Friday, August 26, 2011

Pregnancy Review & I still like you but I just can't talk right now

There are just TONS of photos I didn't post while I was pregnant.  But they were taken; which should actually be quite apparent to you as you had to scroll through them all to get to this sentence.  But yeah...I pretty much rocked pregnancy.  I'm not too particular about the blue dress with the leggings...well, I like the clothes, but I'm not too particular about the pictures.  I just wanted to show you how gigantic I got.  Also, I like how in the very last pic it really looks like I'm holding a ball!

And yes, I KNOW I promised you my postpartum style.  And I will.  Soon.  Maybe.  But FIRST--a disclaimer, namely: I can't comment.  I can't.  I can't comment back if people ask a question.  I just don't have the time for it.  I barely have time to blog!

So I have been thinking about this, and I thought: well, I could just disable comments on my blog so people don't think I'm some "too good to comment back more stylish than thou" blogger.  But then I thought: "But no, that won't do.  Don't I hate it when I can't comment on other people's blogs?"  And of course I do.  Because when I don't have a baby in my arms I can't help but add my two cents.

But you see, I almost always have a baby in my arms.  Or laundry.  Or spit up all over me (how that stops me from commenting on other people's blogs is beyond me...I just figured you were interested).  So here's the deal kittens: I don't talk back.  I heart you.  But I haven't the time.  So if this bothers you and makes you feel like you are talking into space (is this an expression?  is this the expression I'm looking for?), or if it makes you feel like I'm a big snob, then you can just commence to ignore me--close your eyes and click your merry way somewhere else in the blog world.  I don't mind.  I promise.  I won't be offended.  I won't cry.

It's not that I don't visit you though (as you may notice by my ever so infrequent two word comments, no capital letters, no punctuation).  They are one handed visits.  Most often my right hand.  The other hand is holding onto a baby.  I guess it isn't really my hand that is visiting you (like Thing in that show...or is it "It"?).  I digress (am I using this expression correctly?).

This post is degenerating into nonsense.  Let's sum up:

1. I post.
2. I don't comment back because I am busy with kidlets...not because I'm a b----- (just guess).
3. I like you.
4. I want chocolate.
5. Umm...that's it.  Wish I could be a better blog friend.  I do!  I do!  But I can't.
6. Maybe I'll eat some chocolate chips.

Heart: K (See?  I don't even have enough time to write my full name...wait a minute...umm...don't think too hard about this last little bit).


  1. you are a beautiful lady and an amazing mother. i am a crappy commenter and my ONE kid is in school all day and can basically take care of himself. he's like almost driving........well he's 7, but whatever. so don't you worry about commenting. we love you anyways :)

  2. I always enjoy looking at your photos and your very stylish outfits, thank you for taking the time to do another blog post! Life is pretty busy when you have a new baby, but normalcy does return, and with it some spare time, just enjoy your two little ones!
    Oh, and I had three under the age of four, so I do remember what it is like, and I totally understand. Seems like a zillion years ago for me now!

  3. I'm glad you still took pics while you were preggers, even if you didn't post. Good for YOU to keep as a record.
    It takes a while to get into the swing of a new routine, esp the one from 1 child to two... trust me! Blogs can wait, enjoy the moments and the journey cause you know they grow way too fast. Much love to you, keep silently stalking us all and watch out for some news! xo

  4. were such a cute preggo...and I'm sure you're just as cute now! I totally understand...I can't imagine how much more work it would be to have 2 kids! Glad that everything is going well!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. I quite understand. I love you and think you rock, I'll visit and leave a message whatever! x

  6. Why would we mind? I know lots of bloggers that go through patches when they're too busy to even post, let along keep up with comments (which let's face it, is a whopping job sometimes) and I never think any the less of them. Life gets in the way at times!

    You are the best looking pregnant lady I think I've ever seen. How flipping stylish!

  7. Congratulations! I love the name Violet. Of course you don't have time right now, but we still like you, too.

  8. great prego style! miss ya! have fun with your kidlets :) xoxo

  9. Don't even worry about it lady! You just keep living your life and being fabulous and keep us updated when you can! I'm having trouble keeping up and all I have is a DOG! (And a husband, so I guess that counts as something.)

  10. I like your style. You crack me up. Kids come first. Blog followers next. Then maybe a great pair of leopard print heels after that. So we'll keep posted for your posts while you enjoy your postpartum time with the babe and try not to go postal. :)

  11. You look absolutely stunning in all the photographs.I especially liked your first photograph in which you have wore shorts.Your style of carrying your baby is superb.

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  12. u look great and congratulations!!! :)
    love your shoes and your hat!!!


  13. You most certainly rocked pregnancy :) Awesome looks!

    Good to have you back in blog land albeit quietly. :)

  14. Oh, yay, an update! Darling, you are the only girl I know who can make white tights look chic.

  15. oh how cute you are! I so wish I could have another baby! What darling maternity clothes you found - I was always so limited with what I could find. Now there's a nice maternity store in the mall - I so wish I could have a reason to shop there *sigh*

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