Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the truth is: I'm a fake

"Ooo, look at the beach mommy. That looks interesting. Oo rocks. I bet I could put those in my mouth."

Yes. I'm a fake. At least that's how it feels some days. I mean, I literally will have NO IDEA what to wear some mornings. It's just, try on this, try on that, take off this, try on, try on, try off, so forth, and etcetera: big pile of clothes on the floor.

In fact, lately my husband and I have been noticing that our son likes to "try on" my clothes (which means he likes to put them on his head). I am pretty sure when your baby starts "trying on" clothes it is evidence that you have a problem (with the trying on, that is, not the baby, the baby is fine. He's just copying your neurotic behaviour).

But seriously, so often I read other bloggers who say things like: "Oh I just threw this on this morning, with the lights off, before I was even awake, blah, blah, blah"-show offs.

I mean, I actually put effort in. I do. I have to. So perhaps I am just not" a natural" at dressing. I actually don't think I am. It takes me a lot of work to figure it all out.

All this work and still I wish I was cooler. I wish I was Franco Fernandez. Check her blog out and you will see the cool I want to be. She is SO COOL. Yes. I would love to dress Only I would wear bottoms (because though I'd like to be, I'm not that brave).

Where was I? Right, I'm not a natural. For example: when I was at university I would do my art projects the night before they were due and I would do better than artists who had worked on their projects for weeks. Because with art, I am a natural. But dressing?-not so much. So uh, maybe I shouldn't complain about all the Little Miss. IthrewthistogetherwhilehalfasleepandhungoveronaTuesday's out there. Because we are all effortlessly good at something. And it is probably best that none of us are effortlessly good at everything. Or we would all be a lot more lazy. Well, I guess I should speak for myself: I'd be a lot more lazy; and nobody wants that.

outfit details:

jeans, dish: $ 100
shirt, from winners: $10
shoes, promise: $10
belt, thrifted: $1
sunnies, juicy couture: $150

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. Gosh dang your son is adorable!! I can't get over it!

    If it makes you feel better...I spend about an hour to an hour and a half on weekends planning out outfits for the next week (or two!). I call it my "dress-up" days where I try things on together and mix and match. It definitely isn't usually a thrown together thing. I mean, I find myself doing that when I don't want to wear any of my pre-chosen outfits but I like thinking and trying new things!

  2. You're not alone! I've touched on it a little these last 2 days (today's post will be up tonight). Sometimes it just comes to me but sometimes it takes some work. I would like to think that ultimately I do have a way with this. Just some times it's trial and error. There is nothing wrong with that though, really, it's how the best things are discovered. I'm also pretty confident that those bloggers you admire have days like these.

  3. It's good to know that there are other people out there who have to try. I'm not a natural either, but I don't really try a lot of things on. I just accept some days as a wardrobe failure. I think you look cute all the time though. I think you have a "style" whereas some of us are still trying to find one.

  4. Even people with natural talent -- professional musicians, athletes etc. -- have to practice! You obviously have talent. I'd have to work a long time to look half as cool as you.

  5. I plan ahead... like I have a day where I try on all the outfits I'll wear for the week. Then list them down. I'm so OC like that. Hahaha!

    Then I don't have to worry about trying on stuff during the days I'll wear them because I know in advance what will go together.

    Love your outfit today... simple yet so chic. xoxo

  6. I have lots of days like that too. Having the blog has made it easier though, in a way. Because (a) I've experimented more with my wardrobe and (b) I've seen what worked out and what was a miserable fail. I used to feel like what works for me (cutesy vintage dresses, skirts and blouses) wasn't very interesting or cool. But then I just realized that its what I like and feel comfortable that's what I wear. I think you're right about being a natural at things...but I also think that lots of people put a ton of effort into being 'effortlessly chic' and don't tell anybody:) That being said, Franco Ferandez is cool and does look like she has it down.

    Just so you know, I love your style.

  7. Oh I forgot to ask...what kind of art did you do in college?

  8. nope, i'm not effortless. i think about what i'm going to wear while i'm running, then i try it on and it looks horrible so then i have to regroup and then things spiral out of control and then i get stressed and have to throw something on because i'm late. oh, well. we all have our routines, right? i love your top and think you look perfectly chic for a day at the beach.

  9. well I always thought you were effortless=) I can relate to your boy trying on clothes lol, my daughter used to do that too.
    I wouldn't call you a fake or phony. Definitely an original:)
    "Today you are you, this is truer than true. There is no one else who is you-er then you" -the suess man :)

  10. I am totally always trying things on, pulling them off, etc, etc--and my hubby just doesn't understand why they're always tends to be a pile of stuff on my bed. haha
    I'd love to see some of your art!

  11. For me, it sometimes comes naturally, but on other days I want to look nice so desperately and just can't think of anything!
    I really doubt effort constitutes as fake :D. You look cute and interesting regardless!

  12. This simple, laid back look is SO chic! I'm with you man, it's rare for me when I just "throw something together". It happens, but not often. Most of the time my bed is covered in clothes before I decide on a final outfit. Sometimes, after trying on a million combinations, I still don't feel right about a look. Being a girl is hard work!

  13. I see what you mean about Franco Fernandez--she has some great looks goin! But yeah, I need to wear bottoms as well ;)

  14. Everyone is real... everyone is unique. Everyone has natural talent or skills, etc. Le's be ourselves.

  15. I'm pretty sure we all spend a lot of time in one way or another planning or trying on outfits, but some folks just kind of give the impression that they don't. So, I don't think you are a fake at all!! Although yesterday I really only had 30 minutes to get ready so the fact that I had something semi-planned out already helped tremendously. I love that background, I wish I was there. :) And me too, would love to see your art!!

  16. I adore your little rants/musings....

  17. Sometimes I just throw things on but usually it's a lot of the same of what you do. Trying on and off on and off and then my clean room isn't clean anymore! Haha.



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