Wednesday, August 18, 2010

leather purse and shorts for ten dollars!

Yesterday these shorts were pants. Now they're not pants. They're shorts. I wonder if anyone from Great Brittan is reading this and snickering. Because aren't "pants" underpants over there? Well, how about I say trousers. TROUSERS. Yes. Trousers is immanently fun to say. Try it: trousers. TROUSERS! !! Fun, huh?

So I cut them off, rolled them up: viola. No hemming necessary for leather. And that's nice. Nonetheless, I shall have to get out my sewing machine tomorrow afternoon to make the purse. Yes. There were legs. They shall be a purse. Because these shorts were TROUSERS. Now they're shorts (and soon a purse). And all for ten dollars. TEN DOLLARS.

You see, I had been hemming (hahahaha) and hawing about whether or not to turn my lovely thriftstoretendollarsthat'sit! find, of leather pants, into shorts for awhile. In the end I decided to because: leather shorts are just more versatile. I can wear them now in the summer and later in the fall and then again come spring. Whereas leather pants would have only been okay for fall and winter.

And also now I get a purse too (you will see it shortly, keep your trousers on).

Alright, I think it's time to bite my lower lip, spin around in my computer chair, jump up out of the chair, and do a brisk run around the downstairs of my house.

outfit details:

leather shorts, thrifted danier original TROUSERS!: $10
crochet top, thrifted: $8
black leather oxfords, thrifted: $10
top under crochet top: $5
diving watch: my husband's. I like to wear it.
necklace, tiffany & co.: gift from a friend

Heart: Moi


  1. This is the second pair of leather shorts I've seen on a blog this week and it's enough to make me crave a pair. :) Great choice in turning the pants/trousers into shorts.

  2. The shorts are fabulous!! Love how you're wearing delicate crochet with the tough leather, creating a beautifully feminine outfit.
    Trousers! Such a great word, isn't it? Pants always makes us silly Brits laugh as does "Vest". To us it's underwear or a sleeveless teeshirt. When you guys comment on my waistcoats I always confused. xxx

  3. LOL! Thanks for the laugh.
    Personally I prefer 'pants'... 'trousers' sounds.. .. silly. :P

  4. Don't think I could ever pull off leather anything, but you do it wonderfully :) and I am in total lust with that top!

  5. Those are amazing and I want some=D Can't wait to see this purse you made!!! <33

  6. You are a thrifting inspiration, my dear! And I was nearly crying I was laughing so hard reading this.

    It's funny because I was making a list of "fall wants" today and I almost wrote the word trousers and then I wrote pants instead. I thought to myself "am I the type of person who uses the word trousers?" I had to think about it, and I wasn't sure. So that made your post even more hilarious.

  7. I can't wait to see the purse. And love that you turned your trousers into shorts... and that you called them trousers.

  8. I love those shoes...such an amazing thift find!!
    I'm so sad I'm soooo behind on reading your blog...I feel completely out of the loop..haha...

  9. Hi Kimberellie,

    Thank you for your comment and advise. I agree with you said, I am very hard on him and I am definitely trying to makes things work and be a better wife. I think it will help if I get a job so I don't focus all my energy on what he's doing.

    Thanks again!

  10. Sweet deal you got!
    ps. Your hair looks great !

  11. I love the word trousers too. The other day I wore jeans to work and everyone was like "Oh My! You're wearing pants!" and I replied, "yes, I do wear trousers." It sounds so sophisticated. Great job making the shorts, I can't wait to see how you wear them in the fall.

  12. I love love love your shorts! they look amazing with the rest of your outfit. really lovely!

  13. yes! your trouser turn shorts are great! and i think it was the right call because you can always layer them with tights when it get cooler :)

    and i really love your blouse... can i have it?? haha!



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