etc...we all still rock).

But yes.  I am triumphant birther, life giver extraordinaire.  It was quite a contrast with my son's birth which was LONG (13 hours hard labour) and excruciating.  So I feel pretty fricken' empowered.  Not to mention they didn't turn the epidural off without telling me this time!  So yes.  It was a truly wonderful experience.  But all second time moms: get your bumps to the hospital asap.  Unlike me...who waited too long...because heck, one and a half hours?  That's a BIG difference from 13.

And as for baby Violet?  She is AMAZING.  She SLEEPS.  Seriously, 5-7 hour stretches at night.  And she's only 6 days old! And don't worry, she's still gaining weight...twice as much as she needs to actually.    But yes, also don't hate me too much: I've paid my dues.  My son would wake every 2 hours at night to nurse for the first TWO months (and after that not much better).  I recall my fervent wish when he was little was to sleep for JUST three hours in a row...please...please...please.  Not to mention that he didn't start sleeping through the night until he was 25(!) months.  So yes...if your child doesn't sleep, maybe your next will.  And no matter what anyone tells you, it isn't your parenting.  Because I haven't done anything differently.

Well, one thing I did differently was pray my entire pregnancy that "please please please may she just SLEEP!" and "please please please may my labour be EASIER!"  So yes.  It worked.  Props to God.  ;-)

Well, that was actually rather long.  But I think I am just so darned excited.  And I am so incredibly in love with this little girl.  My heart is full.  I am very very grateful.  And I know how very blessed I am to have two beautiful healthy children.

Heart: Kimberellie (with a baby in her arms)

ps. in the picture she is only four hours old.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

we made baby hats.

The husband and I.  He did the basic hat.  I did the embellishments.  I have two days until my due date.  Due dates, I learned with my son, mean nothing.  If you are ever pregnant you will want to know this.  Nonetheless, we made hats.  Here they are!  That's Bigbaby in the third and fourth photos.  She wanted to try them on.  We're not especially creative with baby doll names in our house!  We have, Babybaby, Bigbaby, and Baby Zee Zee.  Bigbaby is really big.  Ummm....I think I'm too tired to blog.

ps. thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post!  Except of course whoever just said: "u r huge".  Which was probably one of my brothers.  So I am not offended.  But nonetheless, not really what a pregnant woman wants to hear.  I know it was one of you.  I KNOW!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

and the winner of cutest pregnant woman is: ME!!!*

I actually have tons of photos (well, maybe 7) that I COULD be uploading.  But I am not.  But I will.  Only not right now.  Later.  I am tired.  I need to fold laundry.  Or eat ice cream.  We'll see.

Hey, also, I'm 38 weeks pregnant.  Actually, closer to 39 at this point.  Let's just say: "I have ten days left".  Because I do.  Are you getting excited?  I am.  I am.  I am.  I am.  And in case you are wondering why I am not HUGE in this picture, it's because this is me at 31 weeks pregnant.  Wow, I am behind on blogging.  Also, I'm hungry.  Ice cream it is.

Heart: Kimberellie Miss Furnellie with a baby in her belly

* I'm not vain.  I'm adorable.

Friday, May 27, 2011

too tired to even make a real title is this one?

I'm 8 months pregnant.  I have:
2 months to go
6.7 weeks
47 days
a heckuvalotta hours.

So, um...I'm around.  Sort of.  Or more like: I'm round.  Yes I am.  Getting up off the couch these days is trouble.  So is it any wonder I am not blogging? wonder here.  And I am consoled by the fact that I do not know any pregnant bloggers who are on their SECOND child and keeping up with blogging (but if there is one, if you are one, if you know one, do tell...I'm interested.  I'd have to ask: "how do you do it?").  

So yes.  I'm just popping in to say I probably won't be popping in very often.  BUT, despair not.  I will probably upload some photo only posts this week because hey, I actually have some photos stocked up on my camera.  Though I don't think I will be taking many more in the days to come because, gasp, yes, I'm about to say it: I just don't care.  I am too pregnant to care.

ALSO, I will most certainly be posting pics of baby girl Furnellie when she arrives.  YES INDEED.  And then maybe a few postpartum pics (they are never pretty...but maybe it will be fun for you ladies to see the progression from "ahhhh I just had a baby and I still look six months pregnant!" to postpartum fabulous (several months later, I may add).

