Thursday, August 26, 2010

i stare at you no longer

This brick wall is near where we live. We pass by it on the way to Starbucks (also near where we live. Nice, hey?). Now that my son walks we have been getting him to walk everywhere. We figure he could use the exercise. I mean, he's a baby; so he's crazy and zooms about all day. So there's that exercise. But also he spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in his chair looking at his picture books (very cute, next blog I'll post a picture).

But where was I going with this? Right: the brick wall. Well, on our way to Starbucks he has started doing something really cute. When we walk by the brick wall he wanders over to it and stands in front of it. Yes. He poses. Like mommy. It's fricken' adorable.

Note: we are both wearing rompers. I think he is definitely pulling it off better than I am ;-). But he's just cuter. So it's to be expected. I also got another romper this summer I have yet to wear (shocking!). But I soon shall. It was made for me by Natasha of Required2BeInspired and I do believe it is in the closet calling my name.

I wore this outfit last night too...a tad bit differently. Different jewelry, different shoes, more eye make up than is acceptable during the day unless you are a teenager. Oh, and right: Winner's Final Clearance is on now. And speaking of teenagers: they're wrecking it for me. At least that's my theory. Because the Winter clearance is SO MUCH BETTER. And I figure that's because in the Winter there aren't swarms of teenagers populating the malls getting all the good deals.

Still, it was a pretty good haul. Here is what I got so far:

Two floral skirts for five dollars each.
This romper, also five dollars.
A pair of skinny jeans I will be taking back because I can't bend over in them (and with a little one I am always bending over). They were also five bucks.
A floral tank for five.
A floral top for five.
A beige top for three.
A pair of knee socks for seventy cents.
A cream (very nice faux) leather vest for fifteen.

I think I may go back tomorrow evening, just because...I'm a compulsive sale shopper. Yes. I wonder what would ever happen if I went to a shopaholics anonymous meeting? I shudder at the thought! What if they cured me? !

Oh, and how about my new header? Or do you miss me staring at you?

outfit details:

romper, from winners: $5
both pairs, shoes, thrifted: $10
first necklace, thrifted: $1
second necklace, namasté: $18
socks, ardene: $2
hat: I bought it maybe ten years ago, maybe more like 12 years ago
bracelet: $3
belt: gift
watch: my husband's

Heart: Kimberellie


  1. LOVE the new header!!

    and you're both rocking the romper!!

  2. oh my goshhh, your darling boy is just the cutest. But, might I just say, I think it is the coolest thing EVER that you blog and are a fabulous momma too. I don't mean to say I expect that all mom's are style-less and have no lives, I just think it's awesome that you don't "lose" that fashionista in you just because you are a mom! You still do what you're passionate about, and I think that's great. I look up to you, is that weird??

    You leave the sweetest comments. And as much as I adore your face, I love your new header! It's so "you" and that dress is my favorite:)

  3. Love the new header, it's such a gorgeous shot.

    Lady you lucked in!! I can't wait to see all of the pieces you found make their debut.

    I'm an office worker, yes. By day. By night...well I go home. Or work on styling gigs ;)

  4. Love the new header, but did love you staring at me in the old one. :)
    I am loving over the knee socks at the moment, great summer/winter transition.

    Your little boy is so cute, look at him posing. Natural.

    Oh and your hair is also looking pretty fab.


  5. The new header is so cool!! I love your socks so much!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  6. I like your new header, you look so myserious. You and your son both look so adorable. I love the romper on you, you pull it off so well, especially with the knee socks.

  7. Great new header, but, yes, I miss your gorgeous gaze. Stunning outfit, very sixties chick, love it!
    Both rocking the romper, baby is definately not intimidated by the camera lens, a natural in fact.
    Teenagers? Pah, run 'em over with the pushchair. How dare they stand in the way of a woman and her bargains? xxx

  8. hmmm, I love this new header... you have a very talented guest photographer!
    I also love that my little man is posing now too. What a stud.
    I haven't gone to Winners yet, I just may this weekend though...

  9. I LOVE Winners Final Clearance...the top I wore yesturday I had bought on final clearance the other day for $9...and the Black "Jeggings" from a few days ago as well for $11...I'm definatly heading back there today because it ends tomorrow!!!!!
    I love this romper...I had tried it on awhile back...but for some reason it didn't work on me...I don't remember why tho...I love it on you!! I really love it with the over the knee socks....oh how I love OTK socks!!

    And yes I love your new header as well...

  10. Oh wow, amazing!! This outfit is so inspiring and it looks incredible on you!

    Hope you have a great weekend, my dear. :)


  11. Oooh, I like your outfit (both versions)! I love the romper with the thigh-high socks!

  12. love the new banner... also loved the old one :D my fave pic is the one of you sitting on the chair with your hair pushed forward... tres chic. I heart knee socks.

  13. This is too cute and you both wearing rompers makes it even cuter. Loving your outfit the otk socks rock with this outfit. Great haul too xoox

  14. oh my god how cute are you both
    my sister has a habit of getting in my pictures and just standing there,especially when im doing them for ebay

  15. How adorable that he does that! My daughter loves to stroll around the neighborhood. I've gotten to know so many more neighbors that way. :)

    That necklace is great and I love the socks.

  16. oh, you look so good in all black... well almost all black. great coordinated outfits, your son is adorable :)

  17. That romper is SUPER cute on you! It is also cute on your little boy!!!! I love his pose! LOL!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  18. Love the new header!!
    How funny that the little fella is copying you too. He is too stinkin' cute for his own good. :D
    Oh and I reckon teenagers should have a curfew from the malls so that we can get in there!

  19. I love this gorgeous, dramatic look. I love how the pink in the necklace echoes the pink in your hair (even if it's covered up!). I love how your little guy is posing in front of the wall "like mommy". Oh, and I love your new banner too--that was one of my favorite looks!

  20. Love the lace dress in your header but thought the old was more artistic, more you...
    cute combo. Adore the son posing with you. My son does the same thing. My daughter has not realized what I am doing yet, she just takes advantage of my momentary lack of attention to get into trouble while I take photos. Love the eye make up in your evening look.

  21. i adore the new header... that was one of my favorite posts :)

    and i reallyreally love this look... i adore all black with a pop of color... just sooo perfect. and the socks and hat just top it off... well... perfectly ;)


  22. pss you son looks sooo adorable in that photo!

  23. New header rocks and so does your outfit. That last pic is jaw-droppingly fabulous, kind of wild!! And oh my gosh how I'm cracking up at the thought of your son automatically posing on the wall!!!!!


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