Tuesday, March 23, 2010

accepting imperfection when it's perfection you're expecting

Today this is what went wrong:
  • Baby didn't nap.
  • Car refused to start (the lights were left on, even though that should be virtually impossible with the beepy noise thingy).
  • Baby would not go to bed.
  • Phone went dead (battery, again).
  • Baby fell down and got a fat lip!!!!
  • Baby interfered with packing incredibly so.
  • Something else, I don't remember. But I'm sure it sucked.
Today this is what went right:
  • Baby is beautiful and fun.
  • The Sterkenburgs lent us their car so we could get tomatoes (tomatoes are VERY important, you know).
  • My oldest and best friend volunteered to watch the little monster, I mean baby, tomorrow, while I get some serious packing done.
  • The cheesburgers were delicious.
  • Another friend is volunteering her time and efforts AGAIN to help us paint our new home.
And so I conclude: "Nothing is ever altogether pleasant." But life is still delicious. And friends are what make it sweet.

I got the line "Nothing is ever altogether pleasant" from a quote book recently. I've been thinking about it. It was from the section on "emotional maturity". Thus I have learned this: I'm not especially: emotionally mature, that is. Because I didn't know THAT. I mean, obviously I have noticed that life has a way of being "not perfect"; but I was sort of expecting that it would be, sometime, soonish. But it won't.

I suppose being emotionally mature would mean accepting this. It would mean I should stop expecting perfection to be just around the corner. It would probably also mean that I should stop blogging and start packing. ;-)

outfit details:
pants, jack: $3
shirt, poof: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
jacket, from winners: $25
necklace, namaste: $15


Another thing that didn't turn out perfect? These pictures. I'm sorry. They're a little dark.


  1. this was great. i know, sometimes i get so caught up with what's wrong and i forget to focus on the things that are amazing about life. it's nice to be reminded about that stuff :) and you look awesome!

  2. I like the pictures, and the pants, and the coat, and pretty much everything. I hope you get your packing done, don't despair, the baby will grow up and it will seem too soon. Happy packing!

  3. Your outfit is awesome, I love it! The two shades of orange together is gorgeous - so glad you found that beautiful bag. (And I don't think the pics are too dark!!)
    ~ megan

  4. That was well said, thank you. And you look amazing.

  5. ok, i'm loving your high waist sailorish pants :) l o v e ... and they look perfect with that top... that top looks like it would actually look perfect with just about anything :)

    i hope you get your packing done! and YES, tomatoes are veryvery important, hehe!!!


    ps the scarf in the post below is gorgeous!

  6. Love every piece of this look. The pop of orange is breathtaking. And the fringe purse is adorable and so in style. You are so correct. Life is much more fun when you stop waiting for a better day and enjoy today as your best day. Hope no nap day is followed by a good nap and slept through the night day.

  7. I think this is such a styling look, the colours are so good! Great look!! :D

  8. You are perfect Kimberllie ! And thank you so much for your adorable comment !

  9. You look PERFECT in this seventies-ish smart ensemble and I still looove your smile!

    Yes, I'd love to be featured as your blogobsession! such an honor!!!

  10. i kind of like how the pictures are dark!
    i love how everything you are wearing is super affordable, as a college student i am all about super affordable ;)

  11. I reallllllly love this look, those pants!!! right down to that tribal-ish necklace, this is perfect!
    I'm sorry things were grrrrr for ya. It's crazy how difficult a day can get when baby doesn't sleep, I feel ya there! But life has a way of balancing it all out=) <33

  12. I LOVE this outfit.
    I bought clothes yesterday. 8 shirts for $40. I was very tempted to take pictures and post them. My shirts are beautiful. However my camera is broken. In good news I love my new shirts though.
    I always expect things to be pleasant; though I am getting more and more ok when they aren't...as things are generally pretty good

  13. Well, I *love* the coat as always. I'm jealous of it!

    I try to just live my life and look at most things from the bright side (without being delusional about it) and it works pretty well :D.

  14. I was looking back at some of your old posts and I just wanted to say that this outfit makes me happy. :)


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