Monday, September 20, 2010

get your Monday socks on and get out there

It's finally happened.  I've run out of things to say.  Really.  I've been trying to write this blog post for almost 24 hours already.  And this is all I have come up with: lamenting my lack of inspiration.  Not especially original, is it?  

Let's talk about my shoes, how about.  Nice, hey?  I think so.  I picked these babies up to the tune of 8 dollars.  Thrifted, yes.  Vintage, yes.  New?  Yes, actually, they were new (as in never worn) until I put them on my pretty little feet and took them out for a stroll.  

In other news, look: a hairband.  Fetching, isn't it?  I have decided that fetching will be my word du jour.  Like today, I don't feel especially fetching.  I just woke up from a nap.  And I feel decidedly blah.  The next photo was taken at the park.  And yes, that is a child's cup I am drinking from.  

Alright, I'm off.  Now you, go get your Monday socks on and get out there and play.* It's sunny outside and still summer for a few more precious hours.  Unless it's raining where you live.  In which case I recommend a nap (in your Sunday socks, of course).

outfit details:

jacket, danier: $300
shirt, from a friend of a friend
jeans, romeo and julliet couture via winners: $5
hairband, smart set: $3
bracelet, tiffany's: gift from husband
shoes, vintage thrifed: $8
watch: my husband's
ring, smart set: $3

heart: kimberellie

*my son has day of the week socks.  I'm a little envious of them, I admit it.


  1. I love that picture of you and baby, it's like something off a greetings card.
    Now coe clean, what's in that drinking cup? xxx

  2. gosh, I want one just like him. One day, not yet:) hehe. I LOVE those shoessss! I have been searching desperately for brown oxfords and the texture on yours make them all the more lovely! I also love your headband. Yep. :) And the picture of me on your blog makes me so excitedd! Ahhh, thank you so much:)

  3. lady, i've been looking for a fabulous pair like that for WEEKS. and here you are...flaunting your find... ;) i don't blame you! good one. gee, i sure hope you never run out of things to say. then again, your pictures are always lovely, so all would not be lost. :)

  4. Those shoes are quite fetching. :) I have been looking for a great pair of oxfords like those!

    Ps - Your son is just precious. And a great dresser - just like his mama!

  5. You look fetching darling, just fetching. The headband is fetching too. :)
    And actually, I'm wearing my Tuesday socks today. Keep up woman!

  6. aww I love that smile and drink pic! Your smile is very fetching. But yes, the headband is also, and the shoes are superb =)

  7. You know, some days the words just don't come. And that's okay, because your pictures are beautiful, you have awesome shoes, you look great and your baby is cute :)

  8. wayyyyyy cute! and I love your headband! Sometimes I just wanna post pics and have nothing to say..I think that is A-oKAY :-D

  9. Your son is such a cutie. Love the oxford's. They have been on my 'want' list all summer but never got one and now the summer is over. Your jacket is beautiful and I love your nail polish color.

  10. great jacket and great shoes, i love the details.

    i love wearing headbands.

    your son is a little man, how cute.

  11. I used to have day of the week undies. I loved them. Particularly wearing them on the wrong days. I'm crazy like that! *Said in a voice that may not have translated exactly in words*.
    Also, it's Tuesday and raining. Can I still take a nap?
    Also, also, I really like your shirt.

  12. you are glowing in that first photo... i love it :)

  13. You make me laugh so much - and ive only just found this blog .. think I have a new blogworld crush haha

    Sal xXx

  14. Where have you been all my life?!?!?! I just found your blog via Chictopia and I love it, love you, love your style, love your son and your son's style as well as a bunch of other stuff. Following!

    I too am a bloggin' mama and would love you to check me out (clothes, refashions, furniture makeovers, more clothes)...




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