Monday, March 1, 2010

living proof

I'm living proof that when you look in your closet and exclaim: "I have nothing to wear" it is a state of mind and not of wardrobe.

Yes ladies and gentleman, this is how I felt this morning. After purchasing 48 articles of clothing in the past three days, I Kimberellie, had nothing to wear! Oh, dear.

Mostly I think I'm a little overwhelmed. I don't have enough closet space, nor head space, nor hangers, to figure out this mass of clothing. What shall I wear my new clothes with? Should I just pair them with one another? Or should I pair them up with well loved older clothes? What shoes? What jacket? What accessories? Ah, if I only I always had this problem!

Anyway, here's my first attempt:

What better to pair with an animal print than another animal print?

Oh, and the jacket (we obviously need a whole section on THE jacket):

This was my mother’s jacket. She bought it over thirty years ago. I LOVE it. It is so super warm and totally luxe. I had it re-stitched (is that what you call it?) three years ago (the stitching was getting old and rotten in places) . When I went in to the tailor and told them how I wanted all the stitching redone, they told me it needed to be dry cleaned. But I had already tried to dry clean it and was told they couldn’t because of the collar. So the tailors took it as is.

Anyway, when I went to pick it up, not only did I find it beautifully redone, but also I found they had dry cleaned it! I guess they removed the collar and then put it back! Oh, how wonderful of them!

Anyway, it is a beautiful jacket; and also it twirls quite nicely. It is wool and double lined so it is REALLY heavy. I mean seriously heavy. It weighs just over five pounds (really,I just weighed it!).

I love my jacket. Unfortunately it hasn’t really been cold enough all winter to wear it!

The twirl:

outfit details:

jacket, vintage: was my mother's
shoes, naturalizer: $30
jeans, bongo on clearance: $2
shirt, from winner's on clearance: $2
gloves, cole haan on clearance: $5



  1. I love your coat. My mom has a cute leopard print coat tha I hope will be mine one day. Although I have to admit yours is much prettier. It has just the right amount of print. I know what you mean about feeling like you have nothing to wear. I live in an apartment right now so sometimes I get overwhelmed looking in different closets trying to put together the right outfit. Still, I can't complain about having too much clothes, because really that's simply not true. :)

  2. Love this outfit and that coat is amazing! I totally feel you on finding room for all the clothes and the so many clothes nothing to wear days:)

  3. Oh, I do love that coat!
    "It hasn't been cold enough all winter to wear it". Pah! Come over to England, you'd wear it all the time (even in bed).
    Know what you means bout the wardrobe situation. Mine's so full I keep finding long-forgotten treasures.

  4. lol nothing to wear??? Pfft! I love your outfit! It's classy and so Audrey!=)That is an amazing coat, how sweet of them to clean it for you!

  5. Your coat is pure heaven! And I don't know what you are talking about...this outfit is amazing!!

    Love your blog!

    From your new follower,
    Amy :)


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