Sunday, March 21, 2010

watch the skies

The other day I read about "t-shirt surgery"; and I thought: "I've got to try that." So here's me trying it. The tee in question is a band tee: Watch the Skies. They're pretty awesome. You can check them out here. It was originally a toobighugesleeved-can'twearthisout-butIwouldliketobecauseit'scool-tee. I made it fit. I also made it even cooler (in my not so humble opinion).

The blazer I am wearing was my GREAT grandmother's. So it is honest to goodness certifiable vintage. I love it because the fit is awesome; and it is just so darn ladylike! This, btw, was the blazer I was wearing when I met Jeff Martin from Tea Party. Which is actually a good story and involves me cutting in line in front of about 300 people. But I don't feel like telling it right now.

Right now I'm making chili. I've never made chili before (wonder of wonders); but I think it's going to turn out pretty stupendous (again, my not so humble opinion). Also I wanted to point out that this outfit is pretty much "how" I like to dress: ladylike with some edge. I really like to combine styles. I don't want to be all vintage. I don't want to be all "rock and roll". I don't want to be all dressy, or all casual, or all feminine, or all anything, really. I feel most comfortable when I mix styles/dressiness levels/colours/patterns/whatever. I don't know why.

Maybe it's like painting. When I paint I always do what is called "mixed media". Which basically means I use every kind of paint/pencil/oil pastel/etcetera in my art box.

outfit details:

blazer: was my great grandmother's
t-shirt: band t (I may actually never have gotten around to paying for this, um...)
leggings: (actually they are long underwear--really!)
shoes, thrifted: $3
necklace: a gift
skirt: from a clothes swap

I just realized this is a REALLY almost freeish outfit. NICE.

Heart: Kimberellie

ps. the waving pic isn't posed. That is actually what I look like waving. My husband just likes to click click click take pictures. I'm waving to some friends here. Some friends who STILL owe us cheese. Where's our cheese Sterkenburgs? Where's our cheese? oh, and forgive me for the ridiculous amount of pictures. Usually not this many turn out (well)! So I just couldn't choose! Also, my husband took these and I thought he'd like to see them all. Whenever I ask him what he likes about my blog post he always says: "The pictures." And when I ask why, he says: "Because they're of Kimberellie." I know, awwww. ;-)


  1. sooooo in love with those peeptoes!

  2. you are so darn cute Kimberly! Love how your personality shines thru in your pics, and you are darling in this outfit (as you are in every outfit ;) )

  3. Love the T-shirt remodel. :) I agree you give the cutest poses.

  4. your husband is so sweet. I love the blazer too, and it is so awesome that it was your great grandmother's.

  5. I love what you did with the shirt, it's so cute! :D

  6. Great job on the t-shirt, and that vintage blazer is gorgeous!

  7. awww what a sweet husband you have! I love what you did to the shirt, it looks so cool and original! YOU look so cool and original!! =)) <33

  8. I would probably ruin a shirt in t-shirt surgery. It's quite unfortunate.
    It's cute how in love with you your husband is. So sweet and very important.

  9. you look so great! thanks for your sweet comment. lovely blog!

  10. I cannot believe the blazer is your great grandmother's! When I saw it I thought 'This jacket is soo fashionable!' True style just doesn't fade!

  11. You are so creative! These pictures (as usual) are wonderful, especially that last one. You look like a rock star!

  12. I really like the sleek lines and soft color of your blazer!

  13. Aw, what a sweet hubby. :D

    And I love this jean skirt, I'm so into jean for spring!

    Way to keep it classy (and not trashy) (;



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