Sunday, January 9, 2011

a year in review

I was going to have a clever title like: "Jumping off a bridge" or "Because everyone else is doing it".  But I decided those titles weren't really that clever after all.  And the real reason I am posting my favourite outfit from each month isn't because everyone else did it (though they are/did/you know what I mean); but it's because I am still lacking in current pictures and health.  So this is my form of slacking.


um...I can't find a picture from January.  So just imagine me how you would like to see me (in a giant yellow bird suit...I bet).












Not likely.  I spent the month sick with baby.  As in, sick due to a belly baby.  But worry not, it is letting up.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope!!

Some things I realized while doing this:

wow, I own a lot of clothes
can't wear THAT anymore
hmmm...that would look cute with a baby bump
april was a GOOD month
I must have been temporarily insane all May
I like shorts
my hair looked awesome pink
my baby has lost his babyness!
I can't believe those shoes are worn out
yikes.  I wore that?
gosh I miss having a waist.
I could still wear that!
having a bump in a high waisted belt crazed fashion moment isn't ideal
clothes, I will miss you.

Heart: kimberellie miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)


  1. haha..I love your thoughts!! June and October had my favourite outfits (of yours) in them...I think it must be the excitment I associate with the start of a new season season...(I get very excited for the warmth of summer and the layering of Fall) I making any sence here? haha
    I'm still wating for baby bump outfit pictures!

  2. I lurveeee it! I can't wait to see you+clothes+belly=awesome!

  3. I'm excited about the prospect of seeing you dress for a baby! It's so much to see how your baby has grown and how YOU have grown. And I agree, you do seem to have a lot of clothes! I would die to see your closet. I'm sure it's filled with even more beautiful items. I love all of these outfits- you own every single one. And yes, you DID wear that and that and that and while you may not like it, we all love them all sincerely :)

  4. how in the world did i miss that pic in september???!!!!! one of my favs for sure! and of course the june one :) and i think i started visiting your blog in march because that's the first one i remember. i loved this recap! can't wait until you're feeling better!

  5. I loved looking at your year in review! I think the June pictures are the best--I love that lace dress and that awesome leather vest. I hope you feel better and up to posting cute baby bumpalicious photos soon :)

  6. There it is! April! That outfit that made me gasp and decree that I MUST OWN IT!

    Decree even. I don't even remember the last time I decreed.

    Turns out it was April I guess.

    Hope you are very much feeling better. It's wonderful to see you blogging again :)

  7. Wow. Some gorgeous outfits here. You do colours and prints soooo well! I love April, and that first picture in November too.
    I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better. New maternity outfits soon?

  8. What a year it's been and you've look gorgeous throughout.
    Hope the sickness is wearing off. xxx

  9. Love it :)))


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  10. Love your thoughts! Yes, your hair looks AWESOME pink! Your son is becoming an adorable little man, and a lot of those pieces will look fantastic on your cute baby belly! :)

    It's hard to pick but I think my favorite is the double leopard moment.

  11. lovely outfits;)love your style
    how many years difference will there be between your 2 children?

  12. Great selection :)
    Happy new year - feel better soon!

  13. I think my favorites are the first pic in September and the very last one. And the lace dress one, because that's how I found this blog in the first place!

    Can't wait to see bump pics :)

  14. Lovely re-cap!! looking beautiful in all x

  15. September's outfits are just stunning, as are all of the photos. You're so lucky to have a tame photographer!

  16. What a fun review! You are gorgeous as always, and I am sure that will continue into the bumpness. I've seen you rock the bump before and am sure you will do it just as well this time around. Even though high-waisted styles are not going to work that well.

  17. Lovin' that yellow poncho/cape photo in September. Cool outfit. Cool shot.

    Also, I think these outfit of the month posts are awesome and I'm glad you did one too!!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  18. i was gonna do this... but i must be even more lazy than you... cuz i didn't... haha! xo

  19. I love February, July and September in particular but you look wonderful in all the pics. Love your learnings, they made me laugh

    Daily Clothes Fix

  20. This is a cool idea. I downloaded my photos to snapfish to create a flip book for the whole year. Just haven't finished it yet. Should be cook to look back if I cna actually keep this up for a while.
    Sorry you are still not feeling well. As you know it passes. It goes so much faster the 2nd time around. You will totally miss your clothes cause even after pregnancy if you breastfeed not everythng is wearable. Can't wait to see you rock some pregnancy fashions though. Just as soon as you feel up for it.
    BTW April and June lace was my favorites.

  21. Wow- seeing these all together, you can see how diverse your style is. I like how you flick between modern and vintage influences as well!

    Lauren x

  22. Nice post!

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    Igor and Margaryta


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