Oh, and if anyone is curious: I've gained a beautiful 35 pounds.  Mostly in my squishy (fabulous) tushy (at least it seems that way to me!).  

Okay.  Must go lay down.  This was way too much work.  ;-)

Heart: Kimberellie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dismal, really, Kimberellie

Wow, I update a dismal amount.  I think I will try putting up the photos (which are still being taken...and edited...just not uploaded) and that's it.  I haven't anything to say.

Well, here I will tell you what I did today:


That's all I've got.  I'm too pregnant for blogging I think.  Also, I am at the nasty stage where you have trouble breathing (due to hormones and squished lungs...very normal, don't worry, still very annoying).  So I like to lay on the couch a lot, when my son lets me, that is.

Also, no outfit details.  I refuse.  I am too pregnant to list things.  Also, I have been wearing a lot of the same lately; because I am running out of clothes that fit.  ACTUALLY, this here shirt has become a "belly shirt": as in a "bare your belly" shirt.  So I will no longer be wearing it.  This has happened to a lot of my stretchy, bought specifically for pregnancy shirts.  It worked with my son (buyng regular shirts in stretchy).  Not this time.  I think they aren't making shirts as long as they were in 2008.  Bad them.  Pretty soon I am going to have to go around naked if this keeps up.  But don't worry.  I'll still post pictures.

heart: K

Monday, April 25, 2011

29 for 29 I'm feelin' fine

Okay so I have so many unposted posts.  Most of them are rants or boring.  Maybe there is one good one in there.  I don't know.  So instead you get this.  HEY, here I am!  I wear clothes still.  I swear.

Soon I will do a post about all the cute BABY clothes I have been stockpiling.  Yes, stockpiling.  Should I feel badly that my yet to be born daughter currently has more clothes than my two year old son?  NOOOOOO.  Because boy clothes are hard to find.  Well, cute ones at least.  They're all so lame with trucks on them and cartoon characters and blech blech blech.  Or loud obnoxious colours.  Yes.  I am baby boy clothes snob.  I can't help it.  They could be cuter.

That said, frick do they ever make cute sleepers for boys!  Yes, boy jammie jams are ADORABLE.  But girl sleepers?  Oh, not so much.  They are all five different shades of pink (AT ONCE) add some embroidery to that and maybe a frill and ta da!: total ick garish yuck.  Mind, Toys R US has some adorable little girl sleepers.  But heck no am I paying 20 dollars for jammie jams.

I'm in my jammie jams.  You should see my baby belly.  It's fricken' adorable.  You'd want to rub it.  I know you would.  It's that cute.  Yup, I'm adorable.  In my jammie jams.  I could just package me up and use me as low cal sweetener.  Well, maybe high cal.  Definitely high cal after all that easter chocolate (oh bunnah how I lovah to eat your ears!).

And hey!  I'm right on track to gain what I did with my son (40 beautiful pounds).  I'm 29 weeks and I have gained 29 pounds!  GO Kimberellie!  I know the "recommended" weight gain is like 25-35...but uh, I'm a non-conformist.  Well, technically with my BMI it's recommended that I do gain 40 does that make me a conformist?  That's it!  I'm going for 45 just to show those know it all bossy you know whats up.  Because no one has any right to tell a pregnant lady what do to.

ESPECIALLY YOU, blank blank guy outside the dollar store who said: "Healthy snack hey?" to me as I munched on some chips.  Well ____ _____ you jerk ____.  Especially after I just saw you buy a coke, a chocolate bar, and another chocolate bar!  Pfffbt.  A bag of chips was the healthiest food item they had; and I was HUNGRY.  And what they heck is wrong with chips?  I'm gonna go eat some now.

Heart: K

outfit total: $84

shirt, rw&co: $8
skirt, old...really really old
shoes, vintage, I put ribbons in them: $6 (new pregnant lady trend: don't bother to tie your laces)
hat, vintage: $10
tights, gap: $8
cardi, winners: $5
bracelets, winners: $1 each
bag, volcom: $25
little boy: diy 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the first cup with cream and sugar: after that black

I haven't posted a lot (okay, at all) lately; because I just haven't liked my outfits.  This one I liked.  And I think it shows in my adorable cuteness.  I can say that because lately I have been feeling less than adorable cute (not that any sort of modesty has stopped me before). But yes, being pregnant is annoying when you have to try on five things in the morning before you find one that fits.  Just because it fit last week, doesn't mean it's going to fit this week.

