Thursday, June 3, 2010

all sorts of nonsense

Alas, I am no longer on the front page of Chictopia. Sigh. Also I'm afraid my plans for world domination are starting to look pretty far reaching now that the initial euphoria has faded. And I had such high hopes too! It would have been truly great, I assure you. But I suppose it is not to be.

I mean, I waited all day for the adoring crowds to knock on my door, hoist me upon their collective shoulders and carry me through the streets in triumphant victory. You can imagine how surprised I was when it didn't happen (or perhaps I was in the loo and didn't hear the knock...). Nonetheless, I shall grow stronger for this yet! I shall ignore the fickle crowds and henceforth seek not popularity but instead seek excellence!

On that note: I hope to get increasingly more pics taken outside in the loveliness that is British Columbia (yes that is where I very happily reside).

You see, the very first fashion blog I ever encountered was The Clothes Horse. And I just ADORE(D) how her pics are always taken in such lovely locations. Outfit photos + beautiful scenery just seem so right to me. I've always loved taking photographs of sunsets and lakes and trees and well...all sorts of stuff that confused my mother when my photos came back from the lab with "no people in them!". As it is, I learned that lesson early (really nobody wanted to look at my photos without people in them). So ideally what I want is for my outfit photos to be nature photos in disguise. Sort of like this fashion/personal style blog is a me talking all sorts of nonsense blog in disguise.

Unfortunately, I am afraid pretty scenery may remain few and far between. It's not that I'm not devoted to it. I am. Only, there are seldom trees tall enough to stash my baby in and keep him safe from cougars whilst I set up my tripod. Though now that I've showed my hand, my eventual baby stashing may be in vain, as you may never come back. "What?" You quip: "I'm just here for the clothing! How dare she sneak nature photography and nonsense in?"

But I do dare. I can't help it. I'm just sneaky that's all.

outfit details:

leather vest, danier: anniversary gift from tall hot man
shirt, vintage thrifted and I cut the sleeves off: $3
shorts, from winners: $10
shoes, vintage thrifted: $4
bracelet, thrifted, really a necklace: $1
other bracelet, tiffany & co.: also a gift from the tall hot man
glasses, vera wang, via $68

: Kimberellie

oh and one last pic. I finally succeeded in taking a picture of myself where I am not smiling AND I don't look like a serial killer (yes, that is the reason why I am always smiling in my pics. When I don't smile in pictures I end up looking sort of crazed...or drunk...or like I have to pee really really badly and I'm trying to hold it). But uh, I digress.


  1. Adoring so much in this post...the vest, the shirt, the fact that you are Canadian(for whatever reason I find the "like Americans but with less guns and better health care" fascinating, probably I watch too much TV), the nonsensical are like my fav now, even if your plans for world domination have fallen by the wayside.

    And no, I did not email you about those shorts but need to get on with it, so expect one in the near future.

  2. I love the leather with the lace around the yoke of your top. It's a good balance of tough and sweet.

    P.s. I enjoy your cleverly disguised nonsense.

  3. HAHA! Chuckled at the end, I often end up looking boss eyed or drunk, or a serial killer when not smiling. Or a grumpy cow...

    Love that necklace come bracelet, very pretty.

  4. yay vest;) and i love your shirt, that bracelet shot is also stunning:)

  5. You never fail to make me laugh, you nutter! I reckon we'd get on like a house on fire if we ever get to meet (as long as you don't give me that serial killer scare.)
    Gorgeous as usual!

  6. Never mind if you aren't on top, because underneath you get a good view of everybody's shoes!
    And thank you, for making me laugh. And for inspiring me with your amazing looking clothes. xxx

  7. I absolutely adore that vest, it oooooozes cool!! REALLY. REALLY. LOVE IT.

    HUGE congratulations for you!!!! on the front page of chictopia is such an awesome honor. AND that pic totally deserved it. It deserves more! pretty proud of your dress find now huh? ;)

  8. ok... first i loved seeing you on the front page of chictopia! i don't really log on that often, so seeing you was a delight :) second, i love your bracelet/necklace and wearing things other than the way they were meant to be worn... third your smile is great :)


  9. Kimberellie tu es très jolie !

  10. That last picture of you is so so beautiful! The lighting is just perfect.
    I love your blouse that you cut the sleeves off, so so pretty!

  11. Gosh you're funny.

    Do you ever get tired of me saying I love your outfits? Because I just love all of them. It's not my fault you have such good taste ;)


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