Monday, April 25, 2011

29 for 29 I'm feelin' fine

Okay so I have so many unposted posts.  Most of them are rants or boring.  Maybe there is one good one in there.  I don't know.  So instead you get this.  HEY, here I am!  I wear clothes still.  I swear.

Soon I will do a post about all the cute BABY clothes I have been stockpiling.  Yes, stockpiling.  Should I feel badly that my yet to be born daughter currently has more clothes than my two year old son?  NOOOOOO.  Because boy clothes are hard to find.  Well, cute ones at least.  They're all so lame with trucks on them and cartoon characters and blech blech blech.  Or loud obnoxious colours.  Yes.  I am baby boy clothes snob.  I can't help it.  They could be cuter.

That said, frick do they ever make cute sleepers for boys!  Yes, boy jammie jams are ADORABLE.  But girl sleepers?  Oh, not so much.  They are all five different shades of pink (AT ONCE) add some embroidery to that and maybe a frill and ta da!: total ick garish yuck.  Mind, Toys R US has some adorable little girl sleepers.  But heck no am I paying 20 dollars for jammie jams.

I'm in my jammie jams.  You should see my baby belly.  It's fricken' adorable.  You'd want to rub it.  I know you would.  It's that cute.  Yup, I'm adorable.  In my jammie jams.  I could just package me up and use me as low cal sweetener.  Well, maybe high cal.  Definitely high cal after all that easter chocolate (oh bunnah how I lovah to eat your ears!).

And hey!  I'm right on track to gain what I did with my son (40 beautiful pounds).  I'm 29 weeks and I have gained 29 pounds!  GO Kimberellie!  I know the "recommended" weight gain is like 25-35...but uh, I'm a non-conformist.  Well, technically with my BMI it's recommended that I do gain 40 does that make me a conformist?  That's it!  I'm going for 45 just to show those know it all bossy you know whats up.  Because no one has any right to tell a pregnant lady what do to.

ESPECIALLY YOU, blank blank guy outside the dollar store who said: "Healthy snack hey?" to me as I munched on some chips.  Well ____ _____ you jerk ____.  Especially after I just saw you buy a coke, a chocolate bar, and another chocolate bar!  Pfffbt.  A bag of chips was the healthiest food item they had; and I was HUNGRY.  And what they heck is wrong with chips?  I'm gonna go eat some now.

Heart: K

outfit total: $84

shirt, rw&co: $8
skirt, old...really really old
shoes, vintage, I put ribbons in them: $6 (new pregnant lady trend: don't bother to tie your laces)
hat, vintage: $10
tights, gap: $8
cardi, winners: $5
bracelets, winners: $1 each
bag, volcom: $25
little boy: diy 


  1. Soren is far too cute for his own good! you guys make super cute babys! Well i havent seen number 2 yet but i am quite sure she will be a cutie... i love 25lb with kassidy, then it all came back so that was no fun! enjoy reading cant wait to see baby 2!

  2. lol i lost 25 lb. didnt love it at all... but did love being prego... i shall do it again some time..

  3. 1. I did feel compelled to rub your belly. You are not even exaggerating that...though, I don't really know the etiquette on belly rubbing. I just couldn't help myself.


  4. That second photo is adorable and I love your hat and shoes. I can't believe that guy said that. I hope you told him exactly what you wrote on here. Two chocolate bars and he has the nerve to criticise. Glass houses and all that.

  5. Your DIY little boy looks very rock & roll up against the wall with you. Like the hero out of a rebellious teen movie.

    Looking lovely - such soft colours and I see you're a rebel too with those purosely open shoe laces :P

  6. you shoulda gone up to that guy and punched him in the face. seriously. and i think you look beautiful! love that baby belly :)

  7. hwhw...I love your ranting! People are silly! You and Soren look lovely!

  8. Someone really had the nerve to comment on a pretty and pregnant gal's snack choice? That's sad. But you're looking quite lovely. I love the ribbon laces in your shoes!

  9. I have total bump envy. I just took a job as a nanny for an adorbz 3-month old boy and it's helping some...but then I see your pictures :P

    You look so beautiful. Loving the semi-monochrome look! And to the dude, I probably would have said something like "Hey, it's not my fault, she *points to bump* was hungry! What's YOUR excuse?" ;P

    Also, I just LOVE the "little boy: diy" in your outfit list :D

  10. you are so funny and you look adorable!!

  11. This post is for me! I'm 29 today!
    Years, not pounds. But that's cool too.

  12. Love the hat, love the shoes with ribbon.
    Go eat some chips girl. ;)

  13. Aw you both look so cute! I do love your hat - very jealous! x

  14. I like how Soren is checking out the ribbons in your shoes. You are adorable as always, and no there is nothing wrong with chips. Chips are delicious and a necessity when one is pregnant.

  15. HEY!!! it's been too long since i've been by here to say hello.... soooo... h e l l o!

    you look so darn cute... and so does your boy! he is growing :)

    i love your hat and the color scheme of this entire outfit


  16. Such an adorable outfit, and I hope you enjoyed those chips! Chips=vegetables=healthy, right?? I also read chocolate is now good for you too, thank goodness for that research...!

  17. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Cute outfit Kimberellie! I love the ribbon ties in your shoes... I also love how you managed to find a top long enough to go over the bump. Mine show too much skin and I end up wearing most of my skirts under my bust. Eh, it works. ;D

    I found you through The Clothes Horse ~ am following now. Will drop by again soon!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

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  19. I agree the MOST about little boy pjs!! Whenever I go to the fabric shop I get stuck in the section of flannel that I'm sure is meant for little what if I want the fire truck and spaceship flannel for myself....;)


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