This grrs me.  But yeah, here I am contented with an outfit.  So here I am.  I bought this sweater at Gap for 3 dollars.  It's men's XL.  I like it.  A lot.  I love extra large tops.  Only now they don't really fit extra large anymore.  And sometimes I just look square in them. That's what you want to avoid most of all when you are pregnant: looking square.  Not square as in "uncool", but square as in the shape.  Yup, square.  I much prefer to be more of a triangle.  Or maybe a hexigon.

And hey!  Because I probably won't post tomorrow (given my track record as of late), I want to tell you: tomorrow is my son's second birthday!!!  So happy birthday Soren!!

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit total: $508.25 (yikes)

jeggings, jacob: $20
shoes, naturalizer: $160
men's shirt, gap: $3
jacket, danier: $300 or so
head scarf, thrifted: 25 cents I think
feeling cute while carrying a basketball out front: apparently worth 500 dollars

the only thing to do if you find mommy's lipstick: try it on 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here I am. I thought you might need a bootie fix

Scroll down for your bootie fix.
And here it is:
I bought these booties for, I don't know, a couple pennies? You see, I don't know because I was at a church garage sale.  And there was this table FULL of baby clothes.  And the ladies kept coming around saying: "All you can stuff in a bag for two dollars!"  And I kept saying: "But it's all little girl clothes!".  Yet they kept insisting.  And then they changed the sign to all you can stuff in a bag for 1 dollar.  So I bought some baby girl clothes.

I bought two bags actually.  But I only paid for one (because I forgot about the other).  I don't feel bad about this forgetting.  I'm pretty certain if I stood there a minute longer they would have changed the sign to everything you can stick in TWO bags for a dollar.

But yeah, awesomeness, hey?  And it is all REALLY nice stuff.  And lucky for me 5 months after this sale I found myself pregnant (this is me thinking: how can I phrase this delicately?).  And 4 months after that I discovered the baby in my belly is a little girl baby (but I knew...or else I wouldn't have bought those baby girl clothes...I'm not THAT compulsive of a shopper ;-).

So yes.  The point of this story?  Other than that I am awesome is: if it's a good deal, buy it.  No, actually this story SHOULD be about a bootie fix.  You see, they were rather ho-hum baby booties until I flipped the tops down and put in a new ribbon.  You can do this too.  Little booties like this can be found at many thrift stores (or other handmade baby clothes that need simple fixes like better buttons or ribbons).  This of course begs the question: "Who is donating handmade baby clothes?".  It makes me sad.  It makes me ESPECIALLY sad when I see crochet blankets at thrift stores.  Do you know how long it takes to crochet a blanket?  A LONG TIME.  It makes the crocheter in me just livid.  And you don't want to see a crocheter livid.  Not when she is holding a number 9 hook. post: the baby blanket I'm making?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my husband cuts my hair now

Something I  JUST noticed today: my hemlines are slowly creeping up as my belly is getting bigger.  Looking at Sunday's post I was aghast: "Really?  That dress is THAT short now?  Oh dear!"  But uh, if you've got it, flaunt it. ;-)  Mind you, I think I may have to turn that particular black sweater dress into a sweater tunic.  And in the third trimester that sweater dress will certainly become merely a sweater.

Sweater dress + Pregnant = Sweater - dress.

Pregnancy leads to a lot of addition that, in the end, is really subtraction.  

Heart: Kimberellie
outfit total: $31

sweater, thrifted: $4
silk scarf, adore this scarf: $10
dress, thrifted H&M: $6
tights, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, vintage thrifted: $8
headband: found it in my closet

ps. I do the captions in photoshop.

pps. I know the baby girl background is pretty horrid.  It's only temporary fun.  I promise.  ;-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a dikerent kind of post.

That's how my son says different: "dikerent".  I could have spelled it a dikerent way; but I'm feeling prudish today.  Must be because I'm wearing cotton underpants.

I want to start posting more often.  So I have decided to try posting differently.  I've seen several blogs lately with, gasp, text on the pictures (specifically Girl and Closet--hey your rock).  And I really like it.  So I'm trying it.  Here, watch me try it.

