Sunday, June 27, 2010

in the garden (my hair cut part deux)

I would love to say that this is my garden. But it isn't. In fact, I have no idea whose garden it is! We just really like it and thought that we would do pictures in front of it. The street is actually right in front of me; so we didn't have to go traipsing through a strangers yard or anything. Though I imagine this conversation happening just beyond the fence through the kitchen window:

Bill: "Martha, there are people in our front yard again."
Martha: "Taking pictures?"
Bill: "Sure looks like it. "
Martha: "Bill, this is your fault you know. You made that garden too darned pretty."
Bill: "Yup. I know."
Martha: "I'll get the gun."

Imagine very elderly voices with southern accents. Also imagine Martha wearing an apron.

outfit details:

dress, thrifted: $3.33

wooden bangles, on clearance from BC Ferries: $ 2.50 each

tights, thrifted (in the original package of course!): 50 cents
sparkle belt, from winners final clearance: $5
shoes, naturalizer: $30
pixie necklace: The Wardrobe Wanderer

leather vest, danier: anniversary gift from tall hot man
tiffany & co. bracelet: also a gift from the tall hot man

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. if you want to see the haircut I gave myself before I got it professionally "re-cut" go here.


  1. I love this!! it's really genius!!
    Natasha xoxo

  2. Ohhhhhhhh Miss Kimberellie!! Lovin it :-D! You are so edgy with the red in there..and short hair becomes you my dear! (outfit, backdrop, and darling baby also ROCK profusely) ;-)

  3. I love love love that dress!!
    And your hair is sooo cool and edgy!!

  4. Very cute dress and im loving the new haircut!

  5. oh oh! I love that you're wearing the pixie gal pendant (which came from moi, I might add to anyone reading, lol) You look just like her now, just edgier with the PURPLE and PINK in your awesome hair!

  6. love the hair! quite lovely! and the garden.... amazing!!!!

  7. you're still pretty even with short hair. i look like a man if i have hair like that. I love the highlights and that dress is perfect.

    that garden has pretty flowers. your son is sooo cute as usual. RC had the same kind of shoes as him.

  8. That sure is a pretty garden. And it matches your hair! I don't think the elderly couple would mind if you pointed that out. Or if you pointed your baby towards them. He looks like he'd melt some hearts.

  9. I abso-freakin-lutely love your haircut!!!! the highlights are awesome and this is just perfect for the summer.

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments! This is a pretty backdrop, I love the martha conversation, I can just picture it!

  11. Love your hair and the garden with beautifull roses great pics!!!

  12. This dress is so great! I like it with the tights and bow belt. What a precious baby. :)

  13. Pink! I love it! Now I see why you got it professionally done, because I thought you did a good job yourself, but colour like that is hard.
    Oh, and smashing outfit too.

  14. That's the kind of garden I want... I love unstructured and unmanicured gardens. You look lovely... and I love the hair dye. Gorgeous!!! xoxo

  15. Gorgeous haircut, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous baby! Yes, that pretty much sums it up :)

  16. Holy moley!! I LOVE IT!!! You are so punk rock chic!!!!!! Seriously!!

  17. Just when I thought you were already perfect you go and improve on it! Loving the pink streak.

  18. you look so cute! i love your hair... and the red/pink looks great :) you match the flowers :)


  19. first of all: i laughed when i saw the dress was only $3.33. My initial thought went something along these lines: "Really? $3.33? They couldn't just make it an even $3.30? Maybe it was on sale..." welcome to my inner diatribe. it's tiresome most days :-)

    Second: the HAIR. you cut yours, i'm growing mine out...and now i want to cut it all off. your head looks so airy and cool, i feel like i'm wearing an alpaca hat. that's right, alpaca.

    third: you must have the cutest, quirkiest shoe closet of anyone i know. i love it.

  20. OH my gosh! Your hair looks amazing!! Really amazing!
    Also thank you so much for putting me as your blogger of the moment, im very happy to be there :)


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