Tuesday, September 21, 2010

post more often Kimberellie! or I will get you,

with my getting!

I'm trying to post more often.  That's what I say to my son.  That is, I say: "I'll get you with my getting."  I don't say: "I'm trying to post more often".  Because I have no idea why I would say that to my son.  That would be weird.  Speaking of my son, look!:
Pretty frickin' cute, hey?  I think so.

now would you look at THESE BOOTS?

I will have them.  I will.  I will have them. Yes. Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  And explosion! (of excitedness) over wanting boots.  But how shall I pay for them?  Oh dear I don't know how!  

Because I also want:
  • Alien, the perfume
  • another pair of leopard print tights (not grey, but regular leopard colour)
  • Princess by Vera Wang (I am sort of perfume obsessed)
  • a pair of shoes I won't mention here in case everyone goes out and buys them and they get sold out in my size because I am waiting for them to go on sale (yes I am that kind of paranoid).
  • a kindle.  kindle.  kindle.
  • hm...I swore I wanted more stuff than this.  Seriously.  I'm a stuffaholic.  I love stuff.  STUFF!
  • tea?  yes, well I can have that one.  I can.  I have about 6 mugs of tea a day.  It's fantastic!  This next mug will be my fourth mug.  Or should I say cup?  Or cuppa?  Well I am gonna hava cuppa of teaa soona.
  • Also, I want a cookie.
Okay.  Now I am done listing stuff.  Thanks for visiting.  You are special.  And I am special.  And tea is special. Doesn't that make you feel special?  Being right up there with tea?

Obviously I've gone a little crazy.  But that's okay.  Because I love my jacket.

This jacket: awesome no?  I got it for FIVE bucks.  Nice! Pretty! Great condition! Vintage! Jacket! for five bucks?  Pray tell how Kimberellie?  How didst thou scorest such an awesome deal? Here, I'll tell: it was priced at $ 25 and I said: "That seems kind of expensive.  Can I have it for less?" And then the lady marked it down to five.  Yes.  I have mad negotiating skills...or I maybe I am secretly a vampire and I "glamoured" her.  Or actually, you see me out in daylight a lot...  So that story won't stick.  Would you believe that I'm a Jedi?

outfit details:

vintage wool jacket: $5
shoes, naturalizer: $30
tights, ardene: $3
shirt, from winnners: $5
hairband, smart set: $3
bracelets, assorted thrifted: 67 cents each

Heart: Kimberellie
Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. ~Ludwig Wittgenstein


  1. wow, that IS an amazing jacket! you look so classy these days. Not that you haven't earlier by any means, I've always loved your posts, but I feel like you are really coming into yourself as far as playing with textures/colors and dressing for you! All of your photos have tied in marvelously with the backgrounds and all! Maybe that's just me ;)

    Your son is so sweet! Aw! Look at the precious little dollie :)

    P.S. I feel like a little bit of a celebrity being on your sidebar!

  2. you are like a print maven. i love how you fearlessly mix all kinds of pattern. i love the jacket with the skirt and tights. sooooo good. and i too have a long list of wants. at least i have a birthday coming up!!!

  3. Oh my..we (Brianna and I) needed you thrifting with us in Calgary this past weekend...I kept telling her how I thought the prices seemed extremely high for 2nd hand..to which she agreed, but neither of us actually asked to pay less!..haha
    I really love your mixture of prints and textures here...I think I need me some leopard tights now too..I just haven't found them anywhere..

  4. AH! Those wonderful textures look like they were just made for each other! And that photo of your son looks like something out of a magazine. Adorable.

  5. Wooo that was fun to read!! LOL.
    Oh my gosh I love tea too. It cures everything. Umm.. oh yes, I was going to buy that Vera Wang perfume the other week when parents were visiting and I shopped on my own... but ended up chosing Burberry because it was on sale and VW was probably too girlie and I thought I'd go for something different.
    Can't believe how cheap you get your clothes for! AND your son is just adorable.. he looks like a doll too!


  6. Eep, I've wanted Princess for as long as I can remember, it spells heavenly! But I'm really bad about buying perfume...I can never make myself dish out so much money for smell-good, ya know?

    D'aww, adorable sleeping baby son (:

    And I love your leopard tights mixed with the long skirt and oxford style heels. Very vintage feeling with the modern leopard is perfect perfect perfect!


  7. Those tights! That jacket!! Your son!!! I'm having serious cuteness overload!
    I just love the way you make all those fabulous pieces work together. It makes me crave the cold weather.

  8. Everything, everything...you've got it all and I think you're fabulous.
    I've just remember I've got some leopard tights I bought at the beginning of summer, I'm going to have to crack them out and give them a go. xxx

  9. So I thought the outfit in the first pic was awesome. Then I saw it without the jacket! Totally amazing both ways. Love, love, love.

  10. Where do you get so much amazing stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that jacket--it is FAB! I also want the headband..and the shoes......heck, just hand it all over darlin, HA

    I'm trying to post more often too--summertime got me off track


  11. i do declare you have mad negotiating skills, and amazing thrift finding skills also. i get what you mean about posting more often. i get frustrated about it, my job is sometimes getting in the way as well as life... oh well, we do what we can :)

  12. i hate how the color red fades, dont you ?

  13. I know people say LOL a lot, but seriously, I was laughing out loud. You can post as much as you want--I love reading!! Love the tights--those make any look more fun! What is it about fall that makes our "want" lists even longer?

  14. That jacket is absolutely gorgeous...and so is the bambino!

  15. i love those shoes. i think they are my favorite of all your shoes :)

    and the boots.... get them! i am thoroughly addicted to buying boots! they are one of my favorite things and those are soooo you! budget them in somehow! don't buy some of the other stuff... :D

    your son is the cutest!


  16. lovely outfits! Baby with the doll pic is so asorable!

  17. Gorgeous outfit.. love the tights!! and great photos on here too...!!!

  18. great outfit; Love the first pict
    your son is so sweet :)



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