Heart: Kimberellie

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so many toes and I can't eat them all

I'm just going to just ramble on because my son could be up from his nap any minute now.  HEY!  This Sunday I am picking up my pottery from the kiln.  Yes, it will be fired and glazed and LOVELY.  Did I not tell you I took a pottery class?  Well, I did.  And I'm pretty bad at it, if I do say so myself.  I'll get better though.  I know I will; because I'm motivated.  I'm motivated by pretty pottery.  I made all my bowls blue and green.

I don't believe in other coloured pottery.  SOME people were making RED bowls, and BLACK bowls, and BROWN bowls.  I just couldn't understand why anyone would want pottery that wasn't blue or green (though I like grey as well, to be perfectly honest).  Now that I think of it: why the heck do I only like pottery in three different colours?  That's actually much stranger than liking it in many colours.

I'll take pictures when I have them in my greedy little mitts.  And it's awesome too, because we only have three cereal bowls.  So we need more, if we're ever to have guests over for cereal.

Which we will.  

This dress and this cardi were from the End of Clearance Sale at Winners (yes, it deserves the capitalization). They were 5 dollars each.  I like cheap.  Even better than cheap I like free.  I thought you should know this about me.

Alright.  I am truly too tired to blog.  Also, I just want to remind everyone I have a Formspring account.  You can feel free to ask my intimate and racy questions there.  I won't mind.  

My nose is cold.

outfit total:  $28

tights, christmas gift from husband
necklace, christmas gift from sister-in-law
boots, winners: $18
dress, winners: $5
cardi, winners: $5
chanel sunnies, gift from Lee


Friday, February 25, 2011

is it a boy or girl baby? I KNOW! I KNOW!

Okay, I am going to blog quick because I feel like it.  And for some reason I have been on the computer all day.  Okay, not all day.  I went out. Twice.  I cleaned.  I played with the little man who is always about.  Yes.  It just seems like more than usual.

HEY!  I went to a sale today.  No, not today, Thursday.  I bought stuff.  A LOT of stuff.  I bought 20 assorted articles of clothing.  Yes. 20. Crazy.  YES it is.  All for the cheery tune of $84 dollars.  Really.  Even crazier.  Do you want to see the clothes?  Probably.  Well, I don't want to photograph them.  I am not that cool (motivated).  Maybe my husband will help me tomorrow.  We'll see.

But WAIT A MINUTE KIMBERELLIE!  Why are you talking about CLOTHES?  Didn't something ELSE happen on Thursday???  Didn't you find out what flavour baby you are having?  Why yes.  Yes I did.  Now that you mention it, I do remember finding this information out.

Do you want to know?  I suppose you do.  Well then, in that case, I'll tell you:
(suspense dots)

Yep, pretty soon I will have a blog partner.  Yes, I do intend on showing the world my baby girl all dressed up with no place to crawl!

Okay.  Now I am going to read about Rand al'Thor.  Yes.  That's right, I'm down with that.

outfit total: $45

cardi, from Lee
boots, from winners: $18
purple velvet skirt, jacob: $20
tights, ardene: $3
shirt, thrifted: $4
hair bow, a scarf: 25 cents
brooches, assorted: cheap

Heart: Kimberellie

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

maniacal poncho

I like this shawl? poncho? cape?  WHAT THE HECK IS IT?  I think it's a poncho.  But that's just me.  That's just me in a super shawlesque poncho cape.  Yep.  Here I am: capified.  Ponchified.  Shawl-ED.  I like it.  And I got it for a dollar.  How's them bananas?  Ripe I bet.  Ripe and yellow.  Not like those nasty green bananas that were in the store all winter and wouldn't for their little banana lives turn yellow and ripe-ify.  Nasty things.

I also like my leggings.  Super special, hey?  I got them for 8 dollars.  That's 7 dollars more than my poncho.  They are purcle.  That's how my son says purple.  Did I mention yet he can count?  Well, kind of.  He does know his numbers 1 to 10.  He seems to really like numbers.  He points them out wherever we go.  "Three!  Three!" he'll exclaim when we are in the number three check out at the grocery store.  My husband says it's because he has accountant genes in him.  I'm not so sure; I'm still set on him being a world famous fashion designer.

