Friday, May 27, 2011

too tired to even make a real title is this one?

I'm 8 months pregnant.  I have:
2 months to go
6.7 weeks
47 days
a heckuvalotta hours.

So, um...I'm around.  Sort of.  Or more like: I'm round.  Yes I am.  Getting up off the couch these days is trouble.  So is it any wonder I am not blogging? wonder here.  And I am consoled by the fact that I do not know any pregnant bloggers who are on their SECOND child and keeping up with blogging (but if there is one, if you are one, if you know one, do tell...I'm interested.  I'd have to ask: "how do you do it?").  

So yes.  I'm just popping in to say I probably won't be popping in very often.  BUT, despair not.  I will probably upload some photo only posts this week because hey, I actually have some photos stocked up on my camera.  Though I don't think I will be taking many more in the days to come because, gasp, yes, I'm about to say it: I just don't care.  I am too pregnant to care.

ALSO, I will most certainly be posting pics of baby girl Furnellie when she arrives.  YES INDEED.  And then maybe a few postpartum pics (they are never pretty...but maybe it will be fun for you ladies to see the progression from "ahhhh I just had a baby and I still look six months pregnant!" to postpartum fabulous (several months later, I may add).

Oh, and if anyone is curious: I've gained a beautiful 35 pounds.  Mostly in my squishy (fabulous) tushy (at least it seems that way to me!).  

Okay.  Must go lay down.  This was way too much work.  ;-)

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. you are beautiful!!!!! my bff from high school just had her first baby on sunday! right when we got all the horrible storms with tornadoes and what not but i am so excited to meet the little guy! and i can't wait to see pics of your sweet little bundle too :)

  2. Hey pregnant one. The first pic is SO BEAUTIFUL with the breeze catching your dress. Maxi dress for summer pregnancies? FAB idea.
    Glad you're "round" and over it because honestly, who isn't at 8 months? ;) hehe.
    Enjoy the last month or so of quiet because you'll be learning to juggle after that. Much love xo

  3. Here through Joy's blog. I just want to say how much I love these pictures. I find women just as beautiful when they're pregnant (possibly more so), and I love that you're embracing this moment in your life and celebrating it with others by sharing your photos.

    It's rather ironic that I came across your blog this way as Joy allowed me to post about her pregnancy with Renzo. :)

  4. Can't wait to meet Little Miss Furnellie and see all those gorgeous outfits you've been talking about!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen an expectant mother looking more beautiful. Pregnancy really suits you (even if the tiredness doen't). That dress is a stunner and so are you. Take it easy and see you soon. Much love, Vix xxx

  6. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Hang in there! It'll be done and dusted sooner than you think. :D Cannot wait to see pictures of your gorgeous bundle to be. > u <

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  7. You look absolutely fabulous! I bet Soren is very excited for his little sister to arrive!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  8. you look gorgeous, lady. and tiny for 8 months pregnant! i think we're the same size and i'm only 27 weeks! geez, i'm going to be a heifer when all is said and done. hee hee...ah well, it's worth it.
    so yeah...i've been blogging, but my frist child is 10, so....he doesn't require as much attention as your little one does. :)
    i do miss your outfits and your beautiful smile and your hilarious quips about life, family, and children, though.
    can't wait to meet your little sweet pea. i'm having a girl, too! :)

  9. That first picture is just beautiful! Just think of it this way, she's a lot easier to take care of "in" there than she will be "out" of there ;) but how exciting that your new baby girl will be here soon! Good luck! and hope the next few weeks go really well for you...

  10. I still enjoy following your blog, even though you're so tired and don't feel like blogging often! I can really, really relate because I think I'm due around the same time as you and I have two older kids. I haven't blogged in nearly 3 weeks! I blog with my sisters, though, and they've kind of been picking up the slack by postin a *little* bit more often than I have. ;)

    Anyway, I love your style and you look gorgeous! I can't wait to see your baby and your postpartum style. :) Good luck with everything!!

  11. That dress looks like it was made for you! You look gorgeous! I imagine that being pregnant AND taking care of a toddler is exhausting, so I understand why you're taking a blogging break. Don't stay away too long though, you'll be missed :)

  12. I've been where you are (several times), so for heaven's sake, GO LIE DOWN! You deserve it. Your pictures are gorgeous, and you have fabulous style regardless of being 8 mo. pregnant! Thanks for your kind comments at Red Hen Home!

  13. You still look utterly beautiful, as always. Other than a bump, I see no sign whatsoever of any extra weight.

  14. Looking good Kimberellie. I love that maxi dress; I tried some on today but couldn't commit to any of them. Maybe another day.
    We can do it, 6 more weeks!

  15. Well you certainly look wonderful! I love that maxi dress - it suits you perfectly!


  16. Oh you are a gorgeous mama! And still looking so fresh in the photos. I was a very tired grumpy pregnant lady. Both times. :) But it's an exciting time too, right? I loved knowing I was close to meeting my babies.


  17. you look super cute! i miss you, but i know you are doing way more important things than blogging... like resting and curling up on the couch and playing with your lil one :)

    i'm excited for you!


  18. I love the dress looks very comfortable, your little buddy looks so cute and handsome.. More hugs to your little buddy! :)


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