Monday, April 26, 2010


Yes. I am giving this bag AWAY. I bought it. I used it. I didn't use it very much. So it's pretty much in perfect condition. And I don't use it any more. So, uh, now it can be yours. YOURS.

Also, (and here's the fun part) it is going to come to you FILLED with stuff. What sort of stuff? Well, cool stuff, that's what sort. You know, purse stuff. That sort of stuff. The sort of stuff you keep in your purse. Because yes, during the two weeks that the giveaway is on for I am going to fill the purse with, well, stuff! Perhaps, say, lip-gloss, and maybe a used paperback, maybe some stockings, and perhaps a wallet... Who knows? I don't even know. All I know is this: I'm going to have fun.

And hey, guess what is even MORE fun, I am not going to tell you what's in there. So when you win you will find out when the purse arrives. YES. It is that much fun. Though I think I will tell you some things as I buy them. A couple. I mean, you all already know there will be lip-gloss in there (I need to pick up some new lip-gloss up, so I might as well pick up two! YES. One for me and one for you!). Now I gotta ask you, does it get any funner than this?

Yes. Yes it does. Because here is how you enter:

1. Well, you have to be a follower. If you are not a follower already: trust me, you'll like it; I'm tons of fun and super special.
2. You have to tell me what's in YOUR purse. Right now. Quick go check (or guess). You don't have to tell me everything. But if you have something especially bizarre in there I'd really like to know!
3. When you win (and you will win, well, one of you will) you have to post a blog post about this giveaway and tell everyone what the purse contained when you received it. I will put a link up on my blog so everyone here can know too. (I told you it was fun!)
4. One more thing, only comment once, or it will mess up the random number generator thing.

Okay. Yeah!! I am already having so much fun!!

Heart: Kimberllie

In my purse right now: lip gloss, perfume sample, wallet, baby sunglasses, baby plaid shirt, 4 baby spoons, coupon for Michael's craft store, LOOK by Vera Wang mosturizer, one of those fold up bring your own don't fill landfills bags, a wooden Wolverine toy, a bib, two rechargable batteries, um, make that six baby spoons (I had wondered where they all went!).



  1. How fun! Well, in my purse right now I have:
    - Mountain Equipment Coop fingerless gloves (for caving, of course)
    - Caving headlamp
    - The book "Gods Behaving Badly"
    - Mouthwash
    - Beads
    - Funky eyeshadow (amongst other makeup)
    - iPod
    - Wallet (duh)
    - Tshirt
    - USB Drive
    - Water Bottle
    - Bear Spray
    - Incense
    - Mini speakers for the iPod
    - Cell Phone
    - Special K Bar
    - Brush
    - Glasses

    ...yes, I have a monster of a purse ;)

  2. Very Clever idea!!
    In my purse
    -2 roll up reuasable bags (From my Blog DIY)
    -Pink Wallet
    -Tide to Go (I've used it on everyone but myself...everytime we're out for dinner someone seems to spill on themself and in my magic bag of goodies I always come to the rescue)
    -2 Cell Phones (currently I have my Hubbys old one as well)
    -Digital Camera
    -Lip Gloss (Many)
    -Blemish Zapper
    -Baby Wipes
    -2 Diapers
    -Change Pad
    -Sml Baby Powder
    -Glasses Cleaner

    Ummm I think that's all

  3. I just cleaned out my bag, so there probably won't be anything bizarre. Here's what I have have:
    -a little wristlet where I store all my recent receipts
    -another little bag where I store all my everyday things like sanitazier, eye drops, chap stick, glass cleaner, ibuprofen, mirror, tweezers
    -make-up bag (3 lip glosses, clinique powder, eye liner, mascara
    -oil absorbing sheets
    -3 packs of gum
    -2 pens
    -writing tablet
    -cell phone
    -pocket sized calendar

    I think that's it.