Notice the bow is in my hair again?  It will be there for awhile yet.  Or something like it.  The hair is getting longer.  Mine hair.  Mine.  Also another phrasing I have picked up from mine son.  Not my hair.  MINE hair. It's cute.  I'm cute.  I know.  But right, I was saying: I'm going to grow it out.  I hope it is still curly.  You may think this is a strange hope considering, why wouldn't it be?  I just cut it; I didn't alter my hair gene structure.  But uh, for 25 years of my life it wasn't curly.  It wasn't curly until I started dating my husband then it WAS curly.  Suddenly.  All of a sudden.  Very curly.  Corkscrew ringlet curly (don't bother to look at the archives...short hair has ruled for all of blog history).  But yes.  Curly.  No apparent reason.  So far as I could tell.  STOP USING FRAGMENT SENTENCES.  Anyway, I figure if it could just go curly for no reason at all, it could also just stop being curly, right?  Maybe.  Hair is crazy.  It's maniacal.  Or maybe I just like to say maniacal (in my head. I'm saying it in my head!).

atrocious grammar and punctuation, Kimberellie.  Go to bed.

outfit total: $47.25

poncho, thrifted, hand made: $1
boots, via winners: $25
socks, ardene: $3
leggings, via winners: $8
shorts, also via winners (I like winners): $5
gloves, cole haan via winners: $5 (the rest of the things have their own brands too.  But I'm too lazy to check)
grey cardigan: gift from Lee (I haven't forgotten your parcel!  I haven't!)
bow, a scarf I tied in a bow ;-): 25 cents
black shirt: clothes swapped

Heart: ME

ps. I just noticed I'm like a Houdini.  Facing forward...just Kimberellie.  Turn to the side: BAM!  There's a baby bump!  Yep.  I'm MAGIC.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

inspiration hello creation babies and photographs

Meandering around on Chictopia makes me want to get dressed.  I would LOVE to be more creative in the way I dress.  Hello, that site is inspiring.  I just adore the clothes and the photos and well, I LOVE it.  Yes, I love clothes.  I love pictures of clothes.  I love wearing clothes.  One day, I think, when all my children are teenagers I will go back to school and get a degree in Fashion Design.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  Oh, yes it would.

You know, I think I'd like to work for a fashion magazine best.  I'd like to write about clothes.  I'd like to test drive clothes.  Mmmm...I am salivating just thinking about it!  That said, I probably won't.  More likely I will write a novel or paint a series of dramatic semi-abstract forest paintings.  Yes.  I want to do THAT.  I want to do a series of tree paintings.  I love to paint trees.  On water colour canvas, with collage, pen and ink, gel pens, sparkle!.  Mmmmm....I am salivating just thinking about it!

Apparently it has been some time since I have done anything more creative than dress myself.  But it is hard to be creative when you're only free time is mostly consumed by sleeping.  Yesterday for an hour of my son's two hour nap, I napped too.  Last night I went to bed when my son did.  So yeah.  There hasn't been much time.  Well, at least I haven't been awake for it.

But cry not nonmother types who aspire yet to be so!  It isn't like this all the time.  And one day it will let up (when I am not pregnant and have children instead of toddlers..right?).  And for the time being, by golly, I think it's worth it.  After all, what's more creative than raising children?  You know that feeling when you look at something that you have written/painted/styled/photographed/crafted/sewn, that feeling of: "Wow, I did that?  AMAZING."  Well, with your child it isn't like that at all.  That example is a poor shadow of the beauty, astonishment, pride, and deep joy that comes from even simply staring at your child's perfect profile.

Sometimes I would paint a picture and I would look at after and think: "There is no way I made this.  I am just not that talented/able."  I very often felt this way, actually, as if there was a true magic behind the art.  When I look at my son I glimpse that magic even further.  When the sun falls on his eyelashes, just so, I see very clearly the magic of the world beyond seeing, and the brilliance of a God beyond knowing.  For me there is no denying that life is infinitely meaningful and ultimately beautiful when I look at my little boy.  So I can wait to paint pictures and design clothing.  In the meantime, I intend to enjoy being inspired.

outfit total: $40.25

quilted suede boots, winners: $25
leggings, winners: $8
dress, winners: $3
shirt worn under dress: clothes swap
scarf tied as a hair bow, thrifted: 25 cents
silver necklace, thrifted: $4
brooch, gift from husband, tilly bloom
tiffany's bracelet, gift from husband
silver ring, gift from husband

Heart: Kimberellie  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

what is kimberellie up to?

