Monday, March 15, 2010

there are officially too many colours

There are officially too many paint colours to choose from. But perhaps you all could help me? Here's the question:





That's the bathroom. I can't decide. The raspberry is a deep colour. The violet is a medium pale grey purple. They are both BEAUTIFUL. BTW-I just discovered via my spellcheck that raspberry is spelled with a P. Who knew? Not me.

Oh, and the outfit? Well, I got this WONDERFUL and soft and cozy and HAPPY sweater vest cardi thingy from my stepmom at Christmas time. It fills a happy place in my heart (with more happiness). Only, I have never really worn it out. I've worn it at home a lot. Because I love it. And it saddened me that I didn't know how/didn't really have anything to style it (with).

BUT, ah ha! Look there! A dress! A NEW dress. A dress I picked up at 9:30 this morning at LW (I believe I was their first customer). Yes. It is lovely, and silky, and red and purple and grey and black and I LIKE it. A LOT. So yeah. I'm a happy girl.

outfit details:

dress LW: $10
purple tights: from a friend
grey tights (worn under purple) joe fresh style: $3
shoes, roberto vianni: $50
cardi vest: a gift
clothing happiness: mine

Heart: Kimberellie (hey, I just realized, my colour options for my bathroom are somewhat echoed in my outfit!!)


  1. If your bathroom is small a dark colour is going to make it look a lot smaller and it will be a lot darker. If there's good lighting then a dark colour would work fine..but otherwise you might not like how it turns out....hope this helps!

  2. This is just super duper cute! You're adorable!

  3. I am loving your dress. I love all the colors in it! There's so much you'll be able to do with it.

    As for the bathroom, I like the violet/grey color, but raspberry would also be quite pretty.

  4. Both raspberry and violet are great colors... but I guess you want a bathroom that's cool to the eyes so I say violet.

    And speaking of violet, I love your purple tights. What a segue! Hahaha!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  5. I feel raspberry (who knew there was a 'p'?) is warmer and violet is cooler. Not sure if that helps you decide. In my master bathroom, the toilet is in a small room of its own. Tiny. I painted the whole area (including the ceiling) apple green and used a dark wood shelf unit that goes on the toilet tank. It looks great. So, I say dark is good. :)
    The dress is very cute and the vest is sure cozy.

  6. I love love love the kick of purple miss! :D


  7. I'm gonna vote for the violet. I feel like bathrooms should give off a "soft" kinda vibe.

    And I absolutely LOVE the red and purple paired together. One of the most underrated combination of colors, but also one of the most refreshing. Well executed!

  8. Violet!!!


    You are adorable. You always are.
    Love the print on your dress :).

    Love always,

  9. Loving the purple and red combo together. You look beautiful.

  10. That is such a cute sweatervest!

  11. Violet! Esp. for the neutral grey-ish tone, you'll have so many more options when it comes to accent colors if you get bored or change your mind. Raspberry being so deep might hurt the eyes after a while.. it depends on the size of your bathroom and the lighting.

    Your dress is adorable! You take such great pics=) <3

  12. Raspberry. Just because I like the word better. Oh. And, you are super hot! Married?

  13. Beautiful, beautiful dress!!


  14. Raspberry, my dear has my vote! It's such a rich and lux colour. I did my bathroom a similar coulour and love it! No regrets! Happy renos!

  15. p.s. I spelled 'colour' wrong.

    the cardigan is great - you should try pairing it with more outfits!

  16. Ooh, I love the colors of this outfit! My vote is for violet, but raspberry does sound intriguing too. Oh, and to answer the question you asked on my blog, I am on chictopia. That's actually how I discovered your blog! I think we're friends on it. I don't know what I'd do without chictopia :)
    Also, congratulations on the new home, I'm excited for you! We're house-shopping ourselves, so soon we can trade new-house stories! Good luck with everything!

  17. I vote for violet.

    And I also like the way you combined red and purple. Very bold.

  18. Both colors sound amazing however I lean toward raspberry for the bathroom only because my sister had a red bathroom and it made the lighting amazing.I love the fuzzy vest!

  19. I have been informed that most people don't look their best against a red coloured background. Something about making the skin appear more yellow than it actually is. So, is the wall your painting across from the mirror? If so, I say violet. I think I voted purple on facebook before I knew what you were talking about. Maybe it was a sign of my intuition.
    I love you and that cute little family of yours miss furnellie. Yep, lots of love all around from us to yous. Thanks for blogging, it keeps me feeling like I can still be a part of your life!


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