Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kimberellie Will Be Bespectacled

Explanation of poses: 1. look up. 2. look down. 3. be a big torso. 4. look down again and sniff your shoulder. 5. walk forward.

I don't know how I have amassed so many books in my life. Books compromise about 9 tenths of my packing. I swear it. Okay, this has got to be quick. I should be packing. I am only allowed to write for as long as it takes my photos to upload.

Ugh, all this pressure. I'm drawing a blank here. Ha, not really. I always have something to say (even if it isn't something particularly interesting). Here let's start with: which set of photos do you like better? We tried two locations.

Also, I'm getting spectacles. Yes, in the near future you will be seeing me bespectacled (which is an honest to goodness word! "Bespectacled", I like it). I must tell you, I am NOT getting them from the store where they checked my eyes. Three hundred dollars for eyeglasses? Another 250 for lenses? Ha. I don't think so! As I was letting my husband pay for my appointment, they gave me my receipt and NOT my prescription. Really, I HAD to ask for it. I mean, come on, not giving me my prescription? That's the oldest trick in the we'lltrickyoubecausewe'reoptometrists book (they have one, I swear it). So yeah, I'm not going back there.

Anyway, what I am doing is getting my glasses online. Yes. I know, risky. But the truth is, I think I look stupid in every single pair of glasses I try on AT the store. So how much worse can it get?

As for the outfit: I've been wanting to wear this dress since I got it on clearance last August. Something about a maxi dress just screams comfort. So I wore it, with a tank top because it is so low, and a pair of leggings because it isn't quite warm enough yet, and a skirt underneath because it is sort of sheer when the sunlight hits it just so. So uh, yeah, the comfort scream?-pretty much smothered to a whisper under all those layers. But it should start screaming again in the summer when I can wear it over nothing but a bikini.

outfit details:

dress, winners: $3
tank top, joe fresh style: $5
shoes, promise: $10
cardigan, industry: $5
purse, roberto gandolfi: $60

(unless otherwise noted, most everything I buy that is not thrifted is on clearance--full price is for suckers)

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. Yay for the maxi dress... I love the design. And I was laughing at your explanation of poses. I knew you were having a great time doing them. I can see it in your smile.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I've been loving Maxi dresses for awhile now...but I have nooo idea how to wear them...I love how they look as a cute summer dress, but in the summer the last thing I want to do is cover my perhaps I should get one for spring...this outfit is definatly inspirational!

  3. Kim, have you thought of becoming a model? I am sure that you hear it all of the time (if you are nodding it's because it is so very true) that you look like a natural beauty with the perfect gorgeous smile and the tall and slim body...Oh and most importantly you have a unique and artistic style! Great blog Kim and you look amazing:)
    See you soon...

  4. Such a nice way to wear a maxi dress. I wore them last summer with no add-ons and now realize that was boring. You are inspiring me. Love the pop of orange the purse brings to the outfit. By the way I like 2nd location better.

  5. I love that dress!! I to had a chuckle over your explanation of the poses! :) Very cool! :)

  6. Gosh you're so freaking cute! I mean, I love your photos and I love what you say in all of your posts. It seriously makes me laugh out loud :)

    Your dress looks oh-so-cozy :).
    Good luck with packing!!

  7. Love maxi dresses and adore that one on you! I wear mine with legings underneath as it's still so blimmim' cold here!
    I bet you'll look fab in glasses, can't wait to see the new you.

  8. nice poses. Beautiful pictures like you.

    Anyway, link your blog to me. visit here:

  9. oh I love your dress!!!You wear maxi dresses really well, it looks great! And that orange bag-PERFECT color!
    Reading your posts is like getting a voicemail from that bubbly's eloquent, short and sweet, hilarious, completely random, and you find yourself talking back!=D
    pssst....those are the best ones!!! <333

  10. I like the first set better, but they are both really cool :) Love your outfit! I have to get glasses too, I will be interested to see how your adventures online turn out!!
    ~ megan

  11. Thank you for your comment!
    You dress adorable and you've got a catching smile.

  12. love the description of poses. so funny! great dress. i can't wait until we can all wear flowy dresses everyday!

  13. That is such a lovely maxi dress!

    I have the best opticians :D. They're extremely nice and generous. They can be hard to find but they do exist!
    Online is tricky but can also turn out extremely well. Good luck! :D

  14. STOP right there... you got that dress for $3!!! WOW, it is amazing!!!

    I love your photos- it always looks like you are having the best time, no matter what you are doing. Keep it up!


  15. i love that print on the maxi dress!

  16. i like this out fir nice color and combination.

  17. very beautiful perfect outfit

  18. Very pretty dress. I've been meaning to get a maxi dress but I can't decided if it would look good on me. Also, I know what you mean about glasses. When I switched back to glasses instead of contacts, I was outraged that even with insurance I paid over $400. I'm really picky about them though, so I just paid. I had to ask for my prescription for contacts before because I wanted to buy them somewhere else. They're tricky like that.

  19. What a pretty dress! I completely agree on your decision to buy your glasses online. I got mine at and they were great. They do returns as well. My glasses were only $16 and that was including shipping. Though normally they are probably $50-100 for non=sale frames.

  20. You're looking positively fresh and Spring-y and lovely! I hear you about the books--we'll be moving soon too and already I'm dreading packing up all mine. Good luck with the moving!

  21. this is such a great outfit, the shoes and bag really finish it off!


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