Tuesday, March 9, 2010

elle on the couch

Okay, I can't blog long. Blog long, sounds kind of funny, hey? Okay, stop wasting time Kimberellie! There is a baby asleep and the new Elle Canada magazine waiting on my couch. So here I am. Here is what I am wearing today:

And some details:

Okay. That's it! That's all! Really! Truly! Farewell!

Oh, I can't do it. I feel bad about not writing anything. Sometimes I think rambling on here is my favorite part. Okay, let's see, what do I got? Um, I am happy. I love clothes more than is appropriate. Most often I dress up the night before, after my son has gone to bed, trying on different outfits until I find something that "works". That's what I did with this outfit.

Usually I start with one article of clothing and then add and subtract until I find something I feel fantastic in. Often the initial item isn't even in the final outfit! (very very very often). This, of course, leads to clothes EVERYWHERE, which does not please my husband (nor am I much pleased to be perfectly honest). But I am trying to be better about it and rehang things when I am done.

So I am wondering, does anyone else do this? Try things on at night? Does anyone else say:

"Hey, pants, I want to wear you tomorrow."

And then in the end not wear those pants? I mean: pants + top - pants + skirt = no pants, yes skirt, yes top. Only it is usually much more convoluted than that. How about we call it the "evolution of the outfit"? Yes, I like that. I don't put outfits together; my outfits "evolve". I also think I may paint like this. It's messy. It's fun. And at times it can be very frustrating. Very rarely do I wear something I just "thought of". I hope I am getting better at this. Though I doubt it. ;-)

Okay, NOW I'm going to read Elle.

outfit details:

skirt worn as shirt, smart set: $15
black tank worn underneath, blue notes: $5
brown velvet blazer, spenser jeremy: $25
sequined leggings, from The Epic Shop: $1
tiffany & co. bracelet: gift from husband
shoes, naturalizer: $30
bow around top, found it in my dresser!

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. I got my Elle Canada today as well..It has me all excited for spring..so inspiring!! Love the velvet Jacket!! You're so brave mixing black with brown and all the different textures!

  2. i love your shoes! they are so super cute.

  3. Love love love your blazer. Ah, absolutely gorgeous. ♥



  4. Adorable outfit, especially the wonderful blazer! :D


  5. This outfit is so cute! As usual :) I love the blazer/dress.

    Sadies is "Sadie Hawkins".
    It's a High School dance cultural tradition.
    Girls have to ask guys to be their date.
    It's never usually a formal thing. Like, our theme was "Imagine Nation", so everyone dressed as characters from books and movies and tv and stuff.

    We were Lucy and Ricky from I Love Lucy :)
    So fun:)

    Thanks for the commment!
    Love always,

  6. i love that blazer! i used to have a velvet-esque blazer but lost it somewhere along the road of life. i think it was abandoned somewhere terribly unexciting like a bar, but you're making me miss it with that classy little number!!

  7. Haha,this is post was very real and funny.I do sometimes spend evenings choosing outfits,which instantly ruins my tidy room.Clothes end up everywhere! I love velvet,so this blazer is very up my street,and the shoes are cute!
    Thanks again for your kind words,plus dont worry about me being sad,it's not all bad....I just can get kind of emotional at times! ^^
    Sofie X

  8. I love how you mixed the sparkly pants and the velvet blazer--it gives your look such and interesting contrast of textures. And to answer your question, I do put outfits together the night before. That's mostly because I have to get up WAY too early in the morning, and I don't have the coordination to pick out a great look (I'm lucky I get my teeth brushed).

  9. I love that shirt. It is so adorable! And those shoes. Sigh. Perfect outfit. :)

  10. I love this outfit so much... not only because of the creative way you styled the skirt but because it has my favorite colors... black and white. :-)


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