Sunday, April 11, 2010

"you can't go wrong for five bucks"

Neigh. Yup. That's some sort of horse-y chariot on my belt. It was a must-have. A belt must- have. I admit, I'm addicted. My name is Kimberellie and I have a problem: a belt problem. You see, at the one thrift store I frequent most they have many lovely belts all of which are only a dollar. So I buy them. Many of them. The only problem is, the more belts I have, the more belts I need. In fact, I'm hankering for a belt right now.

Okay, not really. I don't need a belt right now (though I could go for some chocolate cake). I suppose if I really wanted to admit to some sort of addiction/obsession/shopaholic-ness, it would be this: if it's cheap, I buy it. I can't help myself. Though I do admit I have gotten better over the years. Just because something is five dollars doesn't mean I HAVE to buy it.

This, always happens to me:

I'm at a store, looking at a shirt/dress/extra large pair of panties and the salesperson will say: "You can't go wrong for five bucks". And part of me thinks: "You're right. Five bucks! Of course I must buy these granny panties! They're only five bucks!". But then the sensible part of me says: "It's still a waste of five dollars if I never wear them."

But then sometimes, the clothesaholic part of me chimes in: "But you would think nothing of spending five dollars on a coffee". And I must say, I find this argument very persuasive. I mean, I could get four belts from this thrift store for the price of one Starbuck's Latté. So really, I'd be wasting money not buying them.

Yep. Me and my belts are very happy (and I can use them to hold up my extra large granny panties).

outfit details:

belt, thrifted: $1
suede skirt, thrifted: $3
shirt, thrifted: $3
jacket, thrifted: $5
shoes, thrifted: $10
tights, secret: $4
granny panties, sears: $5

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. about the outfit (shocking I should bother talking about it really) but, I really love these prints together: the tights, the shirt, the jacket. Lately I've been feeling sort of meh about what I've been wearing. But I totally love this outfit. And isn't it a great feeling when you are in love with the look that you're stylin'? I love it!


  1. Aw, I love the detail on the belt, and those tights are perfect!


  2. You have such great thrift finds! You can't go wrong with 5 bucks much more with $1 deals. That top is super perfect for spring

  3. I love this outfit! And I'm in love with the colourful floral top :D. Also, the belt is funny!

  4. i love your top and the bright colors. it really suits your personality :) and that is the raddest belt!

  5. Your top is so pretty, love the colors!

    I love the point you made about not thinking twice about buying Starbucks for that much! I always try to think "How much did I have to work to earn the $5.50 I'm spending on a drink that will last less than an hour?". It seems so much more practical to buy things that will last a very long time!

  6. I love this outfit and that belt is amazing. That top has such a pretty print and do fishnets go with everything or what.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the SWEETEST comments! I love this look and how you matched such interesting pieces together. Don't we all just love a good, inexpensive find :)

  8. haha you are so funny! i agree - so hard to pass up on dollar belts! i have so many and i never wear them!

    i have a request - mroe pictures of your handsome little boy! =)

  9. That was so funny... I love reading your thoughts.

    The top is so pretty and I love the oxfords. xoxo

  10. I totally love what you're wearing, too! Fishnets looking classy with a rich colored skirt and a floral top? Holla.

  11. Love the combination of colours and textures!

  12. What an adorable outfit. I love the coat (such Sherlock Holmes like) over the flowery shirt. The fishnets look great. Yes, I have a similar problem. Mine is more about 'how much I save'! I get a high on savings but then I have to stop and say, 'yes, at $75 it is marked 50% down from $150 but regardless do I think this item is worth $75 even?' I can stop a lot of purchases. And when in real doubt I buy it and the guilt sets in after I get home, I return it. Horrible I know.

  13. Man I am a sucker for belts too. I decided to go through them all on the weekend and get rid of (by way of donating to charity) whatever I don't wear.
    Instead I ended up keeping them all and just hanging them on a special hanger instead of jamming them in a drawer.
    Oh well, a win is a win.

  14. ohhhhh dollar belts! I found some of those, but I think I took all the decent ones because the next time I went I didn't see any more that I liked. Yours is fab, esp. since I like horses! and that coat is so cool.
    Hey, I tried commenting on your new blog store blog and it wouldn't let me. I was trying to ask you if you'd like to participate in a blogger art swap? It involves sending just one art piece out, and it can be any kind of art. I'd have emailed to ask, but I couldn't find an address ;) Let me know if the idea interests you; if it does I'll send you the details :D

  15. you know, i think we have the same brain, i have those exact thoughts everytime I go shopping, and a lovely pile of never worn 5 doller crap.

    I love this coat give me it thanks yeah?

    and thanks for stopping by my blog! haha i loved all the comments! feel me to make me your blogsession, its lonely without a boyfriend so i mean i can at least sleep knowing someones obsessed haha! iv added you to my blog list hello new blog friend laters in a bit b'bye! Franco xx


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