Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Heaven

I don't mean to be obsessed with clothes and fashion. I just am. I love the art in it. I always say that fashion is the truest art form. You may not know this, but I'm an artist: abstract, semi-abstract, mixed media, artist-artist. That sort. Do you know the sort? The purist artist sort?

Well, that said, I still believe fashion is truer art than art. I think this because, hey, we have to wear clothes (unless of course you live in Tahiti-lucky lucky you); but we don't have to hang paintings on our walls. Though one could argue necessity does not equal truth. Well, I would argue it can. There is just something so living and breathing and real and essential about fashion. Anyone who gets dressed in the morning has created a piece of walking art, whether they know it or not.

And what's so exciting is that we can choose to convey who we are inside, on our outsides. Fashion, as self-expression, as expressing community (ie. trends, styles), as expressing humanity, as expressing the Divine in us, is exciting. Somehow I think there's a connection; though I'm not quite sure where. I mean, if you believe in God, you believe that God created us. So okay, here we are, created, amazing, beautiful creatures. And what do we do? We continue that creative process; in fashion, we are co-creators.

Isn't that nice? I mean, isn't it nice that we get to dress ourselves up? That we get to continue the process of "us"? I mean, what if we couldn't? What if we came out of the womb and just continued on naked? Even cultures that wear minimal clothing (historically) have worn jewelry, tattoos: ADORNMENT. Where is an unadorned human?

I mean, it would certainly be nice to get to be naked for awhile (on a tropical beach, for maybe a few weeks). But really, it would get old after awhile, I think. I don't even know if I could do it. I would be so tempted to dress up my nakedness with necklaces, and maybe some nice gold sandals (I have just the pair).

Anyway, I don't know where I was going with this. But I want to share a thought with you: I have always thought that when I get to heaven IF everyone there really is dressed up in (boring) white robes, I'm going to put a few "suggestions" in the suggestion box.

Yes, I fully intend on leading a fashion revolution in the afterlife. And all of you fine people have begun to make me think I won't be alone in this.

outfit details:

black top, kische: $1 (on clearance)
belt, thrifted: $1
shorts, winners: $4 (on clearance)
tights, joe fresh style: $3
shoes, roberto vianni: $30
necklace: I made it!
bracelet, tiffany & co: gift

Heart: Kimberellie

close up of diy necklace:
A gold shirt cut into strips and tied together. It is all one long loop that I wrap around!


  1. haha...that definatly made me laugh...nakedness would definatly get boring...and in some cases repulsive

  2. well first i love that top, very flowy and boho. totally up my alley! and great thought you brought up too. i mean, some people think fashion is frivolity. well, it is necessity. but since we must get dressed (or be jailed) then why not make it as beautiful as we can? it gives confidence and it shows we have self-respect. and you can still look good on the cheap. heck, why not be super into fashion?!

  3. I really agree, I love the art of adornment that fashion gives us. It's electrifying, what a great post!

    And that necklace!! I want one so bad, it's so innovative and cute and drape-y and just plain perfect. :D


  4. i love the tights/ shorts combo and I totally agree with your post! stop by mine if you have a chance :)

  5. lol, yes, you will definitely not be alone! I love clothes too, and not for practical reasons. I love them because they're pretty and I love dressing up because I feel pretty, and if we feel good, why not?

    Also in the suggestion box: frizz-free hair for all!

  6. Excellent post hun!!I completely agree=) Your outfit is darlinggg, and that necklace is too cute! Great idea!!

  7. i love your outfit! at first i thought your necklace was shoe strings haha, so creative!
    thanks for dropping by my blog ;) xoxo

  8. Count me in, I'll join you in campaigning for stylish clothes in the afterlife.
    Love the necklace, freakin' genius.

  9. your necklace is such a neat idea. it's very inspiring. i can't believe you got that shirt for a dollar. score! it's so versatile.

    what a lovely thing to think about... walking art. you just brightened my day =]

  10. Totally with you, I love everything to do with fashion, clothes, design, too. But I know quite a lot of people who think it's the height of superficiality. Well, that's their problem, isn't it?

  11. wow so pretty... and an inspiring/well-written post to go with it!

    btw sure I'll exchange links... adding you right now to the blog roll.

  12. I love the color of your tights and that necklace. Nice post!

  13. Love the necklace! You look lovely!

  14. Nice outfit! I love your short denim, with that long blouse! And the necklace looks so amazing!

  15. Again, I love that necklace. I'm thinking about creating one myself so thank you for the inspiration (and how-to)! I couldn't agree more, I would be so bored in a plain-ol' white robe. Hopefully, heaven will be open to accessorizing!

  16. What a great read, and such good thoughts! I would be with you on the suggestion box bit as well. And even on a naked beach I have the perfect pair of silver sandals with huge jewels on them, or a pair of scarf tie ones, or.... you get the point.....


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