  4. Great give-away! So fun. I'm a follower.

    what's in my purse?
    face powder
    some cash
    credit cards
    cell phone
    diapers, sippy cups/bottles, toddler snacks, baby wipes (if i'm with RC)

  5. Haha. Oh man. I found:

    -empty carmex
    - movie stub from my first date with my darling
    - ipod (FOUND IT!)
    - paper
    - orange julius gift certificate
    - USB
    - ipod cord
    - sports bra (have to switch into for soccer)
    - diary
    - cookies


    I would die of sheer joy if I won. Random generator- please choose me!

  6. Ooh, I love giveaways... my bag right now...
    wallet with £40 in it
    Lancome lipstick
    hand cream
    Oyster card (transport card for London)
    panties (yeah, I know...weird....but they're there)
    some socks
    glasses case

    That's it.

  7. Lol how fun!! And what a cute bag!
    Mine holds:
    -eww a used tissue
    -a DIY notecard planner that I never use
    -leopard print manicure set
    - neosporin to go, hand sanitizer, wet naps, tide go stick (all of these: lessons learned the hard way)
    -chapstick for lips, chapstick for feet. yup, feet. My shoes kill me in the summer and i found that a lil chapstick prevents a lot of friction:)
    - pens and highlighters galore

    and there ya have it=)

  8. you are so cute! great giveaway!

    my purse is a mess....and HUGE! The bigger the purse the more crap I can fit in there =)

    changing pad
    loose change
    at least 3 lip glosses
    cell phone

    and anything else I can fit! my husband has a tendency to think my purse is a trash can too so I always end up with wrappers in there for some reason...silly boy.

  9. K, right now there's oddly hardly anything in my purse--I checked and found an eyeliner tube and a lipstick cap, and a grocery store receipt, lol. But next to was my wallet and a package with some baby wipes in it all wrapped up in a plastic grocery store bag. These two items were in there last night but ended up on the table this morning. I carry the baby wipes around a lot because I've found they're great for removing eyes makeup smears, and whenever I try to wear eye makeup it ALWAYS smears! There are times that I have pretty much everything but the kitchen sink in my this was an unusual moment, lol.

    That purse is wonderful! I am a big fan of green and I could surely use a nice new purse!

  10. oooh, green is my favourite colour. I would love to win, but can family members win? Is that fair?
    I will enter anyway and let you decide.

    In my purse:
    workbook from a course I just took
    several lip balms/glosses
    a re-usable shopping bag
    my lunch
    my flash drive
    a CPR pocket mask
    bobby pins
    cheque book
    Gua Sha tools (I use them for my Athletic Therapy work)
    Obviously, this is my biggest purse and I use it only on days when I am going to work or need to haul a lot of stuff around.

    p.s. I love your blog, you have inspired me to be more adventuresome in my styling.

  11. Well i think i did this right but who really knows.

    In my purse:
    - 4 Quality foods receipts
    - 2 sets of keys ( my personal ones, and my aunts)
    - 4 pens
    - 1 arbonne lip gloss
    -4 rickys mints
    -1 The Landing grill chocolate
    - bunch of Citrus-O Carpet cleaning business cards
    - Fav sun glasses
    - 1 GPS
    -1 business car holder with photography cards and cake decorating cards
    - address to some ladys house for cute shoes i picked up yesterday.
    -1 receipt for new arbonne stuff
    -1 free sample of arbonne shampoo
    -1 Ferrero Rocher
    - 1 Pay stub
    -1 cell phone
    -1 tub of tums smoothies
    -2 pre-natal vitamins in a zip loc bag
    - A few cards ( master card, debit card, drivrs licence,cineplex gift card, save on card, and a nanaimo rhododendron society business card)
    - and 96 cents.

