Tuesday, August 3, 2010

beach collages

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach lately. It's my son's favorite place. He loves to swim, climb over driftwood, dig in the sand, and generally explore the beach. The beach is also my favorite place, and my husband's favorite place. When we're there, I'm either swimming or sitting still. Not so for my husband and my son, they spend their time digging, exploring, swimming, looking under rocks, playing with sticks. They do not know how to chill at the beach.

It's funny, because I remember going to the beach the first time with my husband when we were dating. I brought food, books, magazines, a blanket, and homemade iced tea, fully expecting to just chill when we were there. Didn't happen. Has never happened. While I lounge on the blanket reading my husband scales rocks along the shore. My son catches bugs and tries to eat them. This is how the beach works: I chill. The boys explore.

I'm curious (but not about what is under rocks*) what is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

outfit details:

shirt, thrifted gap: $4
skirt, gap: $10
necklace, thrifted: $1
bracelet, thrifted: $1
sunnies, chanel: gift
shoes (not pictured) thrifted: $4

outfit total: $20

Heart: Kimberellie

*actually, I am curious about what is under rocks. I just like sitting and reading at the beach more. Oh, and also I steal pretty rocks.


  1. How fun!!! Such great pictures of you and your fam!

    You look so nicely dressed for going to the beach. I would've thrown style out the window.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. I like to collect glass and old pieces of crockery that wash up on the beach. I enjoy imagining that they came from a cruise ship that sank years ago or some such romantic notion.

  3. Such a cute skirt and I love your toe nail polish. Adorable collages. I'm off to the beach at the end of this week - SO EXCITED!! :)

  4. nice pictures Kimberellie. How did you make the collages?

  5. Love the necklace. Yes, I'm all for the chilling at the beach, it usually involves magazine chat because Natasha is usually there with me... Sadly I don't get to the beach much!

  6. looks like you're having lots of fun! and you look fancy and all, I love your necklace! I admire you for taking the time to dress up even for going to the beach :)

  7. Such lovely pictures and you are so lucky to have a beach on your doorstep. Mine is the other side of the world in Goa. It's a matter of stripping off, slapping on the Factor 30 and plonking myself down by an old fishing boat with a darned gripping read. xxx

  8. Lovely pictures, how lucky are you to be able to mooch along to the beach whenever you want.
    Andy likes to explore, I chill. I'm very good at it. :)


    p.s Love that necklace.

  9. Beautiful photos. Your son is so cute.

    I love your blue and green hued outfit. perfect for the beach. The skirt is so lovely with the button down shirt. I can't believe I don't own a button down shirt like that. It looks so simple and casual how you've worn it but I always associate them with business wear.

  10. I love your hair and skirt, what a lovely combo!

  11. Gorgeous pictures, and I love your beach-y style. I think I need to move near a beach. That just looks like way too much fun.

  12. OOOOHHH, how I love this shoot :) Your son is the cutest. But you know how much I adore him and your family and you so I'll leave it at that!

    My best advice as far as tights go: put them on VERY carefully. Even if it takes 10 minutes, put them on inch by inch. It really helps things, I promise. OH! And I also always always always buy my tights in a bigger size than I wear because then they are less likely to run. It works too!

  13. I am a big beach goer. Three times a week...but that's Jersey for you. It's so ingrained in my life it's like going to the grocery store: You just do it. I love everything about it, from drinking under the umbrella to body surfing to volley ball and walking miles and miles before even thinking of turning around. And though it hasn't been possible lately, I love to stick around until the sun starts to go down and just lay there while it clears out. Definitely my favorite place to be.

  14. Very, very pretty outfit! and I love your photo collages..they are wonderful!

  15. i love the beach too! lately, i've been more the chilln at the beach type... but it really depends.. sometimes i like to explore too. depends on the mood, the weather and what beach i am at :)

    love the photos and the layout of them :)


  16. ahhh...these photos are great! your little man is so adorable. :) so what do i like to do at the beach? i like to pack a cooler of cold drinks and snacks, grab a good beach read and lounge in the sand all day. that sounds so relaxing...i may do it this weekend!

    barefoot & vintage

  17. I love these pictures! The water looks so cold but very delightful. :) The first pic is my favorite! How did you create the collage?

    Erin :)

  18. such lovely photos, lucky girl!


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