Thursday, September 16, 2010

a consumer stands outside

A Consumer Stands Outside

You paint my skin with sunshine.
I'm standing where I stand,
I close my eyelids crimson;
And wait to feel your hand
Spiderwebs are glistening-
But I speak too loud to hear
A vast sky whispering,
That you are already near.
So gather me with quiet,
Because I am tired of me.
What I want, I can't buy it,
Spiderwebs are always free
  So why do I refuse what's best;
  And pay for what's worth less?

Heart: Kimberellie

outfit details:

jacket, thrifted years ago: $5 (about four years)
shoes, thrifted recently: $10
skirt: a gift from my mil
shirt, winners: $6 (at least 8 years old)
belt, thrifed: $1
bracelets: all thrifted (for 69 cents each) except the gold bracelet which was a graduation present from my mom and stepdad
tiffany & co. bracelet: gift from my husband

I have been spending time with Dylan Thomas, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Shakespeare, e.e. cummings and my garden, instead of looking online at shoes during my son's nap time (a laudable use of time, I'm not saying it isn't;-).  So here is my garden (really a patio with a tree and some dirt and a rosebush--we're working on it).

The last photo I really like.  At first when I saw it on my computer screen I thought: "Oh, the wear on the ring is showing, too bad."  But then I realized, no, wait a minute, this isn't a wedding day photo of my engagement and wedding rings, but a married photo.  There should be wear; because we've been married two and a half years now.  And I like that the photo shows that.


  1. gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. all of it. you are amazing. i love your jacket, your shoes, your worn wedding rings, your poetry. ee cummings has always been a favorite of mine. you know i told matt that i loved him for the first time with an ee cummings inspired poem? it's true. i think it's super cool that you're reading instead of shopping. way to go :)

  2. These photos are amazing! I love your shoes, the outfit, the ring photo and the cobweb! I've also been reading a lot recently, trying to cut down on the desire to shop and spend (mostly so I can afford to travel though!). Love the blog! xx

  3. You are too stinking cute!! I like your choice of rings... they look like mine! Although I have about 6 months more of wear than you. :D
    Oh look, the leaves are falling down over there!!

  4. I love Gerard Manley Hopkins!

    And those are some great photos. The spider web is stunning.

    That first photo of you in the coat is so chic. It looks very Audrey.

  5. What a gorgeous post! You are such a beauty. xxx

  6. The photography on this blog is just stunning. I can't stop looking at the last three images.

    I really love how you accessorise. The stack of bangles is just lovely and I'm a sucker for a nicely fastened belt.

  7. I love your thrifted is absolutly perfect!
    There may be wear on your ring but it still in a marriage that's a pretty important thing!

  8. Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning! Can't say enough. You look lovely, you're such a talented poet AND photographer. What you said about your ring is also beautiful--I need to keep that in mind when I look at mine and frown because it's no longer shiny and new.

  9. Nice poem lady!
    You look loverly as usual, and your pics are fabulous.

  10. Stunning pictures, the ring is beautiful and like you say shows the life of your marriage. :) Love it.
    Love that cape also.


  11. I love your coat so much, and those shoes too!! Lovely outfit, and those close-up photos at the end are absolutely amazing!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  12. That jacket is beyond fabulous. So chic! And that last photo brought tears to my eyes, especially when you explained about the wear. You should have that framed!!


  13. Loooove it :)))

  14. you look beautiful! seriously, one of my fave outfits of yours. and thanks for sharing these lovely photos. :)

  15. Just beautiful. The outfit, the coat (to die for), the photos and the poetry. I had to read it outloud to my husband just now who also loved it.

  16. You look absolutely stunning!!! I love the coat and your shoes!

    These pictures are beautiful.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  17. Whoa.. that incredible coat was only 5 bucks? Amazing!
    And I love the skirt as well!


  18. so much love for your jacket! and yes, it doesn't matter if your wedding ring has a bit of wear to it, just adds character (:

  19. Like I said on chictopia: I love your recent vintage looks and short hair! And I gave you a sunshine award on my blog, check it out!

  20. You have incredible luck thrifting! That coat is divine on you - it fits you perfectly and it seems to suit your personality well (classic, yet a little cheeky!). I'm with you on the wedding rings - pieces are much more beautiful with years and stories worn into them.

  21. i love your photos. you are awesome.

    i think we would have fun thrifting together... i mean i love thrifting and sometimes it can be competitive thrifting with a friend, but our tastes are different enough that i think it would be a blast :)

    ps i want your jacket. i love it.

    pps you husband is right about the ps thing :D

  22. i meant "your" husband is right about the ps thing :D


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