Monday, March 8, 2010

green and blue and blooms all over

I couldn't find my other pairs of tights.

So I wore these ones. I am really pleased with how this outfit turned out. The dress is actually a skirt I got at a clothes swap. It didn’t look good as a skirt; but I really loved the colour and pattern so I could not pass it up (and no one else wanted it at all, I didn’t even have to swap for it). I don’t generally wear blue with green or approve of those who do; but wait a minute, I’m liking it. It’s like a whole new world. ;-) I borrowed this trick from Christina at Second Skin (who, btw, is totally awesome).

As for the really awesome t-shirt: I like how you know the kitty cat is up to something; but you're not quite sure what. I would ask him, but he's just a cartoon on a shirt. So he probably can't talk. I can tell you though, that he has a heart nose and is rather cute when he is fully visible. Though I really like how he looks as is, peeking out all sneaky like.

Hey, here's a problem with living in an apartment building: *&%*__s vacuuming the hallway outside your door when your baby is napping. Thankfully he's a good sleeper or those wouldn't be asterisks up there.

Also, for all of you ladies who like belts (and doesn't everyone like a good belt?) I totally recommend checking out your local thrift shops. A dollar for a LEATHER belt in good condition is an awesome deal. Even if you aren't much of a thrift shopper, it is worth the stop in. I mean, how can you beat that?

Oh, and did you notice the blossoms in this picture? Yes! The trees are in bloom! Everywhere around this town of mine! So I simply had to get a picture of one for online bragging purposes (nannananananna). Only, this morning: snow. Seriously!!! Thankfully it went away. That's what I get for saying: nananannananan; pride cometh before the snowfall, you know. Ooo, that was a really bad joke. Pretend I didn't make it.

Okay, I've obviously got nothing real to say here. But first, one more picture:

outfit details:
skirt, worn as dress: via clothes swap

shirt, kitty cat, urban planet: $5

shoes, payless: $ 13
belt, thrifted: $1

tights, ardene: $3
green bracelet: accidentally stolen from Value Village
tiffany & co. bracelet: gift from husband
trees in bloom: gift from God
Heart: Kimberellie

ps. It appears that I have won a blog award:

The amazing Skooter (dear Skooter, I just realized I don't know you're real name, unless of course Skooter is your real name, and in that case: cool name) of Pink Blue Whale Fashion sent this my way. I am super amazing excited because I have never won a blog award before. Yeah Kimberellie! See, I'm so excited I'm self-congratulatory! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to pass it around. So you'll be seeing me do that in a few days.


  1. I think this is my favourite of all your outfits, you look stunning! Great job.

  2. I love that skirt as a dress...and the blue and green look fab together!! And of course congratulations on your blog award!!

  3. I love this outfit! Wearing that skirt as a dress makes it seem very natural, and the cat peeking out is one of my favourite outfit details ever XDD.

    You're welcome for the award, I think you deserve it! :D And no, my real name isn't Skooter XD. It's Fauve, which is French. I use Skooter because I figured Fauve might be hard to pronounce for the English speakers, who obviously dominate the internet XD.

  4. The blue and green look so good together! Your tights rock and your shirt is so fun, I love this ensemble!! Oh and I have those shoes in brown. Makin me wish I got em in green tho=)
    You look amazing!! :D

  5. oh and congrats on your award!! Yay! :D

  6. Thanks for the visit. I like your style and the way you combined blue with green. Unusual, but it definitely works. I would probably pick a t-shirt without a pattern on it,, a plain one or something.

  7. You're so adorable ! I love your outfit ! And congrats for these award !!!

  8. I really love the skirt worn as a dress. The colors are so beautiful. It's like a breath of fresh air.

  9. Congrats on your blog award, that is awesome! I LOVE this color combination, it's very tropical. I also want to steal those shoes right off your feet!

  10. I think this is my favorite of all your posts!!!

    I honestly loveeee that dress to pieces. I know it's a skirt, but as a dress it's so adorable.

    And maybe it was fate that you couldn't find any other tights?? :P.cuz those ones look FABULOUS. Truly. I love them. They really make the dress POP.

    I totally hear you on the belt-thriftstore thing. You can find so many cute belts for SO super cheap at thrift stores.

    I can walk out of a thrift store with ten of them. It's bad news :).

    Anyways, you are gorgeous along with the blossom trees :). I hope you're having a good week! Congrats on the award, darrlin'!

    Love always,


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