Friday, April 16, 2010

I Wonder if I'm in Wonderland. (no question mark)

If I was channeling the Mad Hatter yesterday, today I must be channeling Alice. It's the bow I think. Really Kimberellie, you and bows! But I like them. I really do. Also, I've been feeling a little ill lately. So if I you don't see me around as much, that's why. I know. It's sad.

Okay. That's it. I'm going now. Really. For serious.--Hehehehehehe.

When we were kids we would always say: "For serious". My siblings and I, that is. I wonder if that was a common thing to say in the 80s or if it was just us. No question mark. Because that wasn't a question. It was a statement. I was stating what I wondered about. Although, I suppose if I raised the pitch of my voice at the end of that statement I could have put a question mark in. But I didn't. Not even in my head.

Actually, whenever I type I speak the words out loud as I do so. In a British accent. With my socks off.

outfit details:

dress, LW: $10
shirt, thrifted: $3
shoes, thrifted: $1
tights, from london drugs: $3
bag, local store: $30
bow, from a shirt

Heart: Kimberellie

Before I go, I'd like to mention that this bag makes me happy. It makes me want to go to the beach and fling it on the sand. It makes me want to don a skimpy two piece and lay in the sun. In short: it makes me want summer. Also, I wore this dress here. I like how I styled it much better this time around. Which do you prefer?

Here's my beautiful boy. He looks kind of crazed in this pic. He has that "I must eat more pine cones" glint in his eyes.


  1. What a darling post love! You do have quite the Alice-esque vibe with the simply smashing bow on top of your head :D
    I am speaking this comment right now (in a British accent) as I type, why yes I am ;)
    I love that you do that--I take on a British accent quite often myself!

  2. Love this look. Those stockings with the white shoes are ingenuis. Oh, he is such a cutie by the way.

  3. he is the cutest!!! anyway, so are your shoes.

  4. I love, love, love this dress! I like what you did with it. Also, I'm curious, how do you get your hair to stay in place? Now that I've cut most of mine off, I'm having trouble styling it.

    Your son is super adorable as always!

  5. He DOES look like he wants to eat pine cones -- he is the cutest little thing!!! I really love the way you've styled this dress with the tee and fishnets, way cool! And the bow is simply amazing. I can see why you love that bag, it is a fantastic print :)

    Have a great weekend!!
    ~ megan

  6. wow beautiful outfit , red floral skirt,
    nice tights, cool pics, very lovely

    take care ,happy weekend enjoy

  7. Wonderful look! I love the tights with those shoes! :)

    Great photos! :D

  8. You are so cute Ms Alice in Wonderland... love how you styled the dress. The white bow is such a cute accessory. And the little boy is so adorable. Happy weekend! xoxo

  9. In case I haven't mentioned it before: I love your blog, your style, and especially your attitude. When I grow up, I want to be YOU.

    Oh, I also love that bag, and the way the tights look with those shoes. And I agree that the dress is better here than the previous outfit (although that one was cute, too).

  10. Super cute! and your little boy is adorable.

    xx Love & Aloha

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  11. Ooh what a beautiful outfit, and a stunning little accessory you have there!


  12. Ok, I was gonna comment on the outfit, but oh, the baby....:)

  13. Everyone in my household says 'for serious!' I don't know where it came from, but its one of those things that's just caught on. I love your outfit, especially the shoes and bows...and the dress and tights. Okay, its all wonderful. And your baby is so cute.

  14. your little boy is so cute that i wanna come through the computer and pinch his little cheeks! haha your outfit is adorable and thank you for visiting my blog!! :)



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