Tuesday, February 22, 2011

maniacal poncho

I like this shawl? poncho? cape?  WHAT THE HECK IS IT?  I think it's a poncho.  But that's just me.  That's just me in a super shawlesque poncho cape.  Yep.  Here I am: capified.  Ponchified.  Shawl-ED.  I like it.  And I got it for a dollar.  How's them bananas?  Ripe I bet.  Ripe and yellow.  Not like those nasty green bananas that were in the store all winter and wouldn't for their little banana lives turn yellow and ripe-ify.  Nasty things.

I also like my leggings.  Super special, hey?  I got them for 8 dollars.  That's 7 dollars more than my poncho.  They are purcle.  That's how my son says purple.  Did I mention yet he can count?  Well, kind of.  He does know his numbers 1 to 10.  He seems to really like numbers.  He points them out wherever we go.  "Three!  Three!" he'll exclaim when we are in the number three check out at the grocery store.  My husband says it's because he has accountant genes in him.  I'm not so sure; I'm still set on him being a world famous fashion designer.

Notice the bow is in my hair again?  It will be there for awhile yet.  Or something like it.  The hair is getting longer.  Mine hair.  Mine.  Also another phrasing I have picked up from mine son.  Not my hair.  MINE hair. It's cute.  I'm cute.  I know.  But right, I was saying: I'm going to grow it out.  I hope it is still curly.  You may think this is a strange hope considering, why wouldn't it be?  I just cut it; I didn't alter my hair gene structure.  But uh, for 25 years of my life it wasn't curly.  It wasn't curly until I started dating my husband then it WAS curly.  Suddenly.  All of a sudden.  Very curly.  Corkscrew ringlet curly (don't bother to look at the archives...short hair has ruled for all of blog history).  But yes.  Curly.  No apparent reason.  So far as I could tell.  STOP USING FRAGMENT SENTENCES.  Anyway, I figure if it could just go curly for no reason at all, it could also just stop being curly, right?  Maybe.  Hair is crazy.  It's maniacal.  Or maybe I just like to say maniacal (in my head. I'm saying it in my head!).

atrocious grammar and punctuation, Kimberellie.  Go to bed.

outfit total: $47.25

poncho, thrifted, hand made: $1
boots, via winners: $25
socks, ardene: $3
leggings, via winners: $8
shorts, also via winners (I like winners): $5
gloves, cole haan via winners: $5 (the rest of the things have their own brands too.  But I'm too lazy to check)
grey cardigan: gift from Lee (I haven't forgotten your parcel!  I haven't!)
bow, a scarf I tied in a bow ;-): 25 cents
black shirt: clothes swapped

Heart: ME

ps. I just noticed I'm like a Houdini.  Facing forward...just Kimberellie.  Turn to the side: BAM!  There's a baby bump!  Yep.  I'm MAGIC.


  1. Love the poncho(that's what we call them too...)
    You're right. Straight hair can go curly and then straight, for no reason know to man. It's scary. Pregnancy hormones?
    You are a genius with colour. This outfit is cosy and fabulous. And I adore the foggy backdrop, so mysteriously beautiful.

  2. My gosh you crack me up lady. I love reading your stuff. It's like you're in my brain. Only it's your brain. You know? I bet you do.

  3. Oh you look adorably snuggly and sweet in your pretty poncho. xxx

  4. My hair used to be straight until I got it cut short at age 12 and it curled right up. Odd. Love the purcle x

  5. The purcle leggings are quite something!

  6. I love your layers...and I love listening to you ramble!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  7. Maniacally awesome shawlesque poncho cape. Best ever. Awesome and awesomer find. Cannot resist imitating fragmented. sentence. structure.

    sigh originality does not reign in my world this evening :D Have a great day stylish lady!

  8. Ooh, curly huh? I hope it does stay curly, I think that would be pretty! And I like the magical poncho too :)

  9. Great poncho. It's clearly a brilliant way of hiding a pregnancy. And it looks super chic.

  10. And here I just thought you had created a new and trendy word for a pink/purple hybrid. Well I'm going to run with it. Glad you're back, too ;-) And believe me, I share your fickle hair plight. I really do.

  11. LOL you are too cute! I love reading your ramblings and that bow is adorable!

  12. It would be a sad day/week/month/year if you ever did decide to straighten out your writing style, your fantastic as is!

    Also, I adore that bow in your hair!

  13. i love the fringed poncho and turban! you are so stylish and beautiful, my dear! =)


  14. Oooh, misty weather is perfect for a poncho/shawl/cape. And I am happy to hear you are growing your hair again, it will be fun to see if it is curly.


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