Sunday, July 10, 2011

we made baby hats.

The husband and I.  He did the basic hat.  I did the embellishments.  I have two days until my due date.  Due dates, I learned with my son, mean nothing.  If you are ever pregnant you will want to know this.  Nonetheless, we made hats.  Here they are!  That's Bigbaby in the third and fourth photos.  She wanted to try them on.  We're not especially creative with baby doll names in our house!  We have, Babybaby, Bigbaby, and Baby Zee Zee.  Bigbaby is really big.  Ummm....I think I'm too tired to blog.

ps. thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post!  Except of course whoever just said: "u r huge".  Which was probably one of my brothers.  So I am not offended.  But nonetheless, not really what a pregnant woman wants to hear.  I know it was one of you.  I KNOW!


  1. These are just gorgeous Kimberellie. The second one is my fave.
    Just took a lasagna out of the oven for dinner so feel free to drop in..
    When I was preggers with #2, my SIL saw a pic of me and emailed to say YOU LOOK TIRED which derr, I knew, thanks for stating the obvious.
    Hope you don't have too much longer to wait! xo

  2. They look brilliant, what a talented pair you are. I can't wait to see that hats on the real baby! x

  3. Hi There,
    It has been so long. So glad your pregnancy is going smooth and hope the delivery is the same way. Wow you sure up there. I gave birth at 37 weeks to my son and 33.5 to my daughter.
    Those hats are adorable. I assume you are having a girl! CONGRATS! You are going to be like me with an older boy and a younger sis. How cute.

  4. Your husband can crochet?? Respect.

  5. Aww, the hats are so pretty! You two are quite talented! Well, I hope she comes soon :)

  6. Oh my sweet! That is just adorable that you both made your little girl hats. I am totally cuted out right now.

  7. Oddly enough, both of my girls were born on their due dates. My doctor said only about 5% of babies are born on their due date so that's kind of weird. :)

    Those hats are adorable. We aren't very creative with baby doll names either. All of them are named Baby. With stuffed animals we just stick whoever's name that gave the girls the stuffed animal in front of what they are. So, Carriebear. Or Icyrabbit.

  8. Kimberellie, I have passed along the One Lovely Blog Award to you!
    Love the hats and hope you and baby in you belly are doing well!

  9. Hello darling!! Hope you are doing well with your pregnancy! The hats are so cute x


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