Monday, January 31, 2011

noooo! baby in belly! nooooo!

When I first told my son there was a "baby in my belly" he was quite upset by the idea and said: "Noooo!" and "all done!".  Now that I have done a little more explaining, and now that a friend of mine's belly baby is "out", he seems quite pleased with the idea.  He now kisses my belly and seems happy when I tell him about the baby in there.

This makes me wonder: at first was he misunderstanding me?  Did he perhaps think I was going to eat him?  Because that would be definitely something to object to.  I wonder.  Or maybe he thought I was going to put HIM in my belly and he figured, "Nooo!  It would be TOO squishy in there!".  I can't be certain.  Sadly, I will never know.  By the time he is old enough to question on the matter he will probably have forgotten his initial misgivings.  Either way, just to be clear here, I never intended on eating him.  Anyway, he tastes like yuck.*

outfit total:

wool sweater (heavy lovely brilliant beautiful) thrifted: $20
sweater dress, from winners on clearance: $5
cat shirt, yes that's what that is, f21: gift from sil
leggings, actually long johns (REALLY) but they look like black leggings!  bought them years ago
socks, ardene: $3
boots, on clearance: $20 (down from $200!!)
scarf, made by my step mom: gift
grey sweater: gift from Lee
I am so tired writing this right now I may fall asleep on my keyboard

Heart: Kimberellie

*when I pretend to eat my son's feet or what have you, this is what I tell him: "Yuck.  You taste like baby.  I don't want to eat that  Tastes like yuck."  He thinks this is HILARIOUS.


  1. you look so cute! I'm loving all the bump pictures! so a precious a boy that Soren is!

  2. Little bump there lady. Too cute.
    You look very happy and not-morning-sick at all. :D (and you got rid of the colour streak in your hair?) xoxo

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what goes through their heads? BTW, I love your boots.

  4. "All done" -- so funny! I remember being disgruntled when my mother was pregnant with my brother because I thought he was already getting too much attention, but I was four at the time. And of course now he's the most important person in my life.

  5. brilliant, yeah *_*


  6. Ah little bump. Bless your son, must be confusing but glad he's coming round to the idea now.


  7. haha that's hilarious! sounds like he thought you were going to eat him!

  8. I love your posts, they make me smile :)
    Your hair looks beautiful shorter and you looks radiant!! x

  9. Hehe, sounds like he has his Mumma's sense of humour. You look so snuggly and warm!

  10. Love the boots! You look adorable!

    Poor kid - glad he's now excited!

  11. You are hilarious! But looking fabulous as always with that seriously cute dress and fabulous boots!

  12. If only you could read his mind!
    I love your sweater dress. Super cool.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  13. Hello, you look fabulous.
    Tell S that his Aunty Zoomy thinks he is delicious and will eat him up the next time she sees him.

  14. Super cute outfit xx

  15. awwww, kids have the most adorable perceptions sometimes. LOVE you hair, lovely lady, and that smile you have going on :-)

  16. luckily, my daughter was a bit older when my second came i didn't have to do much explaining. although she was more interested in WHERE it was going to come out from! those are some cute boots!


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