    Thanks Kim for sharing all you do.. your blogs are always a joy to read! Good luck picking a winner... :)

  12. You are so funny Kim! I haven't used my purse in about 9 months now. (who can seriously carry a purse AND a diaper bag anyway? Obviously only people a lot trendier then me), so the contents of my purse represent my old life....The problem is that in my old life I LOVED purses, so I have four. My black clutch is empty, it was from my wedding day and other then touch up make up and tissue, it didn't hold anything then either....
    My red (favourite) purse is almost seems I cleaned it out recently in preparation for using it again, but then motherhood struck). However, it does contain: A scratched "Vacation For Life" Lotto ticket (it seems I won another ticket, and really should go get that new ticket just in case I am a big winner...), HA HA HA ~ it also has the receipt for that kitchen garbage can of ours with the blue cardboard still on it!!!!!!!!! (It seems we really had no intention of keeping it!!!!!) There is also a shopping list and a fortune from a fortune cookie that says, " You will step on the soil of many countries."
    My next purse has a LOT of receipts, 1/2 pack of Tropical Punch POP ROCKS (remember that delicious candy??), some grocery store coupons (arrg...all of which could have been useful had I been using my purse, but are now expired), some temporary tattoos, a recipe for homemade chocolate, a "Breastfeeding Information Guide" book, a nail file from *sniff, sniff* the pedicure I had at the Empress Hotel just before I gave birth(...that was a good day), a pair of 3D glasses (from ICE AGE 3D, the last date night we had alone before Rebecca), my old favourite watch that needs a new battery AND strap, two loose earings, a tylenol, some broken M&M's (also from afore mentioned date night), and finally a small tin of lip gloss.
    And Lastly, my fake Lois Vuitton purse has: HIP HIP HOORAY, our LONG lost spare set of keys to our car!!!!! Aaron will be so happy (this exercise is obviously something I should have done a long time ago!!), an old "Our Daily Bread" devotional from June, Juy, August 2009, my name tag from a teachers conference I went to at West Edmonton Mall last year, my collective agreement manual from my last school district, a church program from May 31, 2009 from our Northern Alberta church, a roll of scotch tape, a pile of stickers for marking students' journals, a shell necklace from Hawaii (a souvenir from someone else's holiday.. man I would love to go there....), another TON of receipts, the top of a baby bottle, a AAA battery, some loose tylenol, a magnet that says "Good Dog", a tampon (YES, Finally someone admitting to having a tampon in her purse), a chapstick and finally and BEST of all ~ three hand wipes from Hooters. One says, "insomnia is nothing to lose sleep over," another one says, "if you can't be kind, be vague," and my last words of wisdom from Hooters : " Indecision is the key to flexibility".

    SO there. All the exciting details from my past life. But the thing is, that green purse would be a great addition to my future life...ESPECIALLY given that it will be full of fun and interesting things from you. I love green. I love purses. I love Soren. I love you........

    Pick MEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! ALso, I would give you the temporary tattoos AND the Hooters hand wipes in exchange :)


    My big bag is my diaper bag, but I do use a tiny 'wallet purse' that hangs cross over my shoulder. Here is what is in that:
    - money
    - Credit cards
    - nail file
    - pen
    - pacifier (for emergency purposes)
    - camera
    - cell phone
    - keys
    - lip balm for son
    - some receipts and promo cards etc...

  14. I love this fun green bag! In my not-as-fun brown bag, I have
    -hand lotion
    -chapstick (Natural Ice brand, pretty much crack for me)
    -cell phone
    -Sonia Kashuk lip gloss
    -mini kleenex packs
    -mini mirror
    -nail file
    -purse hook
    -keys to my dad's house
    -3 pens (wow, there are 3 in there?)
    -book (Small Island by Andrea Levy)

  15. I'm still in college so my go to bag always has
    1. those nifty notebook binder things that 5star makes
    2. chinese textbooks
    3. moleskin planner <-my life
    4.Burts bee medical chapstick
    5.Clinique lipstick
    6. Ipod
    7. Cell
    8. coin purse with my key attached
    7. Neutrogena hand cream
    8. 4 pens and pencil
    9. Urban Decay liquid eyeliner
    10. Clinique's eyeshadow quad
    11. Camera.

    Wow... I have a lot of stuff considering my bag isn't that big.

