Monday, September 27, 2010

i thought I'd look at you for once (hey, you're cute)

Yep.  Here I am looking at the camera.  At YOU.  And I have got to say: you are looking good.  Sexy really.Thanks.  I appreciate it.  You getting all dolled up to read my blog that is...  It's for me right?  You're not going on a date or anything after this; are you?  Because I thought we had something.  Something special.

Today I gave a friend a cheque for some Norwex cleaning supplies (very cool stuff).  And anyway, in the memo line I wrote: "For being sexy".  I don't think I am capable of writing a cheque without writing something silly and/or untoward in the memo line.  Even to my mother.  So watch out.  If I ever write a cheque for you, the memo line may specify that the cheque is for:

  • Kittens
  • ruffle bum panties
  • earwax removal services
  • naked cheese
  • spanking
  • a lot of buttons
  • smooches
  • happiness
  • putting the toilet seat down
  • the hit.  you know the one I mean.  thanx.

Now onto other things.

Say, did you notice my skirt?  Well, notice.  Bet you didn't know I got it for FREE.  Yes, free.  I redeemed my chic points for this.  It's by Alyssa Nicole a very talented independent designer.  It is handmade; and it is FAB-U-LOUS (and did I mention FREE?).  I really love the shape of it.  It just pleaseth me muchly.  Oh, muchly.

And notice my cardigan: I just got it dry cleaned.  And it is fuzzy nubbley-er than ever ( very fuzzy numbley).  I picked this up about 7 years ago to the not free tune of $150 dollars.  But for 7 years worth of wear, I have got to say: still a good deal.  And lucky moi, that wrap cardigans are so "in" right now.  If you are reading my archives please scroll ahead seven years to moi still wearing said cardigan and being totally "out" (a place I plan to be in 7 years ;-).

That is all.

So here's me looking at you- baby.  Try not to fall in love with me.  It'll just make things awkward.

shirt, thrifted: $3
hose (isn't it fun to call tights: "hose"?) joe fresh style: $3
shoes, naturalizer: $30
necklace, smart set: $1
cardigan, daniel bishop (bought 7 years ago): $150

Heart (but not in that way...okay, maybe): Kimberellie


  1. Love your headband, and the cardi, well worth the money I think.


  2. Oh and I love your cheque writing, do me one. :)

  3. That cardi was a real investment piece and worth every penny, love everything else too but especially your neat waist in that awesome skirt. Write me a cheque while you're at it, please! xxx

  4. Hahhaha! You're too lovely! I really like that asymmetrical cardi. Cashmere makes it even better. Good on you for managing to keep it in mint condition after so long! 7 years and I probably would have it in shreds. Love those burgundy stockings as well. You look great!

  5. cute outfit.. love the blue streaks in your hair.. and I would say 7 years worth of wear and likely quite a few more has proved the sweater has more than earned its keep. I will keep this in mind when shopping!!!

    The leggings/stockings color is beautiful as well

  6. okay, now I want you to write me a cheque (check? but your spelling is so much cuter ;) ) for buy something from me, yes? and send me a cheque with something awesome written in the subject line? lol (no pressure, of course..well, not much, haha)

    Really Kim, I think only you are cute enough to say some of the things that you do and get away with it. I am a tiny bit jealous..but then, you're just too cute for me to be too terribly annoyed.. ;) teehee

  7. Free is always good!! But I'm thinking the skirt was actually "Earned" for being fabulous (or Chic)!
    I love your hose!! hose is my favorite!

  8. Yay for pretty, free skirts! And the check memo thing is hilarious! I'd love to see "ruffle bum panties" (yep, it is fun to say!) on a check for a plumber or the mortgage. Too funny.

    And I LOVE the unexpected burgundy tights with the other, softer colors. Simply gorgeous.

  9. I am a bit sad that cheques are being phased out over here :(

    What a gorgeous skirt! Love the different shades in it, and the fact it was free just makes it even more awesome.

  10. You make me laugh as usual. Love the ensemble (sp?), the burgandy tights are just so perfect under the pastel colors.

  11. love it! i think my favorite part is the headband... kinda makes you look like a flapper! and well, i love me a flapper grrl ;)

  12. I lovee this outfit! The color of your tights... perfection!! I need some now! :)

  13. So pretty! Love the colour of your tights :)
    Also, in reply to your question, the puppy is not a doberman, he is a Kelpie! but i do see the resemblance! x

  14. Hahahah. I love your check memo comments!!

    That skirt IS awesome....because it's free!! who doesn't like free stuff!!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  15. Your hose looks great ,the color suits the outfit!


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