Sunday, April 25, 2010

gap grey dress: there's a prosaic title for you

Note: this is going to be a short post (I thought you should know at the outset, so you don't put your comfy pants on or anything).

About the outfit: this dress if from Gap. I like it. I even paid 23 dollars for it (it was down from 70 yes; but 23 seemed like a lot to me at the time). I am excited for when I will get to wear it sans tights.

Also: I want to do a shout out (whatever that is, I'm bad with slang) to R & N K. You two rock. Yep, totally. Because, yes, you heard it here first, the husband and I actually escaped the little one for an adult only dinner out! Wowwowee.

And because everyone is interested in the minutia of my life:

Currently: the husband is renovating. I am in my comfy pants. The button is sleeping. The Canucks won (depending on how far north of the equator you live, you may have to Google this).

Next up? -ice cream.

outfit details:

dress, gap: $23
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, joe fresh style: $4
cardi vest: a gift

Heart: Kimberellie

Tomorrow: the giveaway. Yes. It's exciting. I know.

Me excited:


  1. Your dress is darling! I love the red with it too. It looks so comfy!

    Hoorah for adult night!!

    And another hoorah for giveaways! :)

    I'm about to go get some ice cream myself!

    Have a good week!

  2. You and your outfit are awesome Kimberellie!

  3. The dress looks cute with those shoes!

  4. Cool dress! It's very short and flirty, it will look great year-round.

  5. so adorable. definitely a favorite outfit of mine. that dress is so cute and looks great on you! i can't believe it isn't warm enough to wear dresses sans tight yet! that makes me sad. glad you got to go out without the little one. those dates are priceless, no?

  6. It's adorable! I love your fluffy cardi too :D.

  7. Those pictures turned out great. Love the grey and red together. You look adorable!

  8. That dress is wonderful! I would pay $23 for it too. Well, if I could afford it and if it looked anywhere near as good on me as it does on you! ;)
    I really like the dark grey tights, and I always admire those awesome shoes of yours.
    The giveaway--yes, so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!

  9. You look beautiful, as always. I love how you mixed gray, red and those fabulous brown oxfords! What kind of iced cream do you like?

  10. I'm excited too. Can't wait!

    I love that dress. I love the style... so cool and so comfy. xoxo

  11. Again with the awesome shoes....

  12. that knit vest = AWEsome. i kinda want to curl up inside it and never leave. the shoes are too cool. i tried a pair of them on once and failed. scoring a $70 from $20-something dollars? you win, hands down.

    and a waterhouse painting?! i am flattered beyond all belief....

  13. Love the gray on gray, the structure in the shoes, and the pop of red. Fantastic! Your pictures come out so great girl, you are so photogenic :)

    transmission me


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