Wednesday, March 3, 2010

two leaves, wicker, and plastic: delicious

Here's another one of the items from The Epic Shop. The shirt, that is. It is a really nice material. I am such a sucker for soft fabrics. I will buy something that I like the look of a little less than something I like the look of a little more if the fabric is softer. Oooo, silky. It's a really cool shirt, too. The scarf around my neck is part of the shirt. It is two long pieces of fabric attached at the neck. So I tied a bow!

This suede skirt really pleases me. I bought it for a mere three dollars and I love it every time I wear it. One wonderful thing about it is it doesn't wrinkle. Have I ever mentioned that I used to hate wrinkles so much that as a child I would iron EVERYTHING. And I mean everything, I even ironed jeans. I ironed sweaters. Sweaters!!

Okay. Well, I haven't really anything interesting to say. I just wanted to show off my pretty clothes! And I should really help my husband clean now. Somebody's clothes are all over the living room. ;-)

But first, the best picture of all:

My son really liked crawling around on the grass. It was SO CUTE! And also he ate a leaf. Not so cute. So all in all he has eaten (besides food): two leaves, the plastic from the end of his toothbrush, and a piece of wicker (that I know about). It's kind of like having a puppy. Only more cuter and more sneaky.

outfit details:

skirt, thrifted: $3
shirt, on clearance, industry: $2
tights, joe fresh style: $8
bracelet, tiffany & co.: gift from my husband
belt, on clearance: $1
shoes, roberto vianni: $30
orange jacket, mario serrani: $25
sunnies, juicy couture: $150

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. I thought I would try GIANT pictures. What do you think?

ps. ps. If you pretend not to notice my bra peeking out of my shirt in the second pic I will like you even more than I already do.

note to self: Wear camisole next time avec shirt!

ps. ps. ps. Nothing you could do could make me like you less.

side note: I wonder how many people pretended not to notice in real life?


  1. love the picture of you and your baby!! so adorable. your son is just as stylish as you:)

  2. Your son is soooo adorable! BTW, you are wearing two of my least favorite colors (orange and green) together, and yet you look so effortlessly chic. I'm going to have to re-think my orange ban.

    P.S. I so did not notice your bra.

  3. what a great photo of you and Soren. -Sher

  4. love the colors on your outfit!! your son is so cute! :D

  5. I never noticed your bra until you pointed it out!
    Love the pussy bow top and the suede skirt and a pop of orange is always good.
    Keep up the good work, stylish lady!

  6. Awwww your son is soooo cute! That pic is adorable! I love love love the outfit, the textures are wonderful! lol nooo I didnt notice your bra but yayyy now you like me more:D

  7. Haha I didn't notice your bra until you pointed it out either XDD.
    I LOVE the colour combination in this outfit! The grey and green and then POP the orange coat! Awesome :D.

  8. OMG!!!! can I steal your baby??.... his shoes are sooo adorable :D <3

    ps. take a second to visit my new blog!

  9. Great outfit. That skirt is FABULOUS! The green really pops next to the gray tights. Love it!

  10. I love this outfit! The shirt and coat are really amazing pieces and your little boy is darling!


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