Monday, September 13, 2010

don't go out to the woods today!

Look to the left!
Look to the right!

Look out!

(the woods are full of teddy bears)

In other news, I'm reading a book.  Actually, I'm always reading a book.  Want to hear which one?  Of course you do.  One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell (the author of Sex and the City).  And I have to say, I'm really liking it.  What I'm really liking?  -Hating all the characters.  That's right.  I don't really like any of them.  Okay, maybe I sort of like three of them, and feel sorry for two of them.  Overall I am very much enjoying disliking the majority of the characters and liking the book itself.  Anyone reading anything they are quite enjoying right now?  I do love recommendations!
And speaking of Sex and the City, I LOVE her necklace.  I want one.  Only I don't want mine to say "Carrie".  Because that would be weird.  

Super cute, no?  
Oh, I smell something burning.  I should check on that.*

outfit details:

skirt, cleo: $10
shirt, winners: $5
shoes, naturalizer: $30
socks, a dollar store: $1
jacket, danier: $300

Heart: Kimberellie

* I may or may not get confused about which dial belongs to which stove burner.  I may or may not have melted a plastic stirring spoon.
And speaking of teddy bears: "It is astonishing how many thoroughly mature, well-adjusted grown-ups harbour a teddy bear - which is perhaps why they are thoroughly mature and well-adjusted." ~ Joseph Lempa
ps. I couldn't sleep without my teddy bear until I was 25.  I used to bring him (CUDDLES!) camping as an adult.  
pps. When I was first dating my husband I discovered a box of his teddy bears marked: "pillows" in his apartment!


  1. That skirt with those socks are great! I get the burners confused all the time and have melted my fair share of spoons. The last ps about your husband is so cute. I never had a teddy bear. I wonder if that means I'm not a well-adjusted adult.

  2. i'm loving these wood pictures, you're so creative. i like the jacket and the socks together.

  3. You look great! The socks are so cute with this outfit. I like teddy bears but gave mine away because I'm allergic to dust mites. I'm allergic to lots of jewelry, too. I had a long list of what is and isn't hypoallergenic, and naturally I can't find it now, but as I recall gold is usually OK. And titanium if you can find it.

  4. Loving the patterns here lady. As I always do, because you always do them so well. That made more sense in my head.

    I still have my teddy bear on my bed. His name is Growler. The Man knew from day one that he would always be around. The fact that he takes him off the bed at night and wraps him in one of his Tshirts so he doesn't get cold? Well that is just one of the myriad reasons that I love this man more than I can put into words.

  5. Love those cute little socks and the sexy skirt. Well love everything especially the rustic setting.
    Do you know you can just paint the earring bit that goes through your ear with clear nail varnish? That'll stop any allergic reactions and save you lots of money too. xxx

  6. I love the skirt!! Perfect for your autumn.
    Not really a teddy bear girl... yes I had some but I can't even remember their names or if I still have them!! sad huh.

  7. Love the added polka dots in the socks! Cute outfit!

    But more than that, I love that your husband had a box of "pillows" - I think that made my morning!

  8. I still keep thinking that I don't like socks and shoes and then I see people like you looking so amazing in them - I really should change my mind, shouldn't I? They look perfect with the fab skirt.

    I still have Toby Bear sharing a bed with me. He ain't going anywhere.

  9. you look super fantastic!!!!! love those socks and the jacket. wow, totally cool. and just so you know, i have a baby pillow that i brought on my honeymoon with me. yep, sure did. i still sleep with it :)

  10. that is so completely adorable about sleeping with a teddy bear...and then your husband. Hahah! I saw sex and the city 2 for the first time (before I'd ever seen the show or the first movie) and I think I'm in LOVE. You're right! It's exactly a bloggers type of thing, the fashion, the closeknit bonding. Yep.

    And I love your shoes. So much. Especially with those socks!

    would I like to be your blog obsession? WOULD I??

    That is a YES!!!!!! shouted from the rooftops! I'd be honored!! That would blow my mind! You have no idea how much I look up to you and your adult life :)

  11. oh and you can email me if you need to: soccermagg(at)gmail(dot)com :)


  12. perfect outfit to transition into Fall with! My fave pic is the one of you standing on the fence, super artsy and cute!

  13. where are the promised family photos? so excited to see your adorable little man and hubby!

  14. the family pics where taken by a professional I have to wait for them! Don't worry, as soon as they come I'll post them!

  15. Well hey, you can always use a melted spoon right? I've done that very thing before. And the teddy bears in the "pillows" box? ADORABLE!

  16. you look adorable, love that skirt on you!

  17. Awww! Your photos are adorable. I love the forest-y background :)
    Hope you like my jumpsuit post too :)

    -Gayle from

  18. I love teddy bears!!! I have two that I brought with us. The rest of them are at my parents' house.

    I love your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  19. hahaha... pillows... too cute!

    i love hoop earrings... i am partial to them... you should get some... they look especially good with short hair ;)



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