  16. I hope this is open to Aussies. Aussies need treats too!

    I have in my current bag:

    1. Phone
    2. Receipt for 2 x wicked skull rings I just bought
    3. 2 x wicked skull rings
    4. 2 x USB sticks (1 not mine, 1 they were giving away at the movies last night)
    5. Birthday card (thanks West!)
    6. Loose cash I need to put in my wallet
    7. Wallet
    8. Zavance Nerofen
    9. Sunglasses
    10. Gum
    11. Pen
    12. Small note pad
    13. Bright green twisty tie from something
    14. A tiny folded piece of paper with a website I need to check out
    15. Bobby pins
    16. Lip gloss
    17. Lipstick
    18. Lip liner
    19. Tiny, super-scratched mirror
    20. Hair tie
    21. Viva La Juicy perfume sample
    22. Ipod
    23. Headphones in separate case
    24. Diary
    25. Glasses in case
    26. Impulse deodorant spray
    27. Paperback - Kiss Your Elbow

    Missing from bag:

    Keys. Which makes it really hard to get in and out of our secure floor at work.

    Man, no wonder it's heavy!

  17. Such a clever idea for a giveaway. I have three or four purses and I'm always switching stuff between them, but my main purse currently contains:

    Tweezers (forgot I was carrying these)
    Compact with mirror
    Dental floss

    Well, that's less than usual. Usually I would also be carrying a bunch of supplements, allergy pills, aspirin, Lactaid, and the like.

  18. i love your giveaway idea! Since I'm a student here's what's usually in my bag:

    1. phone
    2. lip gloss
    3. keys
    4. hair tie
    5. hair band
    6. scheduler
    7. bracelets
    8. colourful hair pin
    9. to-do-list notepad
    10. notebooks
    11. pencilcase
    12. wallet
    13. calculator
    14. textbooks
    15. chinese dictionary
    16. my files
    17. lozenges
    18. receipts
    19. used concert tickets
    20. ear pieces
    21. little notes from my friends
    22. water bottle
    23. umbrella
    24. ez-link card (local transportation card)

    that should make up the bulk of it! by the way, i do follow on google reader and i love your posts!

  19. I have some weird things in my purse...a stuffed donkey, a pair of sweat pants rolled into a ball and held together with hair bands...but strangely no wallet or money.

  20. Love this giveaway! So fun! Lets see in my purse:
    -cell phone
    -iPod Touch
    -card wallet (you know all those silly discount cards you have for stores)
    -lip gloss
    -keys (office and then home)
    -hair ties
    -card reader (reads memory cards from my cameras)
    -latest Janet Evanovich novel
    and tons of other stuff- or you can see what's in my bag here!

    I'm a follower :)


  21. I enjoyed reading everyone's entries!
    In my purse:
    Digital camera
    Lip Balm & Gloss
    Student ID card
    Learn italian pocket book
    April Elle Canada
    The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
    Pace Awards program
    Measuring tape
    Blotting papers
    Hand cream
    Hand sanitizer
    Breath mints

    Wow! Thats a lot now that I see the list....

    I had thought I already was a follower, but I'm definitely one now!

  22. This is too funny! I swear I didn't steal your idea! Ha!

    I have two purses :x One small and one HUGEEEEEE. In my small one I only carry my change purse/wallet, phone, car keys, mirror, chapstick, and one lipstick.

    In my big purse, I have everything but the kitchen sink! Literally!! It carries my Nikon D40, makeup bag, fisheye lens for my Nikon, hand lotion, a journal, and other things I can't think of at the moment!

    Hope we both win ;)

  23. I love your blog - so much fun! I am definitely a follower now! :D

    In my purse? Ummm... my entire life??? LOL
    -Lip stick
    -Clear gloss
    -Chap stick
    -Sun glasses (aviators from F21)
    -Eye liner & mascara
    -Excedrin Migraine (the value size bottle... I get massive migraines on a regular basis!)



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