Well, I thought I would post and tell you all what I am up to.

Not much.

During nap time (my son's) I often nap.  When it isn't nap time, I am not blogging.  I am not on the computer.  I am not really doing anything useful (sometimes I am cleaning).  If anyone here has a toddler, she will understand. Well, unless your toddler doesn't object to you being on the computer (either by grabbing at the mouse and saying: "Done!" or by saying: "Mommy lap?").  Either way, I figure when my son's awake we should be playing with toys.

Then there's night time.  I sleep then.  My son goes to bed before me, yes.  But not long after I am in bed.  So that basically leaves very little time for, well, anything.

Things I'd like to do:

1. Make a baby scrapbook for this baby.
2. Finish crocheting the baby blanket.
3. Make an owl pillow.
4. Paint the tree pictures I have in my imagination.
5. Sculpt the clay sculpture I have in my imagination (which I will actually do, because I will have a chance to fire and glaze it easy peasy if I get it done by Thursday).
6. Blog.
7. Organize my house.
8. Organize my closet.
So yeah.  I'm not doing any of these things either.  BUT, I am still taking photos for this blog (it'll be fun later to see what I wore when I was pregnant).  And I fully intend to post them all eventually.  And you will see pictures of the baby when he/she is born.  And around the end of this month when we find out the gender, I will pop in to tell you all.  But, otherwise, I wouldn't expect a lot out of me if I were you (I certainly don't).  I'm very tired.  I like to sleep.  I'm like a bear right now.  Grrrrr.  Pregancy hibernation has set in.  I'm just going to eat chips and enjoy it.

outfit total:  $51

silence and noise sweater dress, thrifted: $12
sequined leggings, winners: $3
naturalizer shoes: $30
cardigan, winners: $5
curtsy brooch, tilly bloom: Christmas present from husband (super cool stuff here)
deer brooch, thrifted (it was garish and gold and red and green and I spray painted it silver): $1

Heart: Kimberellie

Sunday, February 6, 2011

a sneeeeaaaak peeeaaak

I can't post long as we are going to the toy store any minute now.  I have to buy my Scheile animal toy.  I mean, MY SON'S animal toy.  I buy one a month...for my son.  Stupid little plastic animals are at the very least, 4 dollars (I think they go up to 8 dollars...depending on the toy).  And anyway, HEY!  I'm back!
I started this.  And then I left.  And then I came back again.  And look here I am, with a brand new piggie!  Pretty fricken' cute, hey?  But uh, probably don't want to hear me go on about little plastic animals.  So how about a sneak peak?

A Sneak Peak (into the life of Kimberellie):


The husband is cooking homemade mac and cheese for dinner.
I am backseat cooking: "Remember don't put all the cheese in the sauce...layer it!"
Soren is scavaging for food in the cupboards and bringing out dozens of boxes of mini raisons.  He is also playing guitar (sort of).
I am writing a blog (yes, in case it wasn't apparent).


Came back from the toy store, the grocery store, and Liquidation World.

We bought:

A piglet.  A baby bottle (one of those ones that "magically" empties).  Soren insisted on the baby bottle.  So far he has fed both his baby dolls but refuses to feed baby ba ba (a lamb stuffie) even though I insist Ba ba is hungry.  He REALLY loves baby dolls.  It is so fricken' cute.

Baby clothes from LW.  Okay, so this is exciting, I got a red STAR WARS shirt for my son.  It is SO COOL/CUTE/AWESOME.  I love Star Wars.  I got some other stuff too.  Baby stuff.  For babies.

I hear:

"Butter cheese!!!!  BUTTER CHEESE!"  This is Soren yelling for soft cheese on a cracker (not actually butter...he just thinks it is...and as a result has actually taken a bite out of a REAL block of butter).  He also thinks banana bread is chocolate cake (why, I do not know).

The sound of my husband cooking.

Next up:

I am going to put some pics on this blog post and publish it.

After that:

Clean up the blocks that are all over the living room floor and kiss someone little all over his sweet little face.

What have you been up to?

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. if anyone wants to give me their old/sell me their old Scheilch toys, I'd be okay with that. 

outfit total:  $ 192

shoes, naturalizer: $150 (what was I thinking?)
tights, joe: $4
skirt, Jacob: $20
scarf, gap: $16
sweater, thrifted: $2

and because the bump showeth not very well in these pics: