Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can see you and it makes me want to VOMIT

Seriously. You are crystal clear; but I'm going to throw up.

Ugh. I'm wearing my new eyeglasses. The prescription is twice as strong as my previous pair. It feels a little weird. And by weird I mean vomitus. That's a word, right?-vomitus. Well, it is now. -Penned by me. I'm like Shakespeare that way. I pen words. And yes, I just compared myself to Shakespeare. And for all of you who don't know me well enough to know I'm ridiculously narcissistic-hey, I'm ridiculously narcissistic.

Also, which glasses do YOU like better?

This is my Kate Spade pair:

And this is my Vera Wang pair:

They are very different. But I think I actually like them both equally. It is super fun to have two pairs (though I've had them all of five minutes). But I expect it will be super fun. This way I won't ever feel like I don't want to wear glasses at all; because I will be too busy trying to decide WHICH pair of glasses I do feel like wearing (I am so old school the thought of contacts icks me out--yes, I've been walking around half blind for ten years).

Oh, and here's me wearing some clothes:

Did that last photo seem a little blurry to you? -maybe you should get your eyes checked

Now scroll down to see me me not wearing clothes:

(oh, I am SO kidding) This is not that kind of blog.

BUT, I wanted to tell you all I bought the first thing for the Aldo Bag Giveaway today. It is super fun and purse appropriate. Gosh, this is the funnest thing ever. I will have to do giveaways every month just for kicks henceforth!

outfit details:

wrap cardigan: $150
white shirt: $12
jeans, energia: $50
shoes, thrifted: $4
prescription eyeglasses, Kate Spade (bought online): $68 (including prescription, REALLY)
prescription eyeglasses, Vera Wang (also bought online): $68 (also including prescription, really really)

Bespectacled Kimberellie


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Kate spade glasses! I want them for myself.

    Enter to win a professional flat iron!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. Ha, this was a really funny post. And I like the Kate Spade glasses best. They look great on you.

  3. i am loving the kate spades too. they fit your face so well and maybe it's because that first pic of you looks so sweetly vintage. i think that may have swayed my vote a bit. that's a great angle. yeah, i need to go to the eye doctor like whoa. i'm about a year behind on that. i wear contacts mostly and never wear my glasses because i think i look hideola in them. you however look awesome.

  4. I heart the Vera Wang pair- they look fantastic on you!

  5. I love the Kate Spade pair on you! They're such a unique shape and they compliment your face. And I love your ruffled blouse and the belted cardigan over.

  6. Kate spade ones are so adorable on you!

  7. Did you make that one blurry on purpose? Haha, I felt like I was back at the optometrist.

    Having 2 pairs of glasses is great! It's an extra kick to each outfit.

  8. I love the Vera Wang pair. Where did you buy them online? That's a great price for glasses with lense! I always buy mine online because my silly insurance won't cover much.

    So love that wrap your wearing, and I'm very happy I found your blog! Just followed you and will continue to do so :)


  9. Changing the strength of your glasses is an odd feeling!

    I totally love both pairs! They have such an awesome style.
    I desperately need a 2nd pair of glasses too, maybe next month!

  10. You look awesome in both pairs! Glasses are a great way to change a look, so it's really cool to have a couple pairs to choose from. I wore glasses for years as a kid, then did contacts for awhile, and finally an optometrist told me that glasses don't really do any good. ?? Did I wear lenses in one way or another for all those year for no reason? *sigh* Who knows, anyway, now I have a pair of fake frames that I wear often, and I wanna get some more styles, ha!
    I hope that you can stop wanting to vomit, soon ;P

  11. Wow. My eyesight is kinda horrible too but I wear contacts now ;D

    I think the Vera Wangs look the best although I like both! 68 dollars?! thats so cheap! Where did you get them?!

  12. Love that blouse. The glasses look great. What a great bargain. Are they from the same website? I used to wear glasses when I worked. For some odd reason my eyesight got better after kids and now I can see without them. I had this super cool chanel pair that I loved. And a no brand red framed ones for everyday use. I sometimes wear them for fun.

  13. Those Kate Spade glasses are the best! You look so great!!


  14. I love the first pair, I think they look great on you! xx


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