Tuesday, June 29, 2010

why walk when you can strut?

Someone needed mommy snuggles when we first got to the beach. But it didn't take him long to feel better and start exploring.

"Why walk when you can strut?" K.L. Wiebe

I admit it, sometimes I feel like putting on my cowboy boots and walking away from blogging. Lately I have felt that way. But then I think how even if I did stop blogging, I couldn't stop reading other people's blogs. And then I know I would get sucked back in again. Plus, I like it here. It's nice. It gives me an excuse to dress up.

Also, this blog validates some of my more bizarre outfits. Well, they're not really bizarre, not in terms of what's "in" and what looks good. But compared to the hoodies and yoga pants many many many people wear, yes, bizarre.

It's nice to have other people "justify" my lack of hoodies and yoga pants. It's nice to share my love of fashion with people who also love fashion. Because people who don't love fashion, really don't seem to "get it".

You see, I have had people think, and surprisingly (surprising because it's so rude!) actually tell me:

I am shallow
I am totally not "in" (as was the case of skinny jeans four years ago! ha!)
I dress strangely
I am a shopaholic (though I admit, this one is probably true)

Now this outfit I admit, is bizarre. Well, at least the fact that I wore cowboy boots with it. I had heels on earlier; but we were headed to the beach. And everyone knows, cowboy boots are just perfect for the beach. So I shrugged my shoulders and said: "Whatever. People think I'm crazy anyway."

Though to be fair, and also because now a lot of you may now be thinking I only hang out critical dumb__s, most of my friends really dig my awesome duds. Though I don't think they're so keen on my slang. Because I'm fairly certain the word "duds" isn't cool. I'm afraid when it comes to slang I am so not especially "wid it".

outfit details:

boots, brahma: $300
blouse, banana republic: from a friend from her mother- in-law
skirt, thrifted: $3
glasses, vera wang via clearlycontacts.ca

cardigan, from winners: $5

wooden bangles, from bc ferries clearance section: $2.50 each

Heart: Kimberellie

EDIT: Because some of you are thinking I have really "nasty" friends, many of the above comments have come from an ex (the nastier ones) and my brothers (who actually have gotten better recently)!! So, I don't really take any of them seriously. I just know, for the few mean people who do say something there are multiple "nice" people who don't say anything but just raise their eyebrows. But, uh, I know I look good. ;-)

Preview of coming attractions: I got some TOTALLY AWESOME thrifted deals today. I will share them with you tomorrow!

ps. Want to see what was in the Aldo bag giveaway? I stuffed the bag with stuff! And Miss Snappy Q shows off the goods here. Take a close look kittens, because I am getting close to one hundred followers and thus I will have to do another giveaway soon!


  1. I love love love long cardigans with skirts!!!!!!!!! Also love cowboy boots with skirts!!!!!!! I don't own any cowboy boots... maybe one day when I have located my dream pair! :D I love your duds and think you are great! Also... your little beach comber is tres cute!

  2. I love the boots..and your hair..and your creative clothing combinations! :D Do STAY!

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  4. Sorry, rewording this for clarity...

    I love the way you can mix colors and patterns and make it look natural. And pink hair! I wish I could do that. And oh, man, don't quit blogging. I would miss your blog a lot. And thank you for your comment on my post -- I like you, too! And and and... you rule.

  5. I know what you mean about walking away from blogging. Sometimes I feel the same way. But, like Lady Cardigan said, we'd miss you. Even though our styles are different I still enjoy seeing the outfits you come up with and you give me the inspiration to step outside my comfort zone. I get funny looks too when I wear a dress and heels to go grocery shopping, but so what? We love clothes and clothes love us! If that's shallow and so be it.

    I've been meaning to try mixing patterns again, but I just haven't found anything I like yet. You really are good at making it look easy.

  6. It's funny, I actually thought your boots were the most "regular" part of your outfit. Hehe.

    I hope you don't walk away from blogging. I like your outfits and thoughts. It is easy to feel that way if you have a few days away from blogging. But once you get back into the swing you'll think it crazy that you ever considered leaving us.

    Got the guilts yet? Haha :)

  7. I'm glad you're still blogging. These prints look great together. :)

  8. I think you dress excellently!!! I am used to people thinking I look weird too (in fact, two of the teachers like to whisper-loudly-about my outfits and laugh as I walk past), but it's much more interesting than looking like everybody else! I love your unusual style, and those boots are so great!! Also I love the pink in your hair!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  9. I love your pattern mixing, you do it so naturally. great pics, and one again, your son is the most adorable ever!!!

  10. Kimberellie Miss Furnellie, you are the most rockin' mom ever! And tell those mean ol' sweat pant wear-ers to put a sock in it! Because you can rock cowboy boots like no other! And shopaholic? You say that like it's a bad thing.... (:


  11. It's all about confidence and you got it K... your style may not be appealing to others and it may be "weird" for others but what's important is how you carry yourself no matter what you're wearing... and that my dear friend is the epitome of style.

    Cowboy boots to the beach? Why not?

    Have a great day! xoxo

  12. Your cowboy boots are lovely! Occasionally I rethink my decision to have a blog too, but then I just update less for a bit, and eventually my interest always returns :D.

  13. Cowboy boots! Love them!
    Keep dressing strangely I love it. It's bloggers like you that make me want to break out my cowboy boots and wear something different.

    I love that Raspberry streak in your hair. And your son is gorgeous (his shoes are cute!)

  14. I dig the hair honey, your face was made for shorter hair! and there's nothing wrong with dressing strangely: after all it's just clothes. People should just mind their own beezwax

  15. You are so beautiful !
    And your baby is adorable !

  16. Oh Kim, if you feel overdressed here, you should never ever go to Southern Alberta - seriously, "dressing up" usually involves swapping the hoodie for a tank top, leaving the jeans on, and putting on the "cute" flip flops. Nobody wears cowboy boots but the cowboys. And I am completely jealous of yours, by the way. And that splash of pink in your hair looks awesome - I can't wait to see it in real life tonight!

  17. Sometimes I feel like taking a break from blogging too - but after a few quiet weeks, I always come back. I've learned that about myself and schedule a lot of posts a few weeks in advance, so even if I'm not feeling very bloggy, my blog still chugs along somewhat.

    Also - I love your new hair color! I don't know how I missed that in your last post!

    Also, I can't believe people have been so freaking rude to you. I know people sometimes think I'm superficial/stupid/stuck up/weird for "dressing up" every day (although I don't think I dress too crazy at all, but apparently compared to the rest of KY I do!), but I mostly know it because I overheard it, or someone said it to a friend and that friend told me. I don't know if anyone has ever been so rude to my face!

  18. I think there are alot of people who think my love of fashion is vain...or shallow...but the way I see it is that when people try to look their best they often feel alot better about themself...and when they feel good about themself they let off a positive vibe..and are usually alot kinder to people...I also think that as humans we represent alot of people (I represent my parents...my inlaws...my hubby...my daughter...if I was working my employers...and alot more)....which means that if I'm dressing like a slob...why would people want to invest their money with my Dad (he's a financial advisor) when his daughter obviously can't afford to dress decent...and why would people want their kids hanging out with mine if I'm dressing like a hoochie mama...usually the people who make a big (negative) deal about fashion are the ones that are stuck in a rut and unhappy with themself..and are comepletely jealous that they don't have the guts to try the things you do...and jealous that they're not happy in their life like you are...

    I totally am loving those boots...and yes boots at the beach are a great idea...that way sand won't get everywhere!

  19. i am in love with your boots! tho they look a little too big for you…maybe you need to hand them over to me. tee hee :-) I am also digging the colour! I hope when i'm your age I can still rock the pink patch o' colour in my hair!! You go girl!! ;-)

    also, who are we kidding? when people tell me i'm vain. i admit it! fashion is vain, it is shallow and we do care what others think of us. let's not try to kid ourselves and spin it, ladies… it is just silly to think of a bunch of like minded fashionistas telling each other that they're not vain and shallow. we're all here for the same reason: great fashion!! (that is modern and chic t'boot!) so of course, we're going to justify the hell out of it!! & we should!! and your style is a bit "weird" but so what??!!?!


  20. ok... this outfit is not bizarre... and if it were then good.. i like bizarre :D haha!

    i was thinking about it the other day when i was with someone who was commenting on a strangers outfit... and i think it's kinda funny that people care so much about what other people wear. i mean, i notice if i like it... but i just don't care so much as to let someone know if i don't like it. what a boring place this would be if we were not so different. most of my inspiration comes from people who don't dress exactly like me anyway.

    anyways... i think you look amazing in purple... it is my favorite color :)

    ohh, and your cardigan is also amazing, it looks like something you could wear with everything!


  21. You cannot stop blogging. That is a command, not a suggestion. I would be greatly disappointed, as would many others.

    Come here to continue your shallowness, not being "in" and dressing strangely. We don't mind.

  22. Please don't stop blogging, I would be so sad. I love keeping up to date on your fashion and happenings, and my favourite nephew.


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