Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the first cup with cream and sugar: after that black

I haven't posted a lot (okay, at all) lately; because I just haven't liked my outfits.  This one I liked.  And I think it shows in my adorable cuteness.  I can say that because lately I have been feeling less than adorable cute (not that any sort of modesty has stopped me before). But yes, being pregnant is annoying when you have to try on five things in the morning before you find one that fits.  Just because it fit last week, doesn't mean it's going to fit this week.

This grrs me.  But yeah, here I am contented with an outfit.  So here I am.  I bought this sweater at Gap for 3 dollars.  It's men's XL.  I like it.  A lot.  I love extra large tops.  Only now they don't really fit extra large anymore.  And sometimes I just look square in them. That's what you want to avoid most of all when you are pregnant: looking square.  Not square as in "uncool", but square as in the shape.  Yup, square.  I much prefer to be more of a triangle.  Or maybe a hexigon.

And hey!  Because I probably won't post tomorrow (given my track record as of late), I want to tell you: tomorrow is my son's second birthday!!!  So happy birthday Soren!!

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit total: $508.25 (yikes)

jeggings, jacob: $20
shoes, naturalizer: $160
men's shirt, gap: $3
jacket, danier: $300 or so
head scarf, thrifted: 25 cents I think
feeling cute while carrying a basketball out front: apparently worth 500 dollars

the only thing to do if you find mommy's lipstick: try it on 


  1. you could not get any cuter omg! love the shoes and of course the baby belly:)!!

  2. Awwww, happy birthday Soren! And you are looking adorable--I love the stripey sweater AND headband and of course those shoes are awesome!

  3. Happy 2nd birthday little guy! You're looking as handsome as ever.
    And Kimberellie, I sympathize... stupid big clothes and clothes that dont fit and tummy that makes getting dressed a PAIN. But whatever, you still look FAB in your $500 outfit. ;)
    Hope everything is going smoothly and you've been feeling fab! xo

  4. Cute! All of you!

    Also, I never knew being pregnant could make you look any other shape than round...thank you for sharing this mystifying fact that THE BOOKS WON'T TELL YOU!

    Did I need to shout that? Probably not. But I did it anyway. That's just the way I roll...

  5. You are looking absolutely amazing!
    Happy birthday Soren!

  6. ahhhh!!!!!! i love seeing that baby belly grow :)

  7. Looking good! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly for you.
    And happy birthday to your cute little guy! :)

  8. Aww, happy birthday Soren! All the best people are born at this time of year ;-)

  9. You look amazing. I love the stripes with the leather. And happy birthday to your son.

  10. you look SO pretty, I adore your hair like this, and CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy!!! :D

  11. Aww you look so cute, I love the slouchy sweater! x

  12. Preach it sister! I have been not loving a lot of my outfits lately... especially as my options are getting more and more limited! But then a friend dropped off some of her maternity clothes for me to borrow, and voila I am back in business.
    You do look rather adorable here; and Soren is always adorable... even with your lipstick on.

  13. Wow, well, it's a great jacket and the shoes are cute! Happy birthday to Soren.

  14. Looking gorgeous! :) Happy birthday to Soren!

  15. Ahh!! The last pic is so cute! And happy birthday to Soren!!!!!

  16. Oh you look so good!
    PS: It's time to GIVEAWAY! Cromanticamente is ginving away a set of colorful and romantic hair-accessories! Come to see it, maybe you'll be the LUCKY winner!

    Check it out!

  17. Happy Birthday Soren!
    Just found your blog ~ I too am a mom blogger!
    You look amazing ~ pregnancy is kind to you!

  18. ooh the shoes are so so so good! (and your the cutest mum ever!)

  19. you look so lovely in this! especially the head scarf. and your baby bump. i never had baby bumps, only baby mountains that started at my neck and ended at my ankles.


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