Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I wuv ew"

Look to the left.

Now put your hands in your pockets.

Okay, now take your hands out of your pockets
(apparently harder than one would think).

My son is one year old. And what's incredible about him ( well, besides he's mine and I think he's perfect) is he is quite the little talker. I am amazed at all the words he knows for such a little baby! He knows maybe 25 words now (I have seriously lost count). My favorites are his "ya's" and "no's".

"Do you want to eat?"


"Do you want to play with the telephone?"


His cousin, who is twelve hours older, doesn't do much in the way of talking, yet. He grunts and pushes his food away when he means "no" and grabs at toys when he means "yes". But he is walking now. He has been for a while. It is so amazing the different ways babies develop! My son isn't really close to walking yet. But he can stand (sometimes). So what me and my sister-in-law say is: Mason walks the walk; and Soren talks the talk. It's teamwork really.

But the point of all this? I wanted to relate this story to you:

The other day as I was putting Soren down to sleep we had the following "conversation":

Me: "I love you."

Soren: "I wuv ew."

Me: "I love you." (delighted that he is copying me)

Soren: "I wuv ew."

Me: "I love you."

Soren: "I wuv ew." And this time he points at me. And now I get it into my thick little head that maybe my baby knows what he's saying.

So I ask: "Do you love me?"

Soren: "Ya."

Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard? !!!!! Oh, my mommy heart almost burst.!

I've had some people ask, "Well, does he know what he's saying?" Not about this "conversation" but about other things he says. And I am pretty darn sure he does. Child development experts say that babies can understand a long time before they can speak. Understanding comes first. So yeah, I guess once they speak they definitely understand.

Regardless, my baby loves me. That's my story. And I'm sticking to it.

outfit details:

shirt, thrifted: $5
skirt, thrifted: $3
shoes, thrifted: $1
necklace, thrifted: $1
belt, from shorts: 50 cents (well, the shorts, with the belt, were a dollar, so I figure that makes the belt 50 cents)
outfit total: 10 dollars and 50 cents

Heart: Kimberellie (who just realized she did not mention her outfit once; but hey that's okay, my baby loves me ;-)

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  1. Aww...kids are sooo cute...I can't wait untill Vyla can talk!

    I LOVE your necklace!!

  2. loving the clashing patterns! and the socks are super cute :)

  3. Love the combination. Love, love, love, love, love the combination.

  4. LOVE the mix!!!! So bright and cheery!
    and awwwww that i wuv ew is too darn sweet! I think its funny how kids develop, too. My sis and I had our kids within 1 month of each other. Her daughter was super talkative and mine was a jock. And now they've switched places lol.

  5. You're such a talented pattern mixer (that sounds like it should be an indie career like dj)! Wowie, those socks really add something to the mix.

    What a lovely story. Your son is so adorable.

  6. Love the mix of prints in your outfit today... so fun. And yes my dear, your baby loves you. xoxo

  7. HA! "Mason walks the walk; and Soren talks the talk." i LOVE it!

    ok, so when i first saw this outfit my brain shouted,"YES!!" really loudly so i thought i would share it with you. even though the prints are drastically different, they work! mostly, i think, because the colors match and, even though the orange is "loud", it doesn't distract but rather add to the the brown & yellow. i feel like i just described a painting :-)

    also: the bow on the dress in the previous post is SO cute i couldn't get over it. PLUS the trousers in the post before that fit you perfectly. and the blue socks? LOVE.

    p.s i have no idea what the "BOOTM" (Blogger Obsession of the Moment) entails but i would be most honored!

  8. That's the cutest story.
    And I also love the way you mixed your patterns in this outfit.

  9. Love your outfit. So fun! Your baby is adorable.

  10. Great pattern mixing! I love the pop of blue with socks. My heart melted reading your story, so adorable :)

  11. i think this is my favorite outfit of yours so far... I just love all the mixing and matching and those socks